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  • Race Vision Top 2 Rating Stats PDF
    Race Vision Top 2 Rating Stats PDF

    This PDF Details The iRace Vision Top 2 Ratings Performance Since 2012. They Outperform The Racing Posts Very Own Raceform Interactive Among Others.

  • Race Vision Top 3 Rating Stats PDF
    Race Vision Top 3 Rating Stats PDF

    This PDF Details The iRace Vision Top 3 Ratings Performance Since 2012. They Outperform The Racing Posts Very Own Raceform Interactive Among Others.

81 responses to “FFF-Action”

  1. Janet Law says:

    Brilliant well done you

  2. John says:

    Hi guys, enjoying my first week so far. Best thing I’ve done in a while. Not got time to look through the ratings today. Anyone got 2 horses going today that are for investing in?

  3. Robin Gray says:

    Hi, started using your software yesterday, when full hog and tried to pick for almost every race, the races caught up to my form studying, today was different I took my time and hit 7 wins on the bounce, small stakes and an each way thrown but all in all really good. Studying is a must. Would love to get my hands the rest of the software. Thank you.

  4. Paul mclaren says:

    Not been that great so far

  5. ? says:

    Can not login account ???

  6. Paul says:

    Hi what time are the ratings available for the following days racing?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Paul, sorry for the delay in replying. Ratings are available from 7am on the day of racing. Reason being, we do final odds checks before producing the final results. Found over time this is a very important aspect.

      Kind regards,

  7. ian says:

    I have paid for the 12 month membership but after the payment where i paid my computer crashed can you please setup my membership stuff please

  8. geoffrey mcdermott says:

    hi using just speed ratings as i have an inkling from last year about 4 fs formula so doing just fine and thanks

  9. Paul says:

    Bought the lifetime irv software a few years ago but it has stopped working donkeys ago , I do I get it to work comes up syatem.serviceModel.FaultException

  10. Carl says:

    Hi how do I get your firm rating software, I’m enjoying the speed software you sent and would like to use them together.

  11. steve says:

    Hardly any sound on video

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Steve I can assure you the video audio works fine, check your speakers or try on another device. Video has been watched by hundreds of punters.

  12. Cliff says:

    R U going to offer selections by email for a fee please

  13. Fred whyke says:

    Hi tried to log in but it won’t let me
    Could you please help?

  14. Davey says:

    When can we get the software please

  15. Davey says:

    I paper trialled yesterday there was a few nice winners will see how today goes

  16. Dave says:

    Interesting approach, worth while.

  17. Rob says:

    I eagerly await the launch and hope I get picked
    I have the 80 quid ready to deposit

    All the best


  18. Rob says:

    I eagerly await the launch and hope I get picked
    I have the 80 quid ready to deposit


  19. Phill says:

    I dont have any time spare to look at the ratings and compare etc- is there anyone who could do that free or for a small monthly fee ?

  20. Dtew says:

    As a lifetime iRV Software do I get this updated software for free.


  21. Michael says:

    Only joined Saturday so haven’t had much time to trial but insteadef

  22. Fergal Sheehy says:

    Here we go day 1 of using your software, I have 20 mins to study so lets see how I get on!!! ????

  23. Betting Software Guy says:

    Just had an email in from Steve E:
    1.30 Newcastle.
    5/2 Winner
    22/1 Place
    Impressed or what. Only joined this morning, thanks.
    Now 1.40 Newmarket 9/2 winner

    Very, very impressed
    2 emails from same guy

  24. Harold says:

    Checked the Kempton card, yesterday, picked 3 from ratings : Navarra, Magic Moment, Hard Forest. Did e/w patent = 14 x 0.5p = £7 stake. Returned £28 . OK, nothing to shout about, but it is a leap forward for me an OAP of 78 ! Thanks BSG !!

  25. Mike Bennett says:


  26. Hitesh says:

    I had a good 90% Strike Rate today 27/06/18 on paper trading with your speed rating software, we’ll see for the rest of the week how we’ll do.

  27. steven shane says:

    Looking forward
    to this.Even at 60+,You can learn
    something new,
    every day.

  28. Geoff says:

    still unable to access ratings

  29. Jim says:

    Defo want in..following a tipster at the moment who is having a nightmare.need to try something different.

  30. Paul says:

    Would Like to be in and see what it could do in conjunction with speed vision.

  31. Michael David Evans says:

    Hello, I have been a previous member and do know how power the ratings are combined with the Four Factors Formula, would like to be included once more. . .

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Michael, all you need to do is take the free 3 month trial of Speed Vision to get things started. all the best

  32. Keith Millington says:

    How do I get the software I don’t have a computer and what is the cost.
    Thanks Keith

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Keith, the cost is free for 3 months as per the emails. If you don’t have a computer you might struggle, as long as you can get online then all you need to do is go to the website and login, What do you have?

  33. harvey says:

    hi i dont have these latest software thatm you have been talking about today

  34. Edmund Swain says:


    Do you have a calendar or archive of previous races so that one can bench test these races and decide on a profitable strategy, rather than progress one day at a time during the trial?



    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Edward, sorry no. The ratings are dynamic based, meaning I’m only saving the relevant information on each horse and dismissing the rest in regards to saving all the past full days race ratings.

  35. Si says:

    Hi how do you subscribe ?

  36. Damien says:

    Hi BSG,

    I see from your comments that the new software is via an app, is there anyway to work it on a regular computer?

    Also, I don’t get paid until Friday, will there be spaces available then or is it shut up shop if it sells out. I’m really interested in purchasing this product.


    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Damien. Its not via an app. It is software the same as the speed ratings.

      We may still have some spaces come Friday.


  37. Dennis Gent says:

    picked a winner from the info sent, unable to open the 09.00 hrs today would love to be one of the 100 selected
    Take care
    and thanks
    Dennis Gent

  38. James says:

    have used the trial over 3 days and very impressed- made profit each day!
    Would dearly like to be included in the 100 licences available, but I assume I will have to wait for tomorrow’s launch to join up?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      We gonlive in 9 hours James. The best is yet to come for you. Speed Ratings are realy the cherry on the pie!


  39. colin says:

    i think thats what were looking for turner your own selections

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Colin.

      I use the 4 Factors Formula with all of the ratings softwares. I have always had glowing feedback from my selection methods.


  40. Dean says:

    Hi BSG,
    Been following you & your products for a number of years now, joined the Speed ratings when they came out last year, also got your iRace Vision Ratings software 5.3.2, My question is the new ratings software available tomorrow much different to the one I am using,
    Thanks again

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Dean, If you have the main software then you have the desktop version which is great. This version is an online application which you can now use without having to have your computer and the software installed on it. You can also use this on a mobile device or tablet. it doesn’t have all the features of the main software but it does compliment the main software especially if you need access to the ratings and you are not at home. Hope that helps and thanks for the support. BSG

  41. colin says:

    turner speed ratings is brilliant does this new system make picking winners esier

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Colin. to answer your question bluntly…

      I wouldn’t be profitable long term with the Speed Ratings alone. (I’m sure others probably would/could be)

      My Form Rating Software completes the puzzle for me, coupled with my own personal selection picking formula.

      The Four Factors Formula PDF


  42. Alan says:

    Hi I’m very interested but when are the form ratings updated is it the night before or the morning of racing?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Alan. I finish my calculations at around 6:15am every morning. They are usually LIVE at 6:30am at the earliest on the software.

      Hope to see you on board tomorrow.

      All the best

  43. Roy says:

    Would prefer a monthly charge rather that 6 or 12 just to start, so I can make enough in 1 month to pay for the next….

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Roy the usual monthly cost without discounts for taking longer term is almost the same as 6 months. The reason why these offers exist is because its less admin for me dealing with monthlys every month so i can drive the price down, so this works better for me and clients. Far cheaper and much better value for money as you will see Monday.


  44. russell gillis says:

    hi how much is your software which you have shown me recently with your fantastic videos.thanks for your time. russ

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi, Russell it will be for either 6 or 12 months however I have massively reduced the price so that you are getting a longer subscription for the price of a much shorter one.

      Generally around £12.50 a month. But like i say not everyone will get a space as its strictly limited to around 100 or so.


  45. ian mason says:

    hi all
    as a newbe to fff just like to say i cant wait for monday 26th ,,, just wish i had done it years ago …theres not many genuine guys like your selfs out there that want to help !!! not rip people off
    many thanks ian

  46. Brian says:


    Will you be able to pay monthly or will it be a one off fee for the new ratings.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi, Brian it will be a 1 off fee for either 6 or 12 months however I have massively reduced the price so that you are getting a longer subscription for the price of a much shorter one.

      Generally around £12.50 a month. But like i say not everyone will get a space as its strictly limited to around 100 or so.


  47. Nev says:

    Looks interesting, waiting to see what you charge though. In any case you’re doing a cracking job, cheers

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Nev one thing i believe in is value for money. The Speed ratings are a £33 a month product. Yours free for life. The form ratings are my flagship product. The secret formula i use again a flagship training room product. And it’ll be less than £12.50 a month ? But like i say i can only cater for 100 or so max.

      BSG ??

  48. tony says:

    wondered when the catch would show

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      There is no catch Tony. The Speed ratings are free for life 😉 However if you want to improve things even more then you can use my main ratings.


  49. Ken Harding says:

    Is JL talking about the Form Ratings or the free Speed Ratings,if it’s the speed ratings it would good to know which column he meant they were top on?

  50. Ken Harding says:

    The ratings look good but you don’t say how much they are,also id it possible to get a weeks trial of them?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Ken no sorry there won’t be a free trial as I need to make sure I don’t overload the server and cost will be revealed when it goes live on Monday.


  51. Joe says:

    Turner, nice to see a new system. Have follwed you for 10 years and new system looks a cracker

  52. J L says:

    Look forward to seeing these. Yesterday I worked out that backing the top rated e/w would have made 20 points at SP

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