Introducing: Speed Vision - Top Class Speed Ratings That Reveal The Path To Winners With Nailed On Accuracy"

What Is Covered In The Presentation Video Above?

01:00 to 02:36 - Speed Vision Interface Introduction

01:38 to 17:15 - Race Examples & The Ease Of Picking Winners

17:16 to 24:16 - Winner 26.00 Picked Live And Money Down...

24:17 - END - The Missing Piece To The Betting Profits Puzzle...

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675 responses to “Speed Action”

  1. Please keep me updated with your system and result
    O Miller

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Miller, it’s not really a system it’s my ratings. Pointing you in the right direction in whatever race you are looking at.

  2. Dazza says:

    For those having problems with log ins.

    Mine was in spam folder *speed vision.

    Hope this helps

  3. Tony Cox says:

    Hi again.
    Must be some tech problems, still not recieved my login details.

  4. Dazza says:

    OK, had a lucky 15 for today.

    Thomas Darby, Frankie Ballou, Monday Club & Shininstar

  5. james harland says:

    have not received log in details yet for free trial thanks james

  6. Ray says:

    Hi BSG,

    I have checked spam and junk etc
    and was prepared to give this a try but several days later and still no login details.

    Shall I give up 🙂

  7. Dazza says:

    1st of all, thank you for allowing me to have this opportunity free of charge and no catches.

    I will be looking to put this to use this afternoon.

    I will of course reply with my selections

  8. Paul says:

    Nothing in email – checked spam – nothing

  9. Fred says:

    Cannot find on your site where to sign up for free trial
    Please send me a direct link

  10. Tony Cox says:

    Still not had my login. Was hoping to have a use of it today. Hope you can sort it . thanks

  11. Andy Watts says:

    It says page not found.

  12. Roy Clark says:

    Hi. have logged into your speedratings using the login details supplied but there is nothing on the site

  13. EDMUNDO F SILVA NT says:


  14. Jim says:

    Subscribe link does not work

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Jim it worked fine as you’re on this page. Please check your spam folder and white list my email address. All
      Login details have been sent.


  15. Robert says:

    Free trial

  16. B says:

    Hi there
    No log in details yet.

    Many thanks

  17. Mr Richard Cridland says:

    4 hours later and still no email with sign in information etc

  18. Chris says:

    Space for me please

  19. Luka says:

    Can’t wait to use it

  20. Mike Cowley says:

    Tried this before could not understand how it works

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Mike. Keep a look out for my videos. I show you how to use the speed rating software over the coming days.

      You must have missed the vids last time out?


  21. Nicholas Ling says:

    Only paper trading this currently. 7 bets for 26 Aug 18 for 3 wins. Didn’t do any further analysis other than the ratings so this was a pretty good start. Will refine the process as I get more familiar with the ratings.

  22. Boldy says:

    excellent, won massive forcast using the ratings

  23. gary says:

    can not login

  24. Tautvydas says:

    Sorry, but I can’t understand yet, what that column “All time starts” implements. Is it runs of the horses? And, for example, if I am looking for backing the most speedy horse, what is importance of this “All time starts” number? What then means 0? No runs, look further? Thanks

  25. Robin Ashman says:

    What great help this system is for me knowing that my picks and there form great keep up the form thank you very much

  26. Mark McVicker says:

    Hi Tim. I received my log in details for the 3 month trial but when I go to the website and click ‘I understand’ nothing happens. I click selections but alas nothing.
    Please advise

  27. David says:

    Hi BSG
    Used your Speed Vision ratings for the first time yesterday.
    Below is my P&L to £2 bets.

    Horse Racing: £11.12 Total P&L: £11.12

    Horse Racing Showing 1 – 11 of 11 markets
    Market Start time Settled date Profit/loss (£)
    Horse Racing / Brig 10th Jul : 7f Hcap 10-Jul-18 18:40 10-Jul-18 18:42 6.65
    Horse Racing / Uttox 10th Jul : 2m Hcap Chs 10-Jul-18 18:30 10-Jul-18 18:34 -4.00
    Horse Racing / Brig 10th Jul : 7f Nov Stks 10-Jul-18 18:10 10-Jul-18 18:12 -2.00
    Horse Racing / Brig 10th Jul : 6f Sell Hcap 10-Jul-18 17:40 10-Jul-18 17:42 18.05
    Horse Racing / Ponte 10th Jul : 1m2f Hcap 10-Jul-18 17:00 10-Jul-18 17:03 4.18
    Horse Racing / Wolv 10th Jul : 7f Hcap 10-Jul-18 15:45 10-Jul-18 15:47 -6.00
    Horse Racing / Wolv 10th Jul : 7f Hcap 10-Jul-18 15:15 10-Jul-18 15:18 -4.00
    Horse Racing / Ponte 10th Jul : 1m Listed 10-Jul-18 15:00 10-Jul-18 15:05 -2.00
    Horse Racing / Wolv 10th Jul : 7f Hcap 10-Jul-18 14:45 10-Jul-18 14:49 -4.00
    Horse Racing / Ponte 10th Jul : 5f Hcap 10-Jul-18 14:30 10-Jul-18 14:31 2.85
    Horse Racing / Ponte 10th Jul : 6f Nursery 10-Jul-18 14:00 10-Jul-18 14:02 1.39

    I got carried away and placed 2 bets on the 18:30 Uttoxeter by mistake as I intended using your Speed Rating software for flat races only.
    So as you can see, my P&L should have been £15.12.
    Excellent start. Can’t thank you enough.

  28. Peter LAKOR says:

    Thank hope it works

  29. Tim says:

    My mistake, I haven’t yet. I assumed it was free. I was wondering if you still use the speed rating if you have the app, or are the speed ratings built into the data used on the app

  30. Tim says:

    How do I get the app on my phone. I can get the speed ratings. But not the app with all the stats on?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      I can’t see that you have purchased the app. If you’ve used an alternative email address please forward your receipt.

  31. Rob Minter says:

    I get to watch video tick box to say understand and then nothing. How do I access the ratings

  32. John McGuire says:

    How is everyone finding the ratings ?

  33. Brian says:

    Does your ratings take into account the going for turf races

  34. Richard Cope says:

    I can access site but there is no stats available

  35. Raymond Rebeirop says:

    Can’t access your ratings unfortunately.

  36. David Lean says:

    Not got a login as of yet?

  37. Robin Ashman says:

    When are today’s sheets available

  38. James Combo System says:

    3/7/18 (Combo System)
    BRIGHTON 4:30 Enzo
    CHEPSTOW 6:45 Champagne Marengo
    STRATFORD 7:00 Cafe Au Lait

  39. Wayne says:

    Thanks for the kind gift, can I do all this is on my phone . As iv not got computer yet. Which is one of my goals .

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi, Wayne yes it will work on your phone, the phone version will be slightly cut down compared to the desktop version.

  40. thanh nguyen says:

    thanks for the ratings,,its my first day,well evening..not really had a chance to really look into it but managed to find a couple of highest rated winners and a few losses. even though the tools are there, i do study the form. do you upload the ratings the night before racing so i have more time to study and decide what im going to bet as so busy at work during the day and dont really have time to study..once again many thanks

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Thanh, I don’t upload the ratings until the early morning, as I make final checks in the morning.

  41. James Combo System says:

    PONTEFRACT 3:00 Bambino Lola WON 7/4
    Another for later
    Hamilton 7:15 Big Lachie

  42. Mr I Storey says:

    Haven’t received password for web site

  43. James Combo System says:

    Hi NEV
    I use Guy’s ratings then I use my own ratings (spreadsheet) if both ratings are top then that’s my pick

  44. Robin Ashman says:

    Can’t seem to get on the site

  45. david says:

    [email protected]
    this does not allow me to log in

  46. James Combo System says:

    (Combo System)
    PONTEFRACT 03:00 Bambino Lola
    HAMILTON 06:15 Berlios
    2x Singles
    1x Double

  47. NEV says:

    Just for a fun bet I had 10 £1 TREBLES on James Combo Systems 5 horses. Am I a happy man WOW £475.63 returns. I had a look at the stats and I do not know how he picked those horses. I picked 8 horses yesterday and not one winner. Thank god for James. I am new to this and I do not know what to look for YET.

  48. PaulJo CUNNING gm says:

    When are Ratings Overviews available, please? ~ Cheers,
    PaulJo $

  49. Tim says:

    End of first day report. Did all 7 races at Windsor today. 5 winners 2 seconds. Should have been 6 really. I’m very impressed with this information. Thank you very much.

  50. James Combo System says:

    WINDSOR 1:50 Kimifive WON 13/8
    WINDSOR 4:10 Finale WON 7/1
    CARTMEL 4:30 Hammersly Lake WON 4/1
    WINDSOR 4:45 Bid Adieu LOST
    WINDSOR 5:20 Maori Bob WON 4/1
    Hope someone was on these as I was not lol

  51. James Combo System says:

    WINDSOR 1:50 Kimifive WON 13/8
    WINDSOR 4:10 Finale WON 7/1
    3 still to run

  52. Bernie Sinclair says:

    Thank you so much for your kind gesture of the speed ratings….I have tended to use the highest 3 ratings and just dutch them, on Saturdays I’ve had some enormous prices…
    you are a God…thanks

  53. Tim says:

    Just joined. 1st one in. Kimi five!!
    System underway for me. Nice one.

  54. James Combo System says:

    WINDSOR 1:50 Kimifive
    WINDSOR 4:10 Finale
    CARTMEL 4:30 Hammersly Lake
    WINDSOR 4:45 Bid Adieu
    WINDSOR 5:20 Maori Bob

  55. Andy says:

    First day yesterday & a 48/1 winner 17:20 Windsor – Couldn’t Could She. I’m convinced never had a winner at odds like that 🙂

  56. James Combo System says:

    21:00 Doncaster

  57. Gerfried says:

    Sounds great, I look forward to using Speedrating

  58. Mick says:

    I have entered my log in details that you sent me & it just takes me to a blank page so i car’nt log in

  59. paul glover says:

    I have used the ratings for a couple of days
    Great tool to use .I do placepots on certain races it has been the difference on getting a place.
    Thanks for the ratings

  60. john anderson says:

    I cannot log-in for the speed ratings as it says this site is insecure. Can you please advise, Thanks.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi John, you shouldn’t have any problems, could be your computer blocking access which means you would need to allow access on your security.

  61. Lucian says:

    Looking forward to using the software.

  62. James Combo System says:

    15:40 Salisbury Mr Top Hat
    17:50 Bath Winged Spur
    19:20 Bath Case Key
    20:50 Bath Nine Below Zero

  63. Richard says:

    Hi everyone, first day on here.
    Have picked 6 today:-
    2.40 Salisbury Zac Brown
    3.40 Salisbury Mr Top Hat
    4.10 Salisbury Infrastructure
    4.40 Fitzwilly
    7.10 Kempton Sweet Symphony
    7.40 Kempton Zain Star

  64. david berry says:

    Is back-dated data available for races at all as would like to lok at backfitting a couple of systems thanks

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi David, sorry no. The ratings are dynamic based, meaning I’m only saving the relevant information on each horse and dismissing the rest in regards to saving all the past full days race ratings.

  65. Nonso says:

    Can’t wait to use your awesome software.



  67. Mick says:

    I have put my log in details in & it’s just taking me to a blank page

  68. Pat Timmons says:

    Hi BSG, enjoyed working through the card on paper -go for real tomorrow as I was picking first and seconds, here’s hoping I do it when the money is on -thanks any way
    cheers Pat

  69. Mick says:

    Not letting me log in

  70. Geoff says:

    unable to clink on the link

  71. Geoff says:

    /how do i access the ratings regards Geoff

  72. Stefan says:

    looking forward to using the software

  73. Sama says:

    It’s interesting but I can’t log in

  74. stephen says:

    hi i just looking to see how this works out

    6.10 fanfair
    7.00 desirable court

  75. bob says:

    Hi there.
    Once again many thanks for the kind gift of your software. Used it for the first time today and found two winners from 2 bets for a profit of 4 points. Very good start and I am well impressed with how easy it is to use. Thanks again really appreciated.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Bob, spot on 🙂 no problem glad you like the software and have already had success, all good.

  76. david berry says:

    Arzaak 15.15 Brigh 4.50
    Top Beak 16.45 Brigh 6.50
    Fanfair 18.10 Newb 4.50

  77. James Bell says:


  78. Peter Matthews says:

    Just seen the video really interesting looking forward to using the software

  79. Will says:

    Having a punt on arzak 3.15 Brighton today. Any thoughts?

  80. Terry Jenkins says:

    BSG thank you I have been with you a few years now thanks for your kindness Terry Jenkins.

  81. Betting Software Guy says:

    Morning all, good to hear a lot of punters got stuck in yesterday and found winners. This software is a powerful tool, and all you need to do is use a little dedication and time. Speed Vision might be one of the best racing tools you have ever used. All the tools I develop aim at helping you make fast and straightforward racing decisions.

    Points To Note:

    If you are a Backer and prefer Win bets, then stick to those if you prefer to play it safe with Place /Each Way betting stick to that, if you are the Combination type then you can use the software to Dutch selections.

    Keep eyes on the Top Four Rated in the ratings, but make sure you scan the lower rated selection as per the videos.

    Big Priced Selections:

    If you spot something which jumps out and you think the odd’s are too big then take note, see how the horse runs, as we do find these types of horses romp home.

    Once you get used to using the software and can pick selection out quickly and easily, you can spot Win bets, Place bets, Dutch selections and maybe throw in the odd Multiple.

    Develop your current betting strong points and racing knowledge. Then apply the Speed Vision software. You will find this can be a potent combination which will compliment your existing methods.

    If you are new to betting, then you can start fresh and nurture your skills from the Speed software alone.

    Either way is a great way to boost your betting 🙂

  82. clive says:

    not used the soft wear yet but this looks very interesting thanx…

  83. Paul says:

    Like to have a look

  84. Robbie says:

    Looked at 10 races yesterday, using the software. 3 winners and two well priced place wins. Impressive sir!

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Robbie, all your work, I just give you the tools for the job. It proves how easy it can be with a little time and effort.

  85. Dave says:

    Let’s see how it goes

  86. David says:

    These were my selections for today and the BF prices i got
    Timeforwest 14.45 South Won 4.00
    Jaganory 15.00 Chep Loss 7.50
    Moveoverthebridge 16.00 Chep Loss 7.50
    Mr Mafia 17.45 South Won 6.00
    Montague 19.20 Wolv Won 3.00
    Beatbybeatbybeat 20.50 Wolv Loss 9.00

  87. Bryan Cartmell says:

    still cannot log in

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Bryan, how come? have you managed yet? drop me an email with any issues you are having and we will go from there to get you set up.

  88. Jago Nardelli says:

    I’m keen to find out more

  89. Joe says:

    Real good day, couple of winners! Nice job.
    Question: I’m using a Tablet and I don’t get all the columns….missing totals races and odds……last two columns. Anything I can do??

  90. John McGuire says:

    By the way BSG, Claude Carter won @10/1

    Ha Ha


  91. E tanguy says:

    Interesting mix of data

  92. Kevin Pascoe says:

    Thank you

  93. Kevin Pascoe says:


  94. paul fletcher says:

    very interesting will paper play till the weekend and invest a few quid at the weekend

  95. Brian Rendle says:

    Looking at first, to use the ratings in my Place System. Picked one race this afternoon, as busy trading World Cup,
    Monarch Maid 4pm Chepstow.
    Came 2nd at 2.36 Excellent

  96. Thomas Brooks says:

    Excellent description hope to be using it tomoz

  97. Stephen says:

    Bob alula 15-2 won timeforwest 10-3 just like to say a big thank you to you

  98. James Combo System says:

    4.15 Southwell

    Forecast Stepover & Shufoog

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