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  • The Dark Horse Method PDF - (Right Click & Save As)
    The Dark Horse Method PDF - (Right Click & Save As)

    The Dark Horse Racing Method is a set and go system, by this, the selections can be made the morning of racing or even the night before. All bets placed and then left, just leaving you to check the results in the evening after racing has finished, further more it works on Flat, National Hunt and All Weather Racing.

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24 responses to “DarkHorseMethod”

  1. yago says:

    when you take the last three run, i have to take the last three of current year (ex. 4321, in this case 321) or if a horse has two run in the current year, i can take the last year run (ex 7-12, in this case 712 ).
    Thanks a lot

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Yago just take the last 3 runs so include last year runs if horse hasn’t run 3 times this year.


  2. Betting Software Guy says:

    Hi Alex yes give it a try.

    iRace Vision Support

  3. colin says:

    cheers for the freebie

  4. p flynn says:

    If 55% of the bottom half weights win handicap races maybe a profit could be made dutching the bottom half with level stakes or to make a set profit on whatever horse wins.

  5. SRL says:

    Thanks for this method. Looking forward to trying it out.

  6. joan jenks says:

    If its good, why are you mot using it all the time. Kev.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Kev I mainly concentrate on my ratings but it doesn’t stop me looking for other methods and when I find something useful I like to share.
      All the best BSG

  7. jp says:

    HI, is there a minimum no. of runners in a handicap that we should take into account? Also the sytem would be harder to implement in Ireland as they do not have a class system but go on prize money to indicate status of race. This would be hard to work out I think. Finally can you let me know what the profit level is per year and the strike rate for win and place so as I know how to better anticipate nany losing runs etc. many thanks. JP

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi JP no there’s no minimum number of runners. I haven’t used it for Irish races. No sorry I don’t have those stats.
      All the best BSG

  8. peter m. says:

    Would days last run improve win stats. Just wondered

  9. Grant says:

    This is a sound theory.
    Will benefit greatly if there are one or two raging favourites going off in the top half as
    this would elevate the prices of your selections considerably.

  10. Andyo says:

    Very Interesting. Will certainly give it a go.

    Many Thanks

  11. Lisa says:

    There is no Play button to press.
    Would like to see the video.

  12. David says:

    Your Dark horse method looks very easy to implement. It is a statistically logic approach, and I

    will definitely try it out

    All the best,


  13. Peter says:


    I could not find anywhere to open and see the video.

    PDF was no problem to download.


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