Introducing: Speed Vision - Top Class Speed Ratings That Reveal The Path To Winners With Nailed On Accuracy"

What Is Covered In The Presentation Video Above?

01:00 to 02:36 - Speed Vision Interface Introduction

01:38 to 17:15 - Race Examples & The Ease Of Picking Winners

17:16 to 24:16 - Winner 26.00 Picked Live And Money Down...

24:17 - END - The Missing Piece To The Betting Profits Puzzle...

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746 responses to “Speed Action”

  1. james says:

    Hi its ok now working fine

  2. james says:

    Hi cant seem to login is there a problem with the site?

  3. stephen says:


    1.40 Palindrome – Highway Robber


    4.40 Savannah Beau
    5.10 Berlios


    8.15 Big Lachie

  4. james says:

    Hi all anyone like to share any systems to use with the ratings

  5. stephen says:

    1:20 Sandown Mazyoun
    1:40 Beverley Poet’s Dawn
    1:55 Leicester Milton Road
    2:05 Haydock Mister Manduro
    3:15 Haydock Baydar
    3:50 Haydock Kachy

    my top ratings and speed

  6. stephen says:

    Ripon 4:00 Reinstorm
    Bangor 4:20 Shantou Tiger
    Ripon 5:00 Rockliffe
    Sandown 7:35 On To Victory

  7. stephen says:

    Wolverhampton 13:50 Borough Boy
    Uttoxeter 15:00 Only Gorgeous
    Wolverhampton 16:55 Getna
    Uttoxeter 17:00 You’re A Lady
    Wolverhampton 17:25 Broughtons Fancy
    Ripon 18:35 Another Batt
    Ripon 19:05 Kilbaha Lady
    Ripon 19:35 Poet’s Society

  8. stephen says:

    Kayflin 7/2
    Trafalgar Rock 5/2

  9. stephen says:

    Cheepstow 2:00 Holy Tiber
    Yarmouth 2:20 Zain Flash
    Fontwell 5:50 Kayflin
    Southwell 8:05 Mystic Sky
    Southwell 8:35 Trafalgar Rock

  10. stephen says:

    LEICESTER 2:20 Porchy Party
    Thirsk 2:30 Jedi Master
    LEICESTER 2:50 Jack Nevison
    LEICESTER 4:55 Aljuljalah
    Windsor 5:40 Choice Encounter

  11. stephen says:

    Jimmy Breekie 2/1
    Gannicus 11/2
    The Caller 4/1

  12. stephen says:

    Perth 14:15 Jimmy Breekie
    Fakenham 3:00 Gannicus
    Perth 16:45 The Caller

  13. stephen says:

    Worcester 1:45 Antiphony
    Hexham 3:50 Treat Yourself
    Hexham 17:20 Catchthemoonlight
    Newcastle 9:10 Windforpowe

  14. stephen says:

    Lucky Beggar 9/4
    Sir Geoffrey 3/1

  15. stephen says:

    Amy Blair won 4/1

    Catterick 1:50 Shay C
    Catterick 3:35 Lester Kris
    Catterick 4:10 Little Miss Kodi
    Epsom 4:30 Rhododendron
    Catterick 4:55 Lucky Beggar
    Catterick 5:30 Sir Geoffrey
    Epsom 5:50 Aardwolf

  16. stephen says:

    Wolverhampton 2:50 Kings Heart
    Hamilton 3:00 Casterbridge
    Hamilton 4:00 Arcane Dancer
    Hamilton 4:30 Amy Blair
    Chelmsford 7:40 Tegara
    Newcastle 8:20 Sea Of Green
    Ffos Las 9:00 Bring Back Charlie

  17. stephen says:

    Socialites Red 4.00 1st
    Dominating 2.00 1st

  18. stephen says:

    Nottingham 14:50 Socialites Red
    Nottingham 4:50 Dominating
    Ayr 7:40 Joyful Star
    Kempton 7:50 Tafaakhor

  19. stephen says:

    Lingfield 2:40 Altiko Tommy 9.00 3rd (3 places paid)
    Lingfield 3:10 Shesgotthelot 6.50 3rd (3 places paid)
    Lingfield 3:40 Dream Magic 2.50 2nd

  20. stephen says:

    Lingfield 2:40 Altiko Tommy
    Lingfield 3:00 Shesgotthelot
    Lingfield 3:40 Dream Magic
    Wolverham 9:00 Powered

  21. stephen says:

    Huntingdon 13:00 Jodies Jem 2nd
    Redcar 13:15 Valley Of Rocks 6th
    Huntingdon 14:00 Vodka Wells 3rd
    Leicester 14:05 Waves 6th
    Windsor 14:55 Lime And Lemon 2nd
    Cartmel 15:20 Sandymount 6th
    Chelmsford 16:50 Dark Side Dream 3.00 1st
    Leicester 17:00 Rebel Surge 2.00 1st

  22. stephen says:

    Huntingdon 13:00 Jodies Jem
    Redcar 13:15 Valley Of Rocks
    Huntingdon 14:00 Vodka Wells
    Leicester 14:05 Waves
    Windsor 14:55 Lime And Lemon
    Cartmel 15:20 Sandymount
    Chelmsford 16:50 Dark Side Dream
    Leicester 17:00 Rebel Surge

  23. stephen says:

    Fontwell 13:55 Kayla 6th
    Kelso 14:15 Boogie Life 3rd
    Kelso 14:45 Lofgren 1st
    Fontwell 3:30 Keltus 2nd
    Kelso 15:50 Ash Park 2nd
    Fontwell 16:05 Londonia 1st
    Kelso 17:25 Heartasia 1st

  24. stephen says:

    Fontwell 13:55 Kayla
    Kelso 14:15 Boogie Life
    Kelso 14:45 Lofgren
    Fontwell 3:30 Keltus
    Kelso 15:50 Ash Park
    Fontwell 16:05 Londonia
    Kelso 17:25 Heartasia

  25. stephen says:

    York 2:40 Dal Harraild
    Haydock 3:30 Mubtasim
    15:40 – Chest Sands Chorus
    16:55 – Good Morache Music

  26. stephen says:

    Goodwood 3:45 Raheen House
    Haydock 4:05 Alouja
    Goodwood 4:20 Comedy School
    Goodwood 5:25 Jashma
    Haydock 5:40 Atty Persse,
    Worcester 5:50  Brody Bleu
    Worcester 6:50 Next Sensation,
    Musselburgh 7:40 Glengarry
    Pontefract 8:30  Livella Fella

  27. stephen says:

    Goodwood 2:35 Mutawathea 6th
    Warwick 2:45 Rossetti 5.00 1st
    Warwick 3:20 Midnight Cowboy 2.50 1st
    Catterick 3:30 Tricky Dicky 7th
    Goodwood 3:45 Native Prospect 14.00 3rd (3 places paid)
    Warwick 3:55 Doctor Look Here 8th+
    Catterick 4:05 Zamadance 12.00 3rd (3 places paid)
    Warwick 4:30 Festive Affair 4th
    Catterick 4:40 Poet’s Society 8th+
    Warwick 5:05 Bronco Billy 0.91 1st
    Goodwood 5:25 Monarch Maid 8th+

  28. stephen says:

    Goodwood 2:35 Mutawathea
    Warwick 2:45 Rossetti
    Warwick 3:20 Midnight Cowboy
    Catterick 3:30 Tricky Dicky
    Goodwood 3:45 Native Prospect
    Warwick 3:55 Doctor Look Here
    Catterick 4:05 Zamadance
    Warwick 4:30 Festive Affair
    Catterick 4:40 Poet’s Society
    Warwick 5:05 Bronco Billy
    Goodwood 5:25 Monarch Maid

  29. stephen says:

    2:30Yarmouth Karam Albaari 5th
    4:00Yarmouth Anastazia 4th
    4:30Yarmouth Realize 1.38 1st
    5:00Yarmouth Moi Aussie 1.50 1st
    3:10Lingfield  Panko 6.00 1st
    3:20Ayr Bahamian Sunshine 8th+
    3:50Ayr Straightothepoint 6th

  30. stephen says:

    2:30Yarmouth Karam Albaari
    4:00Yarmouth Anastazia
    4:30Yarmouth Realize
    5:00Yarmouth Moi Aussie
    3:10Lingfield  Panko
    3:20Ayr Bahamian Sunshine
    3:50Ayr Straightothepoint

  31. stephen says:

    Nottingham 3:00 Back Coeur De Lion
    Newcastle 3:10 Back Pushaq
    Nottingham 3:30 Back Carol
    Brighton 3:50 Back Becca Campbell
    Newcastle 4:10 Back Custard The Dragon
    Nottingham 4.30 Back Armagnac
    Nottingham 5.00 Back Rainbow Orse
    Brighton 5:50 Back Duke Of North

  32. stephen says:

    Towcester 2:30 Back Somewhere To Be 4th
    Carlisle 2:50 Back Market Choice n/r
    Towcester 3:00 Back Riddlestown 3rd
    Towcester 3:30 Back Danceintothelight 8th+
    Carlisle 3:50 Back Heir Of Excitement 4.50 1st
    Carlisle 4:20 Back Right Action 4.00 1st
    Towcester 4:30 Back Taurian 5th
    Towcester 5:00 Back Dontminddboys 2nd
    Carlisle 6:00 Back  Frederic 2.50 1st

  33. stephen says:

    i seeing how this gos with the speed ones as well
    Target Winnings Meeting Date Horse Odds “Odds
    (calculation)” Result Stakes “Race
    Profit/ Loss” Overall Profit/ Loss Winning Run Losing Run “Race
    £0.98 2:35Ripon 21/4/17 Clear As A Bell 25/1 26.00 L £0.04 -£0.04 -£0.04 – 1 £0.04
    £0.98 3:10Ripon Racemaker 20/1 21.00 L £0.05 -£0.05 -£0.09 – 2 £0.05
    £0.98 3:40Ripon Snoano 3/1 4.00 L £0.33 -£0.33 -£0.42 – 3 £0.33
    £0.97 3:50Stratford Mighty Leader 10/1 11.00 W £0.10 £0.97 £0.56 1 – £0.10
    £1.00 2:30Towcester 22/4/17 Alpha Indi 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-
    £1.00 2:50Carlisle Yeeoow 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-
    £1.00 3:00Towcester Basford Ben 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-
    £1.00 3:30Towcester Carry On Sydney 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-
    £1.00 3:50Carlisle Our Charlie Brown 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-
    £1.00 4:20Carlisle Tagur 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-
    £1.00 4:30Towcester Ginger Fizz 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-
    £1.00 5:00Towcester Rakaia Rosa 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-
    £1.00 6:00Carlisle Medina Sidonia 0.00 V £- £- £0.56 1 – £-

  34. stephen says:

    Towcester 2:30 Back Somewhere To Be
    Carlisle 2:50 Back Market Choice
    Towcester 3:00 Back Riddlestown
    Towcester 3:30 Back Danceintothelight
    Carlisle 3:50 Back Heir Of Excitement
    Carlisle 4:20 Back Right Action
    Towcester 4:30 Back Taurian
    Towcester 5:00 Back Dontminddboys
    Carlisle 6:00 Back  Frederic

  35. stephen says:

    1:50Market Rasen Non-Handicap Back  I’ll Be Your Clown 0.50 0.14 1st
    2:20Market Rasen Handicap Back Hear The Chimes  0.50 10.00 2nd
    2:35Ripon Handicap Back Arnold 0.50 4.50 1st
    3:10Ripon Handicap Back Lucy’s Law 0.50 9.00 2nd
    3:20Stratford Handicap Back Altiepix, 0.50 1.88 1st
    3:20Stratford Handicap Back The Yank 0.50 7.00 4th
    3:40Ripon Handicap Back Knight Owl 0.50 7.00 3rd
    3:50Stratford Handicap Back Crown Hill 0.50 4.50 2nd
    4:00Market Rasen Handicap Back Yorkist  0.50 3.50 4th
    4:30Market Rasen Handicap Back  Ultimatum Du Roy 0.50 3.00 3rd
    4:50Stratford Handicap Back Mango Cap 0.50 3.50 8th+
    5:10Ripon Handicap Back Mininggold 0.50 4.00 7th

  36. stephen says:

    1:50Market Rasen Non-Handicap Back Bellamy 0.50
    1:50Market Rasen Non-Handicap Back  I’ll Be Your Clown 0.50
    2:20Market Rasen Handicap Back Hear The Chimes  0.50
    2:35Ripon Handicap Back Arnold 0.50
    3:10Ripon Handicap Back Lucy’s Law 0.50
    3:20Stratford Handicap Back Altiepix, 0.50
    3:20Stratford Handicap Back The Yank 0.50
    3:40Ripon Handicap Back Knight Owl 0.50
    3:50Stratford Handicap Back Crown Hill 0.50
    4:00Market Rasen Handicap Back Yorkist  0.50
    4:30Market Rasen Handicap Back  Ultimatum Du Roy 0.50
    4:50Stratford Handicap Back Mango Cap 0.50
    5:10Ripon Handicap Back Mininggold 0.50

  37. stephen says:

    Bangor 3:05 Handicap Back Too Many Diamonds 0.50 0.67 1st
    Bangor 3:05 Handicap Back Midnight Walk 0.50 5.50 2nd
    Newmarket 3:15 Handicap Back Eqtiraan 0.50 6.00 6th
    Newmarket 3:15 Handicap Back Wick Powell 0.50 12.00 6th
    Thirsk 3:20 Handicap Back Pipers Note 0.50 10.00 6th
    Thirsk 3:20 Handicap Back Edward Lewis 0.50 1.25 6th
    Bangor 4:15 Handicap Back Derintoher Yank 0.50 3.50 2nd
    Bangor 4:15 Handicap Back Zenafire 0.50 4.50 1st
    Uttoxeter 6:35 Handicap Back Bob Tucker 0.50 9.00 4th
    Uttoxeter 6:35 Handicap Back Abracadabra Sivola 0.50 16.00 3rd
    Doncaster 6:50 Handicap Back Imshivalla 0.50 6.50 5th
    Doncaster 6:50 Handicap Back Indulged 0.50 3.50 1st
    Uttoxeter 7:05 Handicap Back Lilywhite Gesture 0.50 5.00 1st
    Doncaster 7:20 Handicap Back High Acclaim 0.50 2.75 3rd
    Doncaster 7:20 Handicap Back Wahash 0.50 4.50 2nd

  38. stephen says:

    forgot to say i come up with a new way to pick winners well hopeing ,last night i have a go with it at liverpool just the 1st 3 races and i got the winner in i put up on i do no good today stakes work out £9.let see if can make some money lol

  39. stephen says:

    Bangor 3:05 Handicap Back Too Many Diamonds 0.50
    Bangor 3:05 Handicap Back Midnight Walk 0.50
    Newmarket 3:15 Handicap Back Eqtiraan 0.50
    Newmarket 3:15 Handicap Back Wick Powell 0.50
    Thirsk 3:20 Handicap Back Pipers Note 0.50
    Thirsk 3:20 Handicap Back Edward Lewis 0.50
    Bangor 3:40 Handicap Back Lord Ben 0.50
    Bangor 3:40 Handicap Back Sonneofpresenting 0.50
    Bangor 4:15 Handicap Back Derintoher Yank 0.50
    Bangor 4:15 Handicap Back Zenafire 0.50
    Uttoxeter 6:35 Handicap Back Bob Tucker 0.50
    Uttoxeter 6:35 Handicap Back Abracadabra Sivola 0.50
    Doncaster 6:50 Handicap Back Imshivalla 0.50
    Doncaster 6:50 Handicap Back Indulged 0.50
    Uttoxeter 7:05 Handicap Back Midtech Valentine 0.50
    Uttoxeter 7:05 Handicap Back Lilywhite Gesture 0.50
    Doncaster 7:20 Handicap Back High Acclaim 0.50
    Doncaster 7:20 Handicap Back Wahash 0.50

  40. bob gibbs says:

    hi Turner i had your IRV software and a couple of your other systems, I have lost all my login details for these systems can you please check your records and resend all my login details.i have been with you for quite a few years and am lost without these systems.look forward to your reply, cheers bob.

  41. stephen says:

    Wincan 2:15 Azzuri
    Wincan 4:45 Winningtry

  42. stephen says:

    15:40 Ludlow Whatduhavtoget
    Wolverhampton:3:25 THE LAST DEBUTANTE

  43. stephen says:

    2:20 Wetherby Down Time place
    2:30 Exeter Pure Vision won 100/30
    3:25 Wetherby Caius Marcius won 5/1

  44. stephen says:

    2:20 Wetherby Down Time
    2:30 Exeter Pure Vision
    3:25 Wetherby Caius Marcius

  45. stephen says:

    1:50 UTTOXETER Graasten
    Kempton 3:15 Ballybolley
    3:25 FONTWELL Curious Carlos
    4:25 KEMPTON Cultivator
    5:30 NEWCASTLE Catchthemoonlight
    5:45 WOLVERHAMPTON Par Three

  46. Richard says:

    2.00 Hunt- Militarian 10/1 EW

  47. Richard says:

    3.35 Don- Sego Success 15/2

  48. Richard says:

    3.50 Newb- Beggers Cross 7/2

  49. Richard says:

    5.25 Newc- Dark Side Dream 4/1

  50. Richard says:

    3.35 Plum- Rathealy 20/1 EW

  51. Richard says:

    3.10 Sout- Zenafire 11/1 EW

  52. Richard says:

    2.45 Newc- Out Sam 12/1 EW

  53. James Shoe says:

    Lets try another
    15:35 Doitforthevillage

  54. James Shoe says:

    14:00 Global Stage Lost
    14:20 Mystikana Won 3.75

  55. Richard says:

    2.10 Exet- Llantara 10/1 EW

  56. James Shoe says:

    Hi all just done a little system by using this speedratings,
    Here are my 2 selections for today.
    14:00 Global Stage
    14:20 Mystikana

  57. Richard says:

    4.40 Chelm- Penny Dreadful 14/1 EW

  58. Richard says:

    2.20 Ling-Welsh Inlet 11/1 EW

  59. Richard says:

    2.00 Weth- Bohernagore 12/1 EW

  60. Richard says:

    3.00 Carl- Newberry New 10/1 EW

  61. Richard says:

    3.00 M/R-Sakhees City 12/1 EW

  62. Richard says:

    1.15 Asc- Tintern Theatre 12/1 EW

  63. Richard says:

    1.40 Sand- Bella 14/1 EW

  64. Richard says:

    4.30 Ling-Picansort 16/1 EW

  65. Richard says:

    2.50 Newc- Under The Red Sky 14/1 EW

  66. Richard says:

    2.40 Newc- Gabrial The Terror 10/1 EW

  67. Nev says:

    Have to say these ratings have completely changed my betting selections

    Best thing I’ve come across by far

    Much better to you these ratings then any tipping service as first of all there free and can make you serious money if used right and second you can still have the fun with picking your own winners instead of going with a tipping service which have more loosing runs then winning runs

    Top class ratings mate

    Good work 👍

  68. Richard says:

    3.00 Plum-Ding Dong 12/1 EW

  69. Richard says:

    1.50 Newb- Morello Royale 12/1 EW

  70. Richard says:

    2.40 Kemp-Like The Sound 11/1 EW

  71. Richard says:

    1.45 Hunt- The Jugopolist 16/1 EW

  72. Richard says:

    3.10 Lud-Aerlite Supreme 12/1 EW

  73. Richard says:

    3.40 Newc- Ravenhoe 12/1 EW

  74. Richard says:

    4.20 Wolv= Cruise tothelimit 11/1 EW

  75. Richard says:

    3.50 Taun- Heres Herbie 14/1 EW

  76. Richard says:

    3.45 Muss- Top Cat Henry 12/1 EW

  77. Richard says:

    2.15 Catt-Spread Boy 14/1 EW

  78. Richard says:

    1.35 Tow- Ardmayle 16/1 EW

  79. Richard says:

    2.10 Wolv- Intense Starlet 14/1 EW

  80. Richard says:

    4.15 Sout- General Tufto 14/1 EW

  81. Richard says:

    1.20 Sedg- Hartside 12/1 EW

  82. Richard says:

    12.35 Chelt-Royal Vacation 10/1 EW

  83. Richard says:

    1.15 Taun- Vincents Forever 16/1 EW

  84. Richard says:

    2.35 Warwick- Awaywiththegreys 8/1

  85. Richard says:

    2.30 Catt- Italian Riviera 5/1

  86. Richard says:

    1.20 Leic- Alizee Javilex 15/2

  87. Richard says:

    2.40 Newc- Lough Derg Jewel 5/1

  88. STEPHEN says:

    14:00 Wolverhampton Metronomic
    16:10 Newcastle Supreme Asset
    17:30 Wolverhampton Dukes Meadow

  89. Richard says:

    12.55 Hay- Lough Kent 9/2

  90. Richard says:

    1.30 Ling- Dashing Poet 5/1

  91. Richard says:

    1.30 Sout- Wimboldsley 100/30

  92. Richard says:

    4.00 Ayr- Intercounty Star 6/1

  93. Richard says:

    2.00 Plum- Very Live 9/4

  94. STEPHEN says:

    Ayr 1:25 Bastien
    Wol 1:50 Scotch Myst
    Plu 2:00 Yourholidayisover
    Wol 2:20 Draw Swords
    Plu 2:35 Letemgo
    Ayr 2:45 Ascot De Bruyere
    Ayr 3:50 Mrs Grass
    Wol 5:30 Swendab

  95. Richard says:

    2.10 Kelso- Teo Vio 3/1

  96. STEPHEN says:

    Kelso 1:10 Red Indian
    Kelso 1:40 Two Smokin Barrels
    Kelso 2:40 Jet Master (IRE)
    Kelso 3:10 Snapping Turtle (IRE)
    Kelso 3:40 Nowurhurlin (IRE)

    my new way of picking them let see how works out

  97. Richard says:

    1.40 Weth- Green Zone 16/1

  98. STEPHEN says:

    Wolverhampton 20:15 Things Happen 5/1

  99. Richard says:

    2.30 Ling- Heavenly Cry 14/1

  100. Richard says:

    1.05 Leic- Benbecula 16/1 EW

  101. Richard says:

    1.20 Her- Little Rocky 10/1

  102. Richard says:

    2.10 Wolv- Wentwell Yesterday 12/1

  103. Richard says:

    2.30 Wol- Right Madam 10/1

  104. Richard says:

    1.00 Chep- Admiral Kid 12/1

  105. STEPHEN says:

    2.30 Chepstow Krackatoa King
    3.00 Chepstow Annie Alainn
    3.10 Fontwell Highbury High
    4.00 Chepstow Greyed A

  106. STEPHEN says:

    Pattie: Second over 9.4 latest; sets the standard but not certain appreciate this sharper test ??
    Diego Suarez: Has been running well enough to be a contender in this very modest race
    Alfred Hutchinson: Race did not go his way latest; has good record round here and should give decent account
    Capitaine: Sets a good, clear standard on all-the-way win in Ascot Grade 2
    Gas Line Boy: Won impressively enough at Kelso last month to suggest he could defy 9lb rise
    Illwalktheline: Won at Carlisle last month; carries penalty but sets good standard for rivals to aim at
    Anchor Man: Exeter winner not disgraced in a Cheltenham Graded event the last time
    Hold Hands: Drop in trip shouldn´t pose a problem and one of the likelier winners
    Dazacam: Won last three over 5f; far from impossible she´ll improve again but has to on these terms
    Raise The Game: Modest form on synthetics and will have to improve if he´s to get off the mark here

    from r/post

  107. Richard says:

    1.35 Newc- Trickaway 10/1

  108. STEPHEN says:

    12:40 Lingfield Pattie
    13:00 Newcastle Diego Suarez
    14:20 Lingfield Alfred Hutchinson
    14:25 Sandown Capitaine
    15:00 Sandown Gas Line Boy
    15:20 Newcastle Illwalktheline
    15:50 Wincanton Anchor Man
    19:15 Wolverham Hold Hands
    19:45 Wolverham Dazacam
    20:45 Wolverham Raise The Game

  109. Richard says:

    12.35 Weth-Calarules 14/1

  110. dee says:

    2.30 kem
    Dragon dream
    4.00 kem
    Santiburi spring
    7.45 wol
    Daisy Bere
    8.15 wol
    Lucky 15

  111. STEPHEN says:

    13:05: Wetherby Happy Diva
    14:30: Kempton Dragon Dream
    15:00: Kempton Choral Clan
    15:10: Wetherby Eskendash
    16:30: Kempton Steelriver

  112. STEPHEN says:

    12.35 Southwell Essenaitch
    13:35 Southwell Little Choosey
    14:40 southwell Captain Lars
    16:40 Wolverham Dynamo Walt

  113. Richard says:

    1.05 Sou-General Tufto 10/1

  114. STEPHEN says:

    lingfield 3:45 Karam Albaari
    wolverham 4:45 Cat Royale
    wolverham 6:45 Athassel

  115. STEPHEN says:

    Musselburgh 1:00 Golden Town
    Bangor 1:15 Copper Birc
    Musselburgh 1:30 Formidableopponen
    Newcastle 2:10 Spinnaker Ba
    Musselburgh 2:30 Andhaa
    Bangor 2:50 Petite Power
    Newcastle 3:10 Fastnet Blas
    Musselburgh 3:30 Arakhan
    Newcastle 3:40 Bamako Du Chatele
    Bangor 3:50 La Cavsa Nostra
    Newcastle 4:40 Swiss Cross
    Newcastle 5:10 Gentlemen

  116. Richard says:

    1.45 Bang- Benzel 12/1

  117. Richard says:

    12.40 Sout-Spowarticus 16/1 EW

  118. STEPHEN says:

    Southwell 12:10 Nafaath
    Ayr 12:30 King Of Fashion
    Southwell 12:40 Bonjour Steve
    Plumpton 12:50 Justification
    Ayr 13:00 Plus Jamais
    Southwell 13:10 Fortinbrass
    Ayr 13:30 Rinnagree Rosie
    Southwell 13:40 Piazon
    Plumpton 13:50 No Comment
    Plumpton 14:20 Ding Ding
    Southwell 14:40 Marshgate Lane
    Southwell 15:10 Red Touch
    Plumpton 15:20 Johns Luck
    Southwell 15:40 Basingstoke
    Plumpton 15:50 Shimba Hills

  119. STEPHEN says:

    Southwell 12:35 Pulsating
    Exeter 12:40 Steel Express
    Cheltenham 12:50 Vyta Du Roc
    Fakenham 13:20 The Jugopolist
    Fakenham 13:55 Djarkalin
    Musselburgh 14:15 Arthurs Secret
    Southwell 14:20 Shyron
    Cheltenham 14:35 Will O’the West

  120. STEPHEN says:

    IN 2017,

  121. Richard says:

    1.00 Tau-Billy My Boy 14/1
    2.50 New-Rublis 12/1
    3.30 Tau-Tinker Time 10/1
    4.00 Tau-Hija 12/1
    4.20 New-Rosie Crowe 16/1
    ALL E/W

  122. Richard says:

    Welcome back Steve it was getting a bit lonely on here…..

  123. stephen says:

    Taunton 1:00 Billy My Boy
    Taunton 1:30 I’llhavealook
    Newcastle 1:50 Isharah
    Newcastle 2:20 Adalene
    Taunton 2:30 Play The Ace
    Newcastle 2:50 Taopix
    Taunton 3:00 Dusky Legend
    Newcastle 3:50 Hernando Torres

  124. stephen says:

    12:00 Kelso Applaus
    12:25 Doncaster Valseur Du Granval
    12:45 Southwell Moojaned
    12:55 Doncaster Hepburn
    15:10 Doncaster La Vaticane
    15:30 Southwell Lady Bacchus
    15:40 Doncaster Clemency

  125. Richard says:

    1.40kelso Endeavor 10/1

  126. Richard says:

    12.10 Ling Polar Kite 10/1

  127. Richard says:

    12.50 Chep Tempestatefloresco 12/1

  128. Richard says:

    12.00 Sedg Captain Sharpe 16/1

  129. stephen says:

    Merry Christmas everyone and family and friends who are not with us

  130. Richard says:

    12.50 Chelm Desert Grey 20/1

  131. Richard says:

    2.50 Ffos Allez Vic 12/1

  132. Richard says:

    1.45 Taun Seven Nation Army 12/1

  133. Richard says:

    12.55 Ling Circlate 20/1

  134. Graeme says:

    Thanks for the free ratings. Look forward to using them.

  135. Richard says:

    1.30 Hay Morning Royalty 16/1

  136. Richard says:

    1.35 Newc Sirens Cove 10/1

  137. Richard says:

    12.40 Towc Goohar 10/1

  138. stephen says:

    Exeter 1:00 Rocklander
    Exeter 3:45 Lunar Flow
    Newcas 4:05 Horsforth

  139. stephen says:

    Lingfield 11:40 Sans Souci Bay
    Musselbur 12:00 Middlebrow
    Newbury 1:30 Three Faces West
    Lingfield 1:50 Attain

  140. Richard says:

    12.30 Sout Dominium 18/1

  141. stephen says:

    Southwell 1:30 Stosur
    Wincanton 2:10 Brother Tedd
    Catterick 2:50 Discoverie
    Southwell 3:00 Llewellyn
    Catterick 3:20 Temple Man

  142. Richard says:

    1.45 Ffos Mountain Of Mourne 10/1

  143. stephen says:

    Plumpton 1:30 No Comment
    Wolverha 2:40 Happy Jack
    Wolverha 3:10 High Command
    Ffos Las 3:20 Finish The Story
    Plumpton 3:30 Shimba Hills

  144. Richard says:

    2.40 Carl Minellacelebration 10/1

  145. stephen says:

    Southwell 12.15 Midnight Jade
    Carlisle 12.30 Halcyon Days
    Carlisle 2:40 Minellacelebration
    Southwell 2:55 Laser Light

  146. Richard says:

    12.30 Ling Sword Of The Lord 10/1

  147. stephen says:

    Cheltenham 15:00 Mister Miyagi
    Lingfield 15:25 Darebin

  148. Richard says:

    12.55 Chel Emerald Rose 12/1

  149. stephen says:

    Doncaster 13:05 Might Bite
    Doncaster 14:15 Jac The Legend

  150. stephen says:

    Newcastle 12:40 Waiting Patiently
    Newcastle 14:20 Catchthemoonlight
    Newcastle 14:50 Boss Des Mottes
    Warwick 15:35 Everybodys Happy

  151. Richard says:

    12.05 Ling Zeem 20/1

  152. stephen says:

    Lingfield 13:05 Ride The Lightning
    Leicester 13:55 Unify
    Leicester 14:55 Destiny’s Gold
    Hexham 15:15 Halcyon Days

  153. stephen says:

    Southwell 12:20 Fujin
    Uttoxeter 12:30 Milan Express
    Fontwell 13:40 Rainbow Dreamer
    Southwell 14:50 Royal Holiday
    Uttoxeter 15:00 Make Me A Fortune

  154. Richard says:

    1.00 Uttox Mighty Missile 12/1

  155. Richard says:

    11.50 Ling Plead 12/1

  156. Richard says:

    12.30 Hunt Threebarmymen 10/1

  157. stephen says:

    Huntingdon 1:30 Awesome Rosie
    Kelso 2:50 Dynaste

  158. Richard says:

    12.30.Ain Monbeg River 15/2

  159. Richard says:

    12.30 Sedg Dick Darsie 11/2

  160. Richard says:

    1.55 M/R Western Jo 11/1

  161. Mike says:

    I only bet in small amounts and Iam amazed at the speed ratings in the last 23 days I have topped 98pts. What a tool.
    Newcastle 115.35
    southwell -30
    Wolver. +4
    I use them as shown in your tutorials and It works,
    Thanks again
    b3est regards

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Great Mike! If you didn’t know already. I am probably the only punter in this market that gives some of his best stuff for ZERO nada.. Nothing… Enjoy!


  162. stephen says:

    Catterick 2:00 Iora Glas
    Lingfield 2:40 Isharah,
    Lingfield 3:40 Master Burbidge,
    Kempton 4:25 Tasaaboq

  163. Richard says:

    1.00 Catt Professor Plum 10/1

  164. Richard says:

    12.55 South Urban Gale 20/1

  165. stephen says:

    Lingfield 1:30 APPY DAYS
    Newcastle 1:50 DEALER´S CHOICE
    Newcastle 3:20 ALSACIENNE
    Southwell 3:30 AL SHAHIR
    Lingfield 3:40 Bryden Boy
    Newcastle 4:20 DOSE

  166. stephen says:

    Water Wagtail 13/8 wins

  167. Richard says:

    3.20 Newc Voice From Above 16/1

  168. stephen says:

    13:40 Ludlow Alanjou
    14:10 Ludlow Bendomingo
    15:00 Plumpton Water Wagtail
    16:20 Newcastle Dandy Flame

  169. James says:

    Hi had these ratings two days now..used one today to confirm a 11/4 easy winner’s great to have a back up so at least you know your almost doing something right

  170. stephen says:

    14:05 Leicester Saint Cajetan
    15:40 Leicester Wildmoor Boy

  171. Richard says:

    1.05 Bang Wade Harper 12/1

  172. stephen says:

    13:45 Newcastle Wyfield Rose 1.00 6.50

    14:15 Bangor Drumcliff 1.00 2.37
    14:20 Newcastle Seldom Inn 1.00 3.75
    15:40 Doncaster Kelpies Myth 1.00 5.00
    18:15 Wolverham Commanche 1.00 5.50

  173. stephen says:

    12:55 Doncaster Back Festive Affair 1.00 3.50 1st
    13:35 Newbury Back Our Kaempfer 1.00 10.00 3rd
    13:45 Newcastle Back Kingofmerrows 1.00 3.00 8th+
    14:00 Doncaster Back Misfits 1.00 4.00 8th+
    15:40 Doncaster Back Ravenhill Road 1.00 0.80 1st
    16:00 Newcastle Back Sonnet 1.00 2.13 5th

  174. Richard says:

    3.10 Don Too Many Chiefs 11/1

  175. stephen says:

    12:55 Doncaster Back Festive Affair 1.00 3.50
    13:35 Newbury Back Our Kaempfer 1.00 10.00
    13:45 Newcastle Back Kingofmerrows 1.00 3.00
    14:00 Doncaster Back Misfits 1.00 4.00
    15:40 Doncaster Back Ravenhill Road 1.00 0.80
    16:00 Newcastle Back Sonnet 1.00 2.13

  176. stephen says:

    Towcester 12:35 Back Tinted Rose 1.00 2.25 2nd
    Towcester 13:05 Back Flashman 1.00 6.00 5th
    Taunton 13:15 Back Culm Counsellor 1.00 3.50 1st
    Towcester 13:35 Back Verygoodverygood 1.00 1.38 5th
    Towcester 14:45 Back Pretty Rose 1.00 4.00 3rd
    Towcester 15:45 Back Dentley De Mee 1.00 5.00 5th

  177. stephen says:

    Taunton 1:15 Fair To Middling
    Towcest 1:35 Verygoodverygood
    Taunton 1:45 Fort Worth
    Taunton 2:20 Auenwirbel
    Towcest 2:45 Pretty Rose
    Taunton 3:25 The Kvilleken

    Won on The Ground And Top Speed

  178. Richard says:

    2.20 Taun Western Sunrise 12/1

  179. stephen says:

    Towcester 12:35 Back Tinted Rose 1.00 2.25
    Towcester 13:05 Back Flashman 1.00 6.00
    Taunton 13:15 Back Culm Counsellor 1.00 2.50
    Towcester 13:35 Back Verygoodverygood 1.00 1.38
    Towcester 14:45 Back Pretty Rose 1.00 4.00
    Towcester 15:45 Back Dentley De Mee 1.00 5.00

  180. stephen says:

    Wolverhampton 12:30 Back Geraldine 1.00 2.75 1st
    Hereford 12:40 Back New Member 1.00 12.00 3rd
    Wetherby 12:50 Back Kalaniti 1.00 1.50 1st
    Hereford 13:40 Back Hoo Bally Diva 0.50 33.00 2nd
    Wetherby 13:55 Back Pongo Twistleton 1.00 10.00 4th
    Wolverhampton 14:05 Back X Rated 1.00 2.00 1st
    Wolverhampton 14:35 Back Trishuli Rock 1.00 1.00 3rd
    Hereford 15:20 Back Yourholidayisover 1.00 3.50 2nd
    Wolverhampton 15:40 Back Nonios 1.00 2.00 1st
    Hereford 15:50 Back Barton Rose 1.00 6.50 5th

  181. Richard Joy says:

    3.00 Weth Visandi 9/1

  182. stephen says:

    Wolverhampton 12:30 Back Geraldine 1.00 2.75
    Hereford 12:40 Back New Member 1.00 9.00
    Wetherby 12:50 Back Kalaniti 1.00 1.50
    Hereford 13:40 Back Hoo Bally Diva 0.50 33.00
    Wetherby 13:55 Back Pongo Twistleton 1.00 10.00
    Wolverhampton 14:05 Back X Rated 1.00 2.00
    Wolverhampton 14:35 Back Trishuli Rock 1.00 1.00
    Hereford 15:20 Back Yourholidayisover 1.00 3.50
    Wolverhampton 15:40 Back Nonios 1.00 2.00
    Hereford 15:50 Back Barton Rose 1.00 6.50

  183. stephen says:

    Remember Forever 3/1 wins

  184. stephen says:

    Won On Same Going Top Speed
    This Is Test ????
    Sedgefield 12:10 Willie Hall
    Sedgefield 12:40 Min Alemarat
    Lingfield 2:35 Billy No Name
    Sedgefield 2:45 Jonny Eager

  185. stephen says:

    update with meeting being off

    Sedgefield 13:10 Handicap Back Boss Des Mottes 1.00 16.00
    Lingfield 14:05 Handicap Back Remember Forever 1.00 5.50
    Sedgefield 13:40 Handicap Back Mitcd 1.00 2.25
    Lingfield 13:30 Non-Handicap Back Prime Venture 1.00 0.73
    Lingfield 14:35 Handicap Back Earls Fort 1.00 2.25

  186. stephen says:

    Sedgefield 13:10 Boss Des Mottes
    Sedgefield 13:40 Civil Unrest
    Southwell 13:50 Cape Dignity
    Lingfield 14:05 Remember Forever
    Southwell 14:25 De Little Engine
    Southwell 14:55 Texas Katie

  187. Richard Joy says:

    12.40 Sedg Tiger Mountain 12/1

  188. stephen says:

    Mercers Court (IRE) 14/1 wins

  189. Richard Joy says:

    2.00 Kemp Surtee Du Berlais 11/1

  190. stephen says:

    Ludlow 12:40 Djarkalin
    Kempton 14:35 Mercers Court
    Ludlow 14:50 Noche De Reyes
    Chelmsford 15:00 Polymnia
    Ludlow 15:20 Scotchtown

  191. Chris says:

    how would you find the weak horse so maybe could lay it?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Chris you are looking for a horse where there are at least 2 horses with better speed ratings across the board. I would not lay it if any of it’s speed ratings are 0 as it is an unknown quantity (but you may be able to use them with further investigation but it depends if you just want to use the speed ratings). Also if the number of starts is under 10 for the selection I would leave it as although the speed ratings may be low it could easily improve. I’ve not used them to find lays myself so make sure you do some checking and see how they go for at least a few weeks before actually laying them. Let me know how you get on.


  192. stephen says:

    Desert Sensation (IRE) wins 7/2
    got 6.00

  193. Richard Joy says:

    1.35 Uttox Young Lou 10/1

  194. stephen says:

    Exeter 12:45 Desert Sensation
    Uttoxeter 13:00 Graceful Legend
    Exeter 13:20 Dancing Shadow
    Uttoxeter 13:35 Lilywhite Gesture
    Uttoxeter 14:10 Wolf Sword
    Exeter 14:25 Helium
    Exeter 15:00 Visage Blan
    Exeter 15:30 Titch Strider

  195. stephen says:

    Anythingtoday (IRE) wins 7/2

  196. Richard Joy says:

    12.20 Ling Tilsworth Micky 14/1

  197. stephen says:

    Lingfield 13:25 Stosur
    Ascot 13:30 Midnight Sapphire
    Wolverham 18:15 Anythingtoday
    Wolverham 18:45 Ready
    Wolverham 20:45 Delagoa Bay

  198. stephen says:

    Eddiemaurice (IRE) win 9/2 i got 12/1

  199. Richard Joy says:

    2.00 Hay The Artful Cobbler 10/1

  200. stephen says:

    Ascot 13:35 Brother Tedd
    Haydock 15:10 Cracking Find
    Newcast 15:40 Corton Lad
    Haydock 15:45 Gibbes Bay
    Ascot 15:55 Eddiemaurice
    Newcast 16:15 Upgrade

  201. stephen says:

    Cusheen Bridge (IRE) 14/1 wins

  202. Richard Joy says:

    1.15 Win Theboss On Thehill 14/1

  203. stephen says:

    Market 14:05 Duke Street
    Wincanton 14:15 The Yank
    Market 14:35 Cusheen Bridge
    Newcastle 15:35 Space War
    Chelmsford 16:40 Wentwell Yesterday
    Chelmsford 19:00 Encore Moi

  204. stephen says:

    Qatar Man wins got 6/4

  205. Richard Joy says:

    2.25 chep Walk On Al 12/1

  206. stephen says:

    Warwick 13:00 Aces Over Eights
    Warwick 15:15 Copperfacejack
    Chepstow 15:35 Wilton Milan
    Warwick 15:45 Poppyinthepark
    Kempton 16:40 Wentwell Yesterday
    Kempton 18:10 Qatar Man
    Kempton 18:40 Sovereign Debt

  207. stephen says:

    Churchtown Champ wins 5/4

  208. stephen says:

    Southwell 13:15 Churchtown Champ
    Fakenham 14:05 Khismet
    Southwell 14:15 Ballymalin
    Fakenham 14:35 The Jugopolist
    Southwell 14:45 Katie Gale
    Southwell 15:15 Jaunty Thor
    Lingfield 15:25 Al Khan

  209. Richard Joy says:

    1.45 Sou Viva Rafa 14/1

  210. stephen says:

    Citrus wins 5/1

  211. stephen says:

    just let you see how i work my out
    my ratings and the speed one
    then i read what say on the r/post
    here what saying ab the ones i have pick today

    Donna´s Pride: Consistent of late; likely to be in the shake-up again.
    Citrus: Will need more than when beaten about 20l into fourth at Exeter the last time
    Mondlicht: 0-16 over hurdles and soon outpaced latest, but consistent and can hit frame again.
    Blake Dean: 7lb higher than when winning a 2m Perth handicap hurdle for Gordon Elliott; chasing since
    Gores Island: Gone well fresh in the past and is 7lb beneath last winning mark, albeit a while ago
    John Williams: Made all in C&D handicap 12 days ago; this a stronger race but he´s going right way.
    Faheem: Signs of ability in bumpers but latest 2nd came in an ordinary Fontwell race
    Stoneham: Won three times on Flat in summer; good fourth back hurdling latest; leading contender.
    Meandmyshadow: In decent form over C&D on last three outings; should give another good account
    Sir Geoffrey: Runner-up off this mark here last week; player if backing up that effort

  212. Richard Joy says:

    12.50 Muss Urban Kode 10/1

  213. stephen says:

    Musselburgh 12:50 Donna’s Pride
    Plumpton 13:05 Citrus
    Musselburgh 13:50 Mondlicht
    Plumpton 14:10 Blake Dean
    Plumpton 15:10 Gores Island
    Musselburgh 15:20 John Williams
    Plumpton 15:40 Faheem
    Musselburgh 15:50 Stoneham
    Newcastle 16:30 Meandmyshadow
    Newcastle 17:30 Sir Geoffrey

  214. stephen says:

    Kabanga Bay 3rd 50/1 did e/w

  215. stephen says:

    Fox Norton wins 5/2

  216. stephen says:

    Fontwell 12:25 Jack Snipe Port Navas
    Fontwell 13:00 Buachaill Alainn
    Cheltenh 13:20 Three Stars Mick Thonic
    Fontwell 13:35 Disputed
    Cheltenh 13:55 Fox Norton
    Fontwell 14:10 More Buck’s Sartorial Elegance
    Cheltenh 14:30 Hargam
    Fontwell 14:45 Kabanga Bay

  217. Richard Joy says:

    12.25 Font Tyre hill 11/1

  218. Richard Joy says:

    12.50 Ling Revellino 12/1

  219. stephen says:

    Le Reve 13:50 Cheltenham – Early Price 33/1 e/w

  220. stephen says:

    Cheltenham 12:40 Diable De Sivola
    Uttoxeter 13:05 Rolling Dylan
    Cheltenham 13:15 Marinero
    Uttoxeter 13:40 Doitforthevillage Crosspark
    Cheltenham 13:50 Sausalito Sunrise
    Cheltenham 14:25 Art Mauresque
    Wetherby 14:40 Monbeg Charmer
    Cheltenham 15:00 Will O’the West
    Uttoxeter 15:25 Catchthemoonlight
    Cheltenham 15:35 Who Dares Wins Final Nudge
    Uttoxeter 16:00 Old Harry Rocks
    Cheltenham 16:05 Brillare Momento

  221. stephen says:

    Lingfield 11:45 Sultan Baybars
    Lingfield 13:25 Georgian Bay
    Lingfield 14:00 Grendisar
    Lingfield 15:10 Lady Lunchalot
    Wolverham 17:45 Elegantly Bound
    Wolverham 18:15 Gorgeous Noora
    Wolverham 19:15 Dragon Dream
    Wolverham 19:45 Forecaster

  222. stephen says:

    Cliffs Of Capri wins 11/4

  223. stephen says:

    Lingfield 1:20 Rahyah Trishuli Rock
    Lingfield 1:55 Take The Helm
    Lingfield 2:30 Dream Of Summer
    Lingfield 3:05 Statuesque Brodie
    Lingfield 3:40 Trending
    Wolverhamp 4:15 Cliffs Of Capri
    Wolverhamp 4:45 Wild Shot
    Wolverhamp 5:45 Draw Swords
    Wolverhamp 6:20 Deftera Lad
    Wolverhamp 6:50 Nonios
    Wolverhamp 7:20 Secret Witness
    Wolverhamp 7:50 Quality Art

  224. Richard Joy says:

    12.15 Ling Valmina 16/1

  225. stephen says:

    Alpha Tauri wins 16/1

  226. Richard Joy says:

    12.45 Tow Ultimate Dream 12/1

  227. stephen says:

    Southwell 12:25 Cascading Stars
    Southwell 1:25 Royal Icon
    Southwell 2:25 Mailshot
    Southwell 3:25 Star Ascending
    Southwell 3:55 Alpha Tauri
    Chelmsford 4:25 Magdalene Fox
    Chelmsford 5:55 Heavenly Cry
    Chelmsford 6:25 Dubai Dunes
    Chelmsford 6:55 Consulting

  228. stephen says:

    Viva Steve (IRE) 11/8

  229. Richard Joy says:

    1.00 Exe Red Admirable 14/1

  230. stephen says:

    Bangor 12:50 Minella Forfitness
    Exeter 1:00 Kalifourchon
    Ayr 1:10 Craiganboy – Sammy B
    Ayr 1:40 Viva Steve
    Bangor 1:50 Sego Success
    Ayr 2:15 King Of The Dark
    Bangor 2:25 Drumcliff
    Ayr 2:50 Baysbrown
    Ayr 3:20 Fred Le Macon
    Bangor 3:30 Tasty Ginger

  231. stephen says:

    Apasionado 6/5 wins

  232. stephen says:

    Huntingdon 1:10 Apasionado
    Lingfield 1:20 Phobiaphiliac
    Huntingdon 1:45 Prettylittlething
    Huntingdon 2:20 All Set To Go
    Lingfield 2:30 Bobble Emerald,
    Sedgefield 3:45 Makethedifference
    Lingfield 4:05 Flashman

  233. Richard Joy says:

    2.20 Hunt Ruacana 8/1

  234. Richard Joy says:

    2.20 Carl Smart Boy 12/1

  235. stephen says:

    Kempton 1:30 Little Pop
    Kempton 3:05 Forever Field
    Newcastle 3:15 The Resdev Way
    Carlisle 3:25 Amilliontimes
    Carlisle 4:00 Derrynane
    Newcastle 2:20 Cool Team
    Newcastle 4:50 Mops Angel
    Newcastle 5:20 Be Royale
    Newcastle 5:50 Gold Beau

  236. stephen says:

    Furiously Fast 6/4 wins

  237. Richard Joy says:

    12.30 San Vedani 20/1

  238. stephen says:

    Sandown 12:30 Braavos
    Ffos Las 12:50 Furiously Fast
    Sandown 1:05 More Buck’s
    Ffos Las 1:20 Might Bite
    Sandown 3:25 Loose Chips
    Ffos Las 3:40 Guanciale

  239. stephen says:

    Chelmsford City 4:35 DOCTOR PARKES
    Chelmsford City 5:10 El Cap
    Chelmsford City 5:40 Ravenhoe
    Chelmsford City 6:10 Watersmeet
    Chelmsford City 6:45 Cee Jay

    the ones i haveing a go at a/w

  240. stephen says:

    On Demand got 11/2 but ther was Rule 4

  241. stephen says:

    i got to say to you gays thacks for leting me have the speed ratings i doing a lot better
    now at finding winners.i be geting lots of tips but i just dont look at most of them anymore

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      You’re welcome Stephen. On behalf of other speed members thanks for continuing to post your selections.


  242. Richard Joy says:

    1.10 Kel The Ice Factor 12/1

  243. dee says:

    Correction 5 out of 7 !

  244. dee says:

    4 out of 7 yesterday not to shabby lol
    1.10 Kelso jokers and rogues 11/4
    1.45 Kelso kriss cross 8/1
    2.20 captain redbeard 11/1
    3.35 Don litgant 12/1
    5.40 Chelmsford sunset dream 5/2
    7.20 Chelmsford ocean eleven 4/1

  245. stephen says:

    12:30 Wincan Tell The Tale
    2:05 Aintree Young Dillon
    2:40 Aintree Mister Miyagi
    2:45 Wincan On Demand
    3:10 Aintree Princeton Royale
    3:45 Aintree Katachenko

  246. stephen says:

    Ryedale Racer wins got 5/4

  247. Richard Joy says:

    1.00 Fon Arcamante 14/1

  248. stephen says:

    12:50 Warwick Ahraam
    1:25 Warwick Linguine
    1:45 Hexham Ryedale Racer
    2:10 Fontwell Midtech Valentine
    3:30 Hexham Mumgos Debut
    3:45 Warwick Butlergrove King

  249. dee says:

    1.00 font yuk on delta 2/1
    3.45 war ballydague lady 5/2
    3.50 new ready 11/4
    4.00 hex Bescot springs 5/2
    5.20 new thello 9/2
    6.20 new mont ras 11/2
    6.50 new rock warbler 5/2

  250. stephen says:

    Vivas wins 11/10 got 6/4

  251. Richard Joy says:

    1.30 New Extreme Impact 16/1

  252. stephen says:

    Market Rasen 13:05 Vivas
    Newbury 13:30 Harry Hunt
    Market Rasen 13:40 Lost In Lecce
    Musselburgh 13:50 Arthurs Secret
    Musselburgh 14:20 Grove Silver
    Market Rasen 15:20 Violets Boy
    Musselburgh 15:30 Royal Macnab
    Newbury 15:45 Barman

  253. dee says:

    Lucky 15
    1.05 Mr kvillkeken 7/2
    1.30 new patsys castle 2/1
    5.15 Chelmsford acer two 7/4
    7.30 Chelmsford
    Nouvelli dancer 10/1

  254. stephen says:

    Valseur Du Granval 5/4

  255. Richard Joy says:

    4.20 Chep Eaton Hill 14/1

  256. stephen says:

    Nottingham 12:20 Tap Tap Boom
    Nottingham 13:55 Maarek
    Chepstow 14:15 Valseur Du Granval
    Nottingham 14:30 Silken Skies
    Musselburgh 14:40 Endeavor
    Chepstow 14:50 Space Oddity
    Nottingham 15:00 Orient Class
    Musselburgh 15:10 Shantou Tiger
    Chepstow 15:20 So Fine
    Chepstow 15:50 Bears Rails

  257. dee says:

    Lucky 15 for today
    1.00 muss civil unrest 7/2
    3.00 nott orient class 3/1
    3.40 muss proud gamble 9/2
    6.55 kem kananee 3/1

  258. stephen says:

    Alice’s Dream 13/2 wins

  259. stephen says:

    Redcar 13:40 Percy’s Gal
    Wolver 14:00 Alice’s Dream
    Redcar 14:40 Jacbequick
    Exeter 14:50 Southfield Vic
    Wolver 15:30 Mappin Time
    Exeter 15:50 Mother Meldrum
    Exeter 16:20 Culm Counsellor
    Kempton 18:10 Music Major
    Kempton 18:40 Candesta

  260. Richard Joy says:

    12.40 Red Pindaric 16/1

  261. stephen says:

    Encore Moi 3/1 wins

  262. Richard Joy says:

    3.20 Kemp Nellie Dean 11/1

  263. stephen says:

    Plumpton14:10 Ivor’s Queen
    Kempton 14:20 Encore Moi
    Hereford14:30 Kilronan High
    Hereford15:00 Some Kinda Lama
    Hereford15:30 Barton Rose
    Kempton 15:50 Dream Of Summer
    Hereford16:00 On Demand

  264. Richard Joy says:

    1.35 Carl Gurkha Brave 12/1

  265. stephen says:

    just a up date
    13:00 Two Taffs no bet
    13:20 Cotillion n/r
    so its 13:20 My Brother Sylvest

  266. dee says:

    1.35 gurkha brave ew
    2.10 four mile beach win
    2.45 in the rough win
    3.15 shades of midnight ew
    2.30 keppel isle ew
    3.00 giveit a chance ew

  267. stephen says:

    13:00 Two Taffs
    13:20 Cotillion
    13:35 Pistol Park
    13:55 My Mo
    14:10 Cupid’s Quest
    14:45 Belmount
    15:00 Giveitachance
    15:15 Walking In The Air
    15:35 Tasty Ginger
    16:20 Kelpies Myth

  268. Richard Joy says:

    2.35 Ayr Fred Le Macon 12/1

  269. stephen says:

    1.55 Ascot Ballybolley
    2,05 Ayr Strait Of Magellan
    2.20 Newmarket Katebird
    2.25 Ascot Pearls Legend
    2.35 Ayr Mango Cap
    3.00 Ascot Ch’tibello
    3.10 Ayr Quito Du Tresor
    3.30 Newmarket Father Bertie
    3.45 Ayr Special Catch
    4.05 Newmarket Baydar
    4.45 Ascot Bagad Bihoue
    5.05 Wetherby Blue Rambler
    5.15 Newmarket Realize
    5.30 Ayr Formidableopponent

  270. stephen says:

    Aleef 3/1 wins

  271. Richard Joy says:

    2.10 Weth Eastview Boy 16/1

  272. stephen says:

    1.20 Newmarket Founding Father
    2.45 Wetherby Frederic
    3.00 Newmarket Perfect Angel
    3.35 Newmarket Aleef
    3.35 Wetherby Cliffs Of Dover
    4.10 Newmarket Persun
    4.20 Uttoxeter Muckle Roe
    4.30 Wetherby Blue Kascade

  273. stephen says:

    Jimmy The Jetplane 6/4

  274. stephen says:

    5.40 Ascot Day
    6.10 Flood Defence
    6.40 Star Links
    7.40 Dynamo Walt Burning Thread
    8.10 Vimy Ridge
    8.40 Cadland Lad
    9.10 Makhfar

  275. Richard Joy says:

    1.40 Ling Island Cloud 10/1

  276. stephen says:

    1.40 Lingfield Island Cloud
    2:00 Sedgefield Jimmy The Jetplane
    2.10 Lingfield Tobrave
    2.20 Stratford Destiny’s Gold
    2.30 Sedgefield Newsworthy
    3.00 Sedgefield Wolf Sword
    4.00 Stratford Big Casino
    4.20 Lingfield Eyeshine
    5.10 Sedgefield Vic’s Last Stand

  277. stephen says:

    The Caller wins 6/4
    had to wait 2 last one put won

  278. Richard Joy says:

    2.50 nott Zealous 20/1

  279. stephen says:

    My Patent For Tonight

    7.15 Kempton Loveatfirstsight
    8.45 Kempton Star Of The Stage
    9.15 Kempton Anastazia

  280. stephen says:

    1.50 Nottingham Dhajeej
    2.00 Chelmsford Brasted
    2.10 Fakenham Seven Nation Army
    2.30 Chelmsford Casablanca
    2.50 Nottingham Fast Dancer
    3.30 Chelmsford Unsuspected Girl
    5.00 Chelmsford Mighty Zip
    5.10 Fakenham The Caller

  281. stephen says:

    Thegreendalerocket won 8/1

  282. Richard Joy says:

    1.50 Catt Money Team 8/1

  283. stephen says:

    13:30 Chepstow Rolling Dylan
    13:50 Catterick Art Obsession
    14:00 Chepstow Thegreendalerocket
    14:10 Bangor Barwick
    14:20 Catterick Vincentti
    14:30 Chepstow Filatore
    14:55 Catterick Hurry Home Poppa
    15:15 Bangor Shantou Tiger
    15:25 Catterick Khelman
    15:45 Bangor Humbel Ben
    16:15 Bangor Danceintothelight
    16:30 Catterick Taffetta
    17:05 Catterick Compton River

  284. Richard Joy says:

    2.00 Ayr Flying Jack 16/1

  285. stephen says:

    1.40 Leicester Madam Prancealot
    1.50 Redcar Bithynia
    2:20 Redcar Not Now Nadia
    2:40 Leicester Spirit of Zeb
    2:50 Redcar Sofia’s Rock
    3:15 Leicester Highland Colori
    3:25 Redcar Miningrocks
    3:35 Ayr Quick Decisson
    3:55 Redcar Torremar
    4:10 Ayr Bright Prospect
    4:20 Leicester Tawdeea
    4:30 Redcar Shah Of Armaan

  286. Richard Joy says:

    2.10 Aint Tantamount 16/1

  287. stephen says:

    1:40 Aintree Non-Handicap Back No Comment 0.25 1.00
    2:10 Aintree Handicap Back Green Zone 0.10 40.00
    2:25 Wincanton Handicap Back Titch Strider 0.25 10.00
    2:45 Aintree Handicap Back Bearly Legal 0.25 7.00
    2:55 Wincanton Handicap Back Mille Nautique 0.25 3.00
    3:15 Aintree Handicap Back Wisty 0.25 20.00
    3:50 Aintree Handicap Back Smad Place 0.25 9.00
    4:25 Aintree Handicap Back Follow The Swallow 0.25 11.00
    4:40 Wincanton Handicap Back Courtlands Prince 0.25 1.10
    5:00 Aintree Non-Handicap Back Costante Via 0.25 12.00

    my fun bets stake for the day £2.35

  288. stephen says:

    1:40 Aintree Ghost River
    2:10 Aintree Tantamount
    2:25 Wincanton Taste The Wine
    2:45 Aintree Forgotten Gold
    2:55 Wincanton Storming Strumpet
    3:15 Aintree Ubak
    3:50 Aintree God’s Own
    4:25 Aintree What Happens Now
    4:40 Wincanton Benbecula
    5:00 Aintree Theatre Rouge

  289. stephen says:

    Doncaster 13:35 American Artist Laurence
    Cheltenham 14:25 Young Dillon
    Newbury 15:20 Glitter Girl
    Kelso 15:40 Gran Paradiso
    Newbury 15:55 Haraka
    Kelso 16:50 Apache Pilot
    Doncaster 17:00 Novoman
    Cheltenham 17:15 Brahms De Clermont
    Kelso 17:25 Louloumills
    Doncaster 17:35 Sovereign Debt

  290. Richard Joy says:

    2.00 Don Washington Blue 16/1

  291. Nev says:

    No bets for me today, only one of interest is clef in the 1330 at Don I leave it alone for now.

  292. stephen says:

    13:30 Doncaster Clef
    13:50 Newbury Firefright
    14:00 Doncaster Washington Blue Interweave
    14:25 Newbury Sound Bar
    14:35 Doncaster Hyde Park
    15:10 Doncaster Tafaakhor
    15:35 Newbury Flyboy
    14:10 Cheltenham El Bandit
    16:30 Cheltenham Casper King
    16:45 Newbury The Ducking Stool

  293. Richard Joy says:

    2.10 Carl Broad Spectrum 12/1

  294. stephen says:

    Ludlow 14:30 Forever My Friend
    Carlisle 14:45 Little Glenshee
    Newton Abbot 14:55 Generous Chief
    Ludlow 15:05 Nicolas Chauvin Canicallyouback
    Carlisle 15:20 Cruachan
    Ludlow 15:40 Frozen Over
    Newton Abbot 16:05 Midnight Sapphire
    Carlisle 16:30 Desert Island Dusk
    Newton Abbot 16:40 The Yank
    Newton Abbot 17:10 Brinestine Mondello

  295. stephen says:

    Course Time
    Worcester 13:50 Moscow Me
    Worcester 14:20 Emerald Rose
    Newmarket 14:30 Texas Katie
    Fontwell 14:45 Billy No Name
    Worcester 14:55 Fayette County
    Fontwell 15:55 Watchmetail
    Worcester 16:05 So Fine
    Newmarket 16:50 Mungo Madness
    Newmarket 17:20 Margaret’s Mission

  296. e/w says:

    1.50 Worc Mosco Me 20/1 e/w

  297. stephen says:

    13:50 Yarmouth Paradwys Coral Sea
    14:10 Exeter Ice Konig
    14:20 Yarmouth Amathyst
    14:40 Exeter Houston Dynimo
    14:50 Yarmouth Interweave
    15:00 Newcastle Sophisticated Heir
    15:10 Exeter Wizards Bridge
    15:30 Newcastle Pearl Acclaim
    16:20 Yarmouth Keene’s Pointe
    16:50 Yarmouth Captain Scooby Multi Quest
    17:00 Newcastle Showdaisy
    17:30 Newcastle Loose Ends Kerry Icon

  298. Richard Joy says:

    2.10 Exe Vintage Salon 6/1

  299. stephen says:

    Lucky Mistake wins 7/2

  300. Richard Joy says:

    2.20 Wind Racquet 14/1

  301. stephen says:

    14:30 Plumpton Alberta Graasten
    14:40 Pontefract Lucky Mistake Sheepscar Lad
    14:50 Windsor Muirsheen Durkin Nepeta
    15:00 Plumpton Unify
    15:20 Windsor Shifting Star
    15:30 Plumpton Looksnowtlikebrian
    15:40 Pontefract D’bai
    16:20 Windsor Rotherwick
    16:30 Plumpton Unanimite
    17:00 Plumpton Crown Hill
    17:10 Pontefract Throckley
    17:20 Windsor Desert Cross Moss Street
    17:30 Plumpton Rolling Dough
    17:40 Pontefract I’ll Be Good

  302. stephen says:

    Cliffs Of Dover wins 11/8

    thats me

  303. stephen says:

    Kempton 2.00 Cliffs Of Dover
    Newcast 2.15 Panova
    Kempton 2.30 Noche De Reyes
    Newcast 3.20 Kicking The Can
    Kempton 3.35 Strumble Head
    Newcast 3.50 Replenish
    Kempton 4.10 Hargam
    Newcast 4.25 Dostoyevsky Laqab
    Kempton 4.45 Prince Khurram
    Newcast 5.00 Kelvin Hall Deep Resolve

  304. Richard Joy says:

    2.30 kem Whispering Harry 9/1

  305. Peter Q says:

    Been paper trading for 2 weeks average 10 selections aday. First 2 days up 26 points, then next 8 days turn tthat into a -31 point’s. Thankfully its all click and now in 4 days turn -31points into +39 point’s .from monday be using cash

  306. stephen says:

    Minding wins 7/4 time for me stop now

  307. stephen says:

    The Tin Man wins 13/2 got 7/1

    that me

  308. Richard Joy says:

    1.35 M/Ras Strait Of Megellan 6/1

  309. stephen says:

    1.35 Marke Strait Of Magellan Like A Diamond
    1.45 Catte Vaulted Love Power
    2.00 Ascot Quiet Reflection
    2.10 Marke Vic’s Last Stand
    2,20 Catte Starlight Romance
    2.55 Catte English Summer
    3.10 Ascot Minding
    3.30 Catte Distant Past
    3.45 Ascot Fascinating Rock
    3.55 Marke Schindler’s Prince
    4.05 Catte Age of Elegance
    5.15 Catte Jan De Heem Saint Thomas

  310. stephen says:

    Four Dragons wins 5/1 got 11/2

    thats me

  311. stephen says:

    Haydock 1.30 Handicap Back Mightaswellsmile 0.20 9.00
    Redcar 1.45 Non-Handicap Back Kuraka 0.20 14.00
    Wincant 1.50 Handicap Back Beat The Tide 0.20 4.50
    Haydock 2.00 Non-Handicap Back Ocelot 0.20 33.00
    Haydock 2.35 Handicap Back Another Wise Kid 0.20 33.00
    Redcar 2.50 Non-Handicap Place Back Pindaric 0.20 40.00
    Haydock 3.10 Handicap Back Gratzie 0.20 10.00
    Redcar 3.25 Handicap Back Wishing Well 0.20 7.00
    Haydock 4.20 Non-Handicap Back Lisp 0.20 20.00
    Redcar 4.35 Handicap Back Reflation 0.20 8.00
    Haydock 4.55 Handicap Back Tesko Fella 0.20 10.00

    this what i be doing as well small stakes
    from 11/9/2016- 14/10/2016
    Brighton 1.30 Non-Handicap Back Sonata 0.20 12.00 6th
    Brighton 2.30 Handicap Back Lutine Charlie 0.20 22.00 6th
    Carlisle 2.40 Non-Handicap Back Min Alemarat 0.20 5.00 2nd
    Uttoxeter2.55 Handicap Back Taste The Wine 10.00
    Carlisle 3.15 Non-Handicap Back The Herds Garden 0.20 12.00 2nd
    Uttoxeter3.30 Handicap Back Jimmy The Jetplane 0.20 4.50 2nd
    Brighton 3.40 Handicap Back Maverik 0.20 6.50 1st
    Uttoxeter4.05 Handicap Back Thyne For Gold 0.20 11.00 1st
    Carlisle 4.25 Handicap Back Major Ivan 0.20 4.50 2nd
    Brighton 5.20 Handicap Back Taajub 0.20 8.00 2nd
    Chelmsford 6.50 Non-Handicap Back Thaaqib 0.20 5.00 1st
    Chelmsford 7.20 Non-Handicap Back Voice Of Truth 0.20 2.25 1st
    Chelmsford 7.50 Handicap Back Jammy Guest 0.20 7.00 6th
    Chelmsford 8.50 Handicap Back Dukes Meadow 0.20 10.00 6th
    Chelmsford 9.20 Non-Handicap Back Rockley Point 0.20 10.00 1st
    14:00 Bath Handicap Back Showmethewayavrilo 0.33 3.50 2nd
    14:10 Nottingham Non-Handicap Back Rockshine 0.18 7.50 6th
    15:05 Bath Handicap Back Urban Space 0.10 22.00 6th
    15:40 Bath Non-Handicap Back Vive Ma Fille 0.10 20.00 3rd
    15:50 Nottingham Handicap Back Hit The Jackpot 0.10 16.00 6th
    16:00 Wetherby Handicap Back Presenting Junior 0.23 5.50 6th
    16:10 Bath Handicap Back Smart Mover 0.10 33.00 6th
    16:20 Nottingham Handicap Back Apricot Sky 0.21 6.00 6th
    16:55 Nottingham Handicap Back Major Pusey 0.11 11.00 6th

    2.10 Leicester Non-Handicap Back Fujaira Bridge 0.25 4.50 3rd
    2.40 Leicester Non-Handicap Back Wild Flower 0.25 16.00 8th+
    3.00 Huntingdon Non-Handicap Back My Mo 0.25 2.75 2nd
    3.35 Huntingdon Handicap Back Definite Future 0.25 1.20 2nd
    3.55 Musselburgh Handicap Back Lara Carbonara 0.25 12.00 3rd
    4.05 Huntingdon Non-Handicap Back Samson 0.10 40.00 4th
    4.25 Musselburgh Handicap Back Flash City 0.25 10.00 7th
    4.35 Huntingdon Handicap Back Exemplary 0.25 4.50 8th+
    5.15 Leicester Handicap Back Van Huysen 0.25 9.00 1st
    Wolverhampton 6:15 Non-Handicap Back Protest 0.38 3.00 1st
    Wolverhampton 7.45 Non-Handicap Back Impassioned 0.30 4.00 4th
    Wolverhampton 8.15 Handicap Back Red Unico 0.15 9.00 1st
    Wolverhampton 8.45 Handicap Back For Shia And Lula 0.25 5.00 2nd
    Wolverhampton 9.15 Handicap Back Mrs Burbidge 0.43 2.50 2nd

  312. Richard Joy says:

    1.30 Hay Street Jazz 12/1

  313. stephen says:

    Haydock 1.30 Four Dragons
    Redcar 1.45 Armandihan
    Wincant 1.50 Deserter
    Redcar 2.15 London Grammar
    Haydock 2.35 Classic Seniority
    Fakenha 2.40 Changing The Guard
    Redcar 2.50 Bithynia
    Redcar 3.25 Sporty Yankee
    Haydock 3.45 Trading Point
    Redcar 4.00 My Dad Syd
    Wincant 4.10 Karl Marx
    Haydock 4.20 Dubawi Prince
    Fakenha 4.25 Princeton Royale
    Redcar 5.05 Shesthedream
    Redcar 5.35 Diletta Tommasa

  314. stephen says:

    Centuro a fortunate winner but a winner got
    3/1 so that do me

  315. stephen says:

    Uttoxeter1.50 Centuro
    Brighton 2.00 Akkadian Empire
    Carlisle 2.10 Deauville Dancer
    Uttoxeter2.20 Officer Hoolihan
    Brighton 2.30 World Record
    Uttoxeter2.55 Barton Rose
    Brighton 3.05 Edge
    Carlisle 3.15 Wells De Lune
    Uttoxeter3.30 Long Lunch
    Uttoxeter4.40 Copperfacejack
    Carlisle 5.00 Bob Tucker
    Uttoxeter5.10 Anton Dolin Goal
    Brighton 5.20 Noble Asset
    Carlisle 5.30 Bourne

  316. Richard Joy says:

    1.30 Brig Sonata 12/1

  317. Richard Joy says:

    Wild Dancer nice winner for me today got 10/1

  318. stephen says:

    Century Dream wins 8/1

  319. Richard Joy says:

    1.30 bath Wild Dancer 12/1

  320. JD says:

    Weth 4.45 Sky Khan

  321. stephen says:

    13:30 Bath Pour La Victoire Pour La Victoire
    13:40 Nottingham Dick Tracy Century Dream
    14:20 Wetherby G’day Aussie Silver Streak
    14:30 Bath Tschierschen
    14:40 Nottingham Horseplay
    15:30 Wetherby Improved Cloud Monkey
    15:40 Bath Intense Tango
    16:10 Bath Simply Me
    16:35 Wetherby Sky Khan Nautical Nitwit
    17:05 Wetherby Monbeg River Helium
    17:15 Bath The Kid

  322. stephen says:

    Tor wins 4/1

    thats me done

  323. stephen says:

    1.50 Musselburgh Tor
    2.00 Huntingdon Makethedifference Istimraar
    2.20 Musselburgh Computable Kiribati
    2.30 Huntingdon Perfect Timing
    2.50 Musselburgh Canny Style Kelvin Hall
    3.10 Leicester Accession C Note

    3.20 Musselburgh Kimberella
    3.45 Leicester Boom The Groom
    4/15 Leicester Eynhallow
    4.45 Leicester Moneyoryourlife
    4,55 Musselburgh Riponian
    7.25 Musselburgh Dark Crystal

  324. Richard Joy says:

    2.20 Muss Peach Pavlova 8/1

  325. stephen says:

    Eljeemi wins 3/1 got 4/1

    so my lost back as well

  326. Richard Joy says:

    2.00 Windsor- Zebspear 33/1
    a small each way for me today

  327. stephen says:

    Star Stream Windsor 1.30
    Secret Agent Yarmouth 2.00
    Eljeemi Windsor 2.30
    Wolf Country Yarmouth 2.40
    Poet’s Song Windsor 3.00
    Alfarris Yarmouth 3.10
    Ejayteekay Windsor 3.30
    Shongololo Salisbury 3.50
    Persun Windsor 4,30
    So Celebre Yarmouth 4.40
    Maroc Salisbury 4.50
    Dream Ally Chelmsford 4.55
    Tyrell Windsor 5.00

  328. stephen says:

    oh well had to come no winner
    i only lost £4.51 on the day so not 2 bad
    i sorry if you did them but will be back

    (sorry we cannot advertise any websites without due diligence free or paid)

  329. stephen says:

    hi i got to say this is the best software i seen for years.i have be looking for a good speed one and thacks to you i got one .i have pay for 100s off software and sys but no more i wish this was around when i was beting with bigger stakes.maybe i may get ther with this but for now i do small stakes

    thacking you for leting me have it

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      You’re welcome Stephen. Glad you are making use of them and thanks for continuing to post your selections as I know that some people are following them.


  330. stephen says:

    Goodwood 2:00 Be My Sea
    Chepstow 2:15 Pongo Twistleton
    Goodwood 2:35 Wind In Her Sails
    Chepstow 2:50 Arpege D’alene
    Goodwood 3:10 Procurator
    Goodwood 3:45 Lincoln
    Chepstow 4:00 Voix D’eau Irish Cavalier
    Chepstow 5:00 Saint Are
    Chepstow 6:00 Twist On Ginge

  331. stephen says:

    Gulliver wins 4/1

  332. stephen says:

    6.10 Newcastle Siren’s Cove *
    6.45 Newcastle Highland Lotus *
    7.15 Newcastle Hernando Torres *
    7.45 Newcastle Desert Sport **
    8.15 Newcastle Seprani *
    8.45 Newcastle Cool Strutter *** Gold Beau *

    the * are for stakes what you like so can say * £1 **£2 ***£3 e.t.c this is is a new way i come up with so dont know how it work out

  333. dee says:

    2.25 hex quick brew
    2.35 central square
    3.10 York perfect angel
    4.10 newmarket ennistown,sweet selection
    6.10 Newcastle sirens cove
    9.15 Newcastle dream ally

  334. stephen says:

    1.45 Newmarket Mise En Rose
    2.05 Chepstow Casper King
    2.40 Chepstow Ivor’s Queen
    2.55 Newmarket Lockheed
    3.00 Hexham Ethelwyn
    3.10 York Perfect Angel
    3.15 Chepstow Flying Angel
    3.35 Hexham Formidableopponent
    3.45 York Get Knotted

    4.05 Hexham Harleys Max
    4.20 York Gulliver

  335. stephen says:

    Mrs Danvers wins 2/1

  336. dee says:

    2.50 York kodicat
    3.10 newmarket
    4.40 newton

    Louis Phillipe
    5.40 newcastle

  337. stephen says:

    2.35 Newmarket Clem Fandango Mrs Danvers
    2.50 York Kodicat
    3.10 Newmarket Rhododendron
    3.35 Newton San Benedeto
    4.30 York Native Prospect
    4.40 Newton Mrsrobin
    5.15 Newton Misterton

  338. Richard Joy says:

    1.35 Newm Yalta 8/1

  339. Kevin Garside says:

    OK thanks Stephen 🙂

  340. stephen says:

    i do a cycle

    suppose i am playing for £10 profit per cycle and i am on my third
    race and i am geting uncomfortable with the amounts i am staking
    then i simply enter a into profit box and i will then just play
    to get my money or simply lower my profit target.or i go for higher odds

    i make back any previous losses and targeted profit per cycle.

    i will never do odds on with it.

    oh ya i can do a few horses with it. but i only go for or 2 in a race,

  341. John Oliver says:

    Is this offer still open.

  342. Kevin Garside says:

    Stephen how would you be able to make a profit each day? You must use some form of loss recovery staking system? Because you can go a few races with no winners.

  343. Richard Joy says:

    Good pick Stephen i had a £1 on that one.

  344. stephen says:

    I’m In Charge wins 12/1

    thats me done

  345. James says:

    2.10 Reckless Serenade
    Chelmsford City
    8.55 Free Bounty


  346. dee says:

    2.40 hab reeb
    3.15 lady JoAnna
    3.50 escalating
    4.25 Russian realm
    Each way lucky 15. Small stakes for fun

  347. stephen says:

    1.40 Ayr Full Intention 7/4
    2.10 Ayr DANDY PLACE 5/2 Reckless Serenade 7/2
    2.20 Exeter I’m In Charge 14/1
    2.55 Exe STYNES 9/2
    3.15 Ayr Jacob’S Pillow 4/1
    3.40 Her Satanic Beat 4/1
    3.50 Ayr TIGER JIM 11/2
    4.15 Her Belmount 5/1
    4.50 Her TROJAN STAR 9/2
    5.30 Ayr Tanawar 9/1

    hi kevin i go to make a profit on the day.
    when i get a winner i stop on that for the day. wont i did put £50 in my acc and went for 50p a day.i won on the week so i going for 60p a race this week.

  348. dee says:

    2.10 reckless serenade ayr
    2.20 court king exeter
    3.30 the wealerdealer Exeter
    Good luck lads

  349. Richard Joy says:

    2.10 Ayr- Reckless Serenade 3/1

  350. Kevin Garside says:

    Stephen what sort of staking method would you recommend for your selections? Thanks.

  351. Richard Joy says:

    Dee keep posting your seletions you doing ok

  352. Richard Joy says:

    Hi Stephen i took a chance on this one today managed to get the 33/1 early this morning getting the 3rd place was a good effort i see you bagged another winner today well done i always look at your picks.

  353. stephen says:

    Dark Power wins got 5/4

    thats me

  354. stephen says:

    Richard i do this like the one you give today
    Witchesintune @ 20/1
    Insurebet 3 Places
    14:20 MARES HANDICAP HURDLE 2m 3f 34yds

    Paddypower insurebet 3 places

    stake refunded if horse fails to win but finishes in indicated number of places,long as price is ok.just one way i bet

  355. stephen says:

    1.30 Nottingham Cool Echo 8-1
    2.00 Nottingham Pillar Of Society 9-2 Dark Power 6-5
    2.10 Ludlow Jim Dandy 5-2
    2.30 Nottingham Coolfitch 9/2
    2.50 Towcester Red Penny 5/2
    3.10 Ludlow Azure Fly 13-8 Kilbree Kid 11-4
    3.20 Towcester Airpur Desbois 6-1
    4.20 Towcester Saint Charles 11-10
    4.40 Ludlow Frozen Over 9-1

  356. dee says:

    Probably a curse posting my selections but here goes
    6.50 consulting
    8.20 quiet warrior
    8.50 gavarnie encore
    all Kempton

  357. Richard Joy says:

    2.20 Tow- Witchesintune 33/1
    having a small each way bet on this one.

  358. stephen says:

    Richard thacks for the one you give i
    had a £1 on


  359. dee says:

    Manage to sit down tonight and study through 3 handicap races at Kempton
    Cryptic 15/8 1st
    Diamond geyser 3/1 1st
    Upstaging 4/1 1st
    £1 patent paid nearly £120
    With a bit of work this works only wish I had time through the day !!

  360. Richard Joy says:

    Traveltalk wins for me today got 14/1 at Betfred in the high street this morning happy days.
    Well done Stephen you bagged another winner.

  361. stephen says:

    Getgo wins

    that do for me

  362. stephen says:

    14:30,Catt,Harlequin Rose
    14:40,Brig,Law Power
    17:45,Brig,Highlife Dancer
    20:40,Kemp,Diamond Geyser

  363. stephen says:

    Brighton 2.10 GETGO 6/4 Otomo 15/8
    Catterick2.30 Harlequin Rose 3/1
    Brighton 2.40 LAW POWER 4/1
    Catterick3.00 Masham Star 9/2
    Brighton 3.10 Vanderbilt,15/8
    Leicester3.20 Monday Club 10/30
    Brighton 3.40 EDGE 7/2
    Brighton 4.40 Becca Campbell 13/2

  364. Richard Joy says:

    2.30 Catt- Traveltalk 16/1

  365. stephen says:

    Glorious Forever 13/8 wins

  366. JD says:

    South 2.40 St johns Point.
    South 4.10 Quieto Sol..

  367. stephen says:

    i got a software wher it scan s the the races
    for me scans not the favs the better prices
    so i will see how it works out but got to be top on speed and my scan one ther is only 2 today some day will be none.

    2.40 Southw Kinari
    3.40 Southw Murray Mount

  368. Richard Joy says:

    2.10 South- Yourholidayisover

  369. stephen says:

    1.50 Windsor BELLA’S VENTURE,7-2
    2.10 Southw BANDOL 4-1
    2.20 Windsor KASPERENKO 7-2 GLORIOUS FOREVER 3-1
    2.40 Southw STEPS AND STAIRS 6-1 ST JOHNS POINT 4-1
    2.50 Windsor EARTHLY 7-2
    3.10 Southw DEBECE, 11-10
    4.00 Pontef RALPHY BOY 11-2 SANDS CHORUS 7-1
    4.20 Windsor CALIBRATION 85-40
    4.40 Southw NEW MEMBER 7-2 DUBAI ANGEL 9-2
    5.20 Windsor PHAROH JAKE 9-1
    5.30 Pontef FIDELMA MOON 9-1

    my for today good luck with your bets

  370. stephen says:

    Presenting Lisa – Win s got 7/2

  371. JD says:

    Kelso 3.25 Mo Rouge
    “”””” 4.30 Simply Ned
    Utt 4.40 Dawnieriver

  372. Richard Joy says:

    1.55 Uttox- Royal Plaza 9/2

  373. stephen says:

    1.55 Uttoxeter Burrows Lane 11-10
    3.25 Kelso SIRIUS STAR 11/2 Mo Rouge 5/1
    3.35 Uttoxeter Unanimite 4/1
    3.45 Huntingdon Salto Chisco 4/1 Presenting Lisa 10/30
    4.30 Kelso SIMPLY NED 6/4
    5.05 Kelso Gunner Lindley 7/2 Italian Riviera 11/2
    5.10 Uttoxeter Goal 8/1
    5.40 Uttoxeter Nafaath 6/1

    my bets today

  374. JD says:

    Not so good to-day 3 reason its sat….

  375. stephen says:

    Via Egnatia 9/2 wins

    thats me done i loveing this sotfware

    cheers for leting me have it

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Stephen.

      I wish everyone picked it up like you have.

      Can you believe I still have people asking me for tips…


  376. JD says:

    Font 2.20 Play the ace
    Asc 2.30 Western Hymn
    Asc 3.05 Ridge Ranger..
    Keven just form and study..

  377. Nev says:

    To avoid the curse of Saturday I’m paper trading today. Very interested in JD’s selection process & loving the thoughts & input from everyone else.lots of racing today don’t go mad. Good luck guys.

  378. Richard Joy says:

    1.50 Font – Yukon Delta 8/1

  379. stephen says:

    13:45 Newmarket VIA EGNATIA, 3-1
    14:15 Newmarket STELLARTA. 9-1
    14:20 Fontwell AGINCOURT REEF 6-1
    14:40 Redcar MININGROCKS 5-2 RONYA. 4-1
    14:55 Fontwell ZARIB 3-1
    15:30 Fontwell WILTON MILAN 4-1
    16:00 Newmarket ALICE SPRINGS 11-8
    16:15 Ascot SOLE POWER 11-2
    17:15 Fontwell TINTED ROSE 3-1

    thats my bets today i dont like saturdays but i give it go

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Morning chaps, all the best for today if only I could look at the racing today but my inbox is bursting lol

      I will check back on your selection later, get stuck in have a good weekend

  380. Kevin Garside says:

    JD how do you select your runners each day out of all the races on offer?

  381. JD says:

    Weird days racing 1win three 2nds all just touched off 1 void race & 1 n/r

  382. stephen says:

    Workbench 7/4 wins

    thats me done

  383. Terry says:

    Hi BSG, still concentrating on first 3 speed columns,now as we all know not all top rated win the races, so wondering if it would be an idea to concentrate on top 3 rated and then possibly fine tune with factors such as RPRs, jockey/trainer form course & going and have also had some good results with owner form as well who do well at particular courses. Would like your input. Thanks

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Terry, yes by all means do that. Its about finding out what you prefer to see. I don’t mean that as a cop out. It is how best you identify horses from the ratings. Not all top rated win, correct. its all about the correct races to work on. if you see a mixed bag of horses all grouped closely in the ratings and they have all had less then a handful of runs then you know this will be a tricky race. maybe the speed ratings will show you something the main ratings cant.

      Owners form can play an important part, as does distance and class. If the horse can’t perform in the class then it may very well struggle to make an impact. look for the split in the ratings like i mention in the video, you can do a similar thing with the betfair odds, for example 3.5 4.0 5.5 8 14 20 25 28, sometimes you can simply dismiss the bottom horses. This is a rough example but in the ratings you may see the same. Again like i mention look out for unexposed runners.

      if in a race one horse is sitting with some points lets say 5 but has only had under 10 runs compared to the top rated horses lets say on 12 points then this horse may need to be looked at, check out the odds, recent last run. will this horse improve again today as in a short number of runs this horses OR official rating could be similar to a horse with twice as many runs.

  384. stephen says:

    Lucky 15 To Win
    Vinnievanbaileys @ 7/1 (GP)
    Win or E/W
    18:50 HANDICAP (0-65) 1m 5yds £0.75 Pending

    Cash Out for

    La Havrese @ 16/1 (GP)
    Win or E/W
    18:20 FILLIES HANDICAP 1m 2f 42yds Pending

    Percy Veer @ 9/1 (GP)
    Win or E/W
    16:55 HANDICAP 2m Pending

    Raising Sand @ 7/1 (GP)
    Win or E/W
    14:35 CLASSIFIED STAKES 1m Pending

    my lucky 15 only for 5p but comes up £800 back

  385. JD says:

    Hex 2.25 Cloud Monkey.
    Hex 3.0 Nefym Bay
    Hex 3.35 Double W
    Font 4.0 WORK BENCH…
    Hex 4.10 Whats up Woody.
    Font 4.35 Strumble Head..

  386. stephen says:

    3.35 Hexham DOUBLE W´S 3/1
    3.45 Ascot PLATITUDE 6/5
    4.00 Fontwell WORKBENCH 15/8
    4.10 Hexham WHATS UP WOODY 6/1
    4.55 Ascot HATSAWAY 14/1
    5.10 Fontwell YOUNG DILLON 4/1

    may for today ya m8 i am stoping on 1st winner with this i have a cut off point



  387. JD says:

    Good day 3 wins 2/1 2/1 4/1 & 2nd e/w &12/1.thats me done

  388. stephen says:

    WHOLESTONE wins got 13/8

    thats me done

  389. James says:

    15:40 Barman
    16:10 Velator
    16:45 Vivas
    16:30 Whinging Willie
    Chelmsford City
    19:10 Jumping Jack

  390. JD says:

    Newc 2.10 Zymyran.
    War 3.40 Barman.
    War 4.10 Ready Token.
    Newc 5.05 Frank the Barber..

  391. stephen says:

    2.30 Warwick WHOLESTONE 9/4
    2.50 Brighton SOLVEIG’S SONG 11/2
    4.00 Brighton MEGALALA 13/2 HERMOSA VAQUERA 10/30
    4.10 Warwick READY TOKEN 11/4
    4.20 Newcast QAFFAAL 5/1
    4.30 Brighton DAISY BOY 5/1
    4.45 Warwick QUEBEC 7/2
    4.55 Newcast BEADLAM 8/1
    5.25 Newcast INTENSE STARLET 11/4
    5.35 Brighton NOVERRE TO GO 9/2
    5.55 Newcast INDASTAR 11/4

    my today stoping on 1st winner

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Stephen, i you are still doing stop at a winner then this is the way forward as you have a few winners here. Which means your selection process is good.

      Not all can win, but with a decent set of horses as cover it proves punters can make similar selections and stop when they win.

  392. stephen says:

    Dubai One wins got 5/4

  393. stephen says:

    just the one for me tonight

    6.40 Dubai One

  394. stephen says:

    Pettochside wins 4/1

    thats me done

  395. James says:

    14:10 Maoi Chinn Tire
    14:40 Net Work Rouge
    15:10 Johns Spirit

    14:50 Smokey Lane
    15:20 Pettochside
    15:55 Master Carpenter

  396. Terry Blogg says:

    Your Rateings done very well yesterday.
    Well done
    Terry Blogg

  397. JD says:

    Bang 2.10 Maoi Chan Tire..
    “”””” 2.40 Net Work Rouge..
    “””” 3.10 Final Assault…

  398. stephen says:

    1.50 salisbury Dance Teacher 12/1
    2.00 Notting Her Terms 10/30 Bouquet De Flores 7/2
    2.20 salisbury Koeman 11/2
    3.00 Notting Masterofdiscovery 7/1
    3.20 salisbury Pettochside 9/2
    3.30 Notting I Am Not Here 6/1
    4.05 Notting Flyboy 5/1

    my for today

  399. mike says:

    Only had the ratings a week,but so far so good.using them for laying favourites in handicaps.

  400. JD says:

    Another great day 3/1 6/1 2/1 9/1 and 2nd @5/1 with one to go @ wolv…

  401. stephen says:

    well done jd keep it up

  402. stephen says:

    Top of The Glas 3/1

    thats me done

  403. James says:

    Hi all
    Today’s double
    2.20 Larkhall
    3.40 Safari Journey

  404. JD says:

    Sedg 2.30 Top of the glas
    “”””””3.05 Venue…
    “”””””3.40 Safari Journey.
    South 2.55 Theatre Mill.
    “”””””3.30 Kamool..
    Onlly flat selection Wolv 8.40 WINGS OF ESTEEM…

  405. Nev says:

    Well with Ayr abandoned that cuts me down to wolves for selections, I’m concentrating on the sprints as that’s where speed counts.

  406. stephen says:

    2.00 Sed Closest Friend 9/4
    2.30 Sed Top of The Glas 5/2
    3.05 Sed Venue 7/2

    2.20 sout Larkhall 5/2
    3.30 sout Kamool 4/1
    5.10 sout Pembridge 6/1

    my for today stop on 1st winner

  407. Kevin Garside says:

    James how do you decide which races to select out of all the races on a daily basis?

  408. Terry says:

    Hi, been looking at your ratings daily and think I’ve got the hang of where to look for my selection(s) very impressed to date so today had my first bet. Yankee to win with ew acc. 3 nice winners and a place. Many thanks.

  409. stephen says:

    hi all just to let you know what i do the night befor racing,i go to raceing post.i pick the meeting and tick on print out and save to my desktop.i tick the colour card and save it to my get the beting forecast and spotligh verdict it just save me a bet of time in the mor,
    and its free to get them,dont have to be a member.

    hope that helps


  410. James says:

    5 selections
    1 non runner
    4 winners

  411. JD says:

    Narrowed down to three selections had a nice treble 11/8 4/1 6/1 get in..

  412. James says:

    Can 17:25 Rocktherunway give us the 4th winner from my selections that I posted this morning

  413. stephen says:

    Party Tiger wins 6/1

    thats me done

  414. stephen says:

    1:50 Hamilton Party Tiger 9/2
    2:50 Hamilton Shahaama 9/2
    3:10 Bath Fast And Hot 6/1 Bob’s Boy 8/1
    3:20 Hamilton Gilmer 11/4
    4:00 Newton Ballinure 11/2 Kentford Heiress 4/1
    4:10 Bath Marquee Club 10/1
    4:40 Bath Drop Kick Murphi 4/1 Broadhaven Honey 4/1
    4:20 Hamilton Dark Crystal 12/1
    4:30 Newton Taste The Wine 6/1 Bernisdale 6/1
    5:10 Bath Showmethewayavrilo 11/2
    5:40 Bath Bahamian Sunrise 9/1

    i be stoping on 1st winner

  415. Richard Joy says:

    Hi i have been paper trading speed ratings the last 6 days imaginary £10 bets to industry prices my bank stands at +420 00 that did include a 28/1 winner which did boost profits considerably, at the moment it is finding winners on both flat and jumps which is a good sign only time will tell.

  416. James says:

    Morning All, selections for today
    15:20 Gilmer
    15:50 Jack Dexter
    17:25 Rocktherunway
    16:10 Marquee Club
    16:40 Drop Kick Murphi

  417. stephen says:

    colin w you say it best to do them from
    5f = 7f races just some thing i was thicking

  418. Phil Monckton says:

    Looks good would like to trial it for a period if possible.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Phil, thanks for the comment, I won’t be offering free trials on the On The Go Ratings, as I’ve already given the Speed ratings away for free.

  419. Nev says:

    Well if today is anything to go by there will be no more Saturday betting for me, I’ve recovered my Saturday losses & then some.

  420. colin says:

    spot on james well done

  421. stephen says:

    One Boy win s 9/2

    thats me for today

  422. JD says:

    Three for me to-day.
    Eps 2.40 MEDIEVAL
    Muss 4.45 Jan Smuts.
    Muss 5.15 Bunce..

  423. stephen says:


    Musse 2.00 Vocalisation Zebedee Cat

    12/1 20/1

  424. stephen says:


    Epsom 2:10 Mutahaady Law Power
    Musse 2:30 Black Redstart
    Musse 3:05 Royal Brave One Boy
    Epsom 3:15 Innocent Touch Hit The Jackpot
    Musse 3:35 Roll On Rory Like No Other
    Epsom 3:45 King’s Pavilion Medburn Dream
    Musse 4:10 Marsh Pride Drifting Spirit
    Epsom 4:20 Glens Wobbly Thames Knight
    Musse 4:45 Jan Smuts Asian Wing
    Epsom 4:55 Henry The Explorer
    Musse 5:15 See Vermont Bunce
    Epsom 5:25 Baltic Brave First Experience

    The Auto Betting

    Bank £50
    Profit 50p For now
    Prices I Be Doing to be 4 or over
    I May Stop At 1st Winner

  425. James says:

    Morning All, here are my picks for today
    14:10 Mutahaady
    14:40 Medieval
    15:45 King’s Pavilion
    16:55 Cape Banjo

    15:05 Rock Canyon
    16:45 Asian Wing
    17:15 Go Go Green

  426. Kevin Garside says:

    Dutching the top 2 under “total speed rating” at £5.00 stake using a fibonacci sequence of my own gives me a total profit on the day (Saturday 24th September) of £30.20.

  427. Nev says:

    Not such a good day for me today, but that’s racing.

  428. colin says:

    hi guys i never gamble saturdays sunday to friday man buy i hope you all done well

  429. Ron says:

    How do I aubscribe ?

  430. stephen says:

    Brave Anna 25/1 get in

    just my luck i was not doing well so i cut my stake down so got a bit back

  431. Jimbo says:

    Speed Ratings Inspired

    I picked out some longshots today as well as a strong 4 fold.


    14:05 Ripon – Silk Mill Blue – 1 Point Each Way – 18/1
    14:35 Market Rasen – Kapstadt – 1 point each way – 14/1
    16:40 Hamilton – specialv – 1 point each way – 16/1

    4 Fold

    14:20 Newmarket – Montataire – 1 point win – 4/1
    14:55 Newmarket – Roly Poly – 1 point win – 5/1
    16:20 Market Rasen – For goodness Sake – 1 point win – 2/1
    18:20 Hamilton – Tamayuz Magic – 1 point win – 9/4

    Had an EW Yankee also on these 4. 🙂


  432. James says:

    Morning all, I have just done the one meeting today, can i also recommend by using the rating you could also do a placepot bet.
    Market Rasen
    14:00 Invocation
    15:10 Fox Appeal
    15:45 Muckle Roe
    16:20 For Goodness Sake
    16:55 Deserter
    17:30 Bandsman

  433. JD says:

    Here we go…
    Chest 5.25 Pleasure Dome.

  434. Kevin says:

    Was trailing these ratings, looking good, but have lost details. Can you resend email with log in details

  435. JD says:

    Had a good day on Fri 2 out of 4 well chuffed walked away with 6pts

  436. stephen says:

    15:15 Ripon Honourable
    15:35 Ham, Benidiction

    my 3

  437. Nigel says:

    I have been told I have access but no email arrived .Not in spam folder either.
    So I cannot test this.

  438. colin says:

    great day today last 3 winners at newcastle tonight thanks to james for the winners today looking forward to a great day tomorrow

  439. colin says:

    thanks for the winners today james i think i have got your system combined with the speed rating very powerful

  440. colin says:

    cheers james did not have a great deal of time today i backed sothfields and followed a few of yours great picks mate cheers

  441. colin says:

    1st one goes in southfield vic 11/8

  442. Robert says:

    Hi where can I log on

  443. JD says:

    Selections for me to-day are…
    Worc 2.55 No (3)
    Hay 4.30 No (3)
    Worc 5.15 (3)
    Newc 6.45 (5)…

  444. stephen says:

    Placed Description Odds Stake (£) Pot. Return (£) Status
    10:38:09 19:45 Newcastle
    Barwah – Win
    Betfair Bet ID O/0243975/0013320
    Best Odds Guaranteed —
    5.5 0.75 4.13 Open
    10:38:09 15:30 Worcester
    Gowanauthat – Win
    Betfair Bet ID O/0243975/0013319
    Best Odds Guaranteed —
    3.25 1.00 3.25 Open
    10:38:09 14:55 Worcester
    Enjoy Responsibly – Win
    Betfair Bet ID O/0243975/0013318
    Best Odds Guaranteed —
    4 0.75 3.00 Open
    10:38:09 14:30 Newmarket
    Journey – Win
    Betfair Bet ID O/0243975/0013317
    Best Odds Guaranteed —
    2.5 1.00

    leting you see that i do bet on them
    my stake plan i do £1 below 3
    75p 3 or over below 5
    50p 5 or over

  445. stephen says:

    Newmarket 14:30 Journey
    Worcester 14:55 Enjoy Responsibly
    Worcester 15:30 Gowanauthat
    Newcastle 19:45 Barwah

    my top one on rating and speed

  446. James says:

    Hello All, I found a few that stand out so like to share with you all.
    14.55 Enjoy Responsibly
    15:05 Fair Eva
    15:30 Gowanauthat
    15:40 Gifted Master
    16:05 Rock Of Leon
    16:40 Newsworthy
    17:15 Miss Crick
    17:25 Barsanti
    18:15 Kicking The Can
    18:45 Mister Bob

    Good luck

  447. James says:

    How do I download the software please.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      There is no software to download James. It’s web based. I sent you your login details on Wednesday so please check your spam folder if you don’t see it.


  448. Nev says:

    I think I nailed it, I wasn’t following instructions proper & trying to force a bet where there wasn’t one. Follow Turners instructions & you’ll be fine. Looking forward for tomorrow’s cards.

  449. Nev says:

    What time are the days cards ready?

  450. Tony says:

    Yes 20-1 winner tonight thank you

  451. James says:

    Chelmsford City
    21:15 Sacred Trust
    should take this race

  452. Nev says:

    Not such a good day today, really struggled with the selection process. Time to watch the video for the umpteenth time to see if I’m missing anything.

  453. John Connolly says:

    Hi is the Speed rating 2 the most recent speed rating for the horse.

  454. Peter says:

    I just started to use this software I am Blow away Thank you so much I am over joyed

  455. Tony says:

    Many thanks for the gift.
    Loads of comments so, forgive me if this has already been asked.
    Exactly when do the day’s speed ratings change?
    Can previous day’s ratings be accessed or saved for research?
    Looking forward to getting to grips with it all.

  456. jurij says:

    write down me

  457. colin says:

    cheers james brilliant call verne castle 7/1

  458. gordon says:

    hi ihave had my password but I cant sign in

  459. colin says:

    poets society 20/1 another great day thats three in a row 2 to go iona island and fios gras

  460. Bhagubhai Mistry says:

    I seen video several times but as a hearing aids user on both ears find catching words very difficult and would like written instruction if possible on how to use speed ratings. Main points will do as can see video again and check what to look for. Sorry for giving trouble as free user should not have issue. Thanks for your understanding if you do put in words briefly.

  461. Robert says:

    A very very nice 20/1 Thanks

  462. colin says:

    another day tomorrow jame as d reem sings things can only get better one tonight i think malesian will win jim crowley aboard

  463. colin says:

    unbelievable croucembouche e/w 33/1 2nd again

  464. James says:

    Hi Colin
    Not been bad day as it just got to pick right ones lol
    Hope for more winners

  465. colin says:

    comic chatter e/w 2nd 7/1 fattsota e/w 33/1 2nd thata good enough for me

  466. martin says:

    Signed up yesterday but as yet received no link to the ratings

  467. colin says:

    cheers for the winner stephen whats uo woody

  468. colin says:

    good price as well james jet master thats speed rating for you

  469. Peter says:

    Hi BSG,

    Thank you for giving me lifetime membership of the system.
    The system looks great and I am starting to trial it and put on a few small bets along the way. Could be great for e/w accas especially if there’s a couple of higher priced horses.

    I like to use my iPad for betting especially if I’m not at home but I can’t get All Time Starts or Odds on it. It comes up as a shortened version and not like a spreadsheet. I have just logged in on desktop at home and get the full screen as shown in your excellent videos. Is there a way of getting it in the full spreadsheet version on my iPad or mobile?

  470. colin says:

    ist winner today father mckenzie top rated 5/1

  471. colin says:

    hi bsg whats the chances of a race day meeting for everyone would be great to meet some of the other guys

  472. James says:

    What a race last to first jet master
    Wins well

  473. James says:

    2.10 Perth
    Jet master
    Eachway chance

  474. frank says:

    ive joined the free trial but the password you sent me wont let me log in is there a problem ive also emailed you

    cheers frank

  475. James says:

    Hi Colin
    Malaysian Boleh is a good choice comes out on top with my system

  476. stephen says:


    CHEL 8.45 VASTLY


  477. silverpete says:

    thanks 4 winners out of five yesterday very impressed now paper trading a selection system keep you updated very easy to use 76 year old punter

  478. Gordon says:

    Sorry I meant the speed software page.cheers

  479. colin says:

    hi james following yours today only change is chant for me in the 6.10 and i have added malasian boleh 7.15 chelmsford small lucky 61

  480. colin says:

    hi guys brilliant video bsg
    malasiam boleh 7.15 chelmsford
    chant 6.10 pontefract

  481. wayne curtis says:

    Tried it for the first time yesterday 21/09/16
    2.00 Goodwood celestial spheres

    won @ 9/2

    thanks again

  482. bobw says:

    This rating system gives another method to combine the horses speedrating with all other info available to try and find the winner. The info given does not mirror other available form, speed rating surely a combination of all info available will help the punter to win, its also very easy to understand. Congratulations and thank you for a very good aide to beat the bookies.

  483. Ray Burgess says:

    The ratings showed five winners at Perth. Looks a great service.

  484. James says:

    Morning all & BSG
    Here are my selections based on with my little system with speed vision combined
    Good Luck
    15:10 Storm Cry
    16:15 Forever Popular
    17:00 Round Tower
    17:10 Van Gerwen
    18:10 Henry Smith

  485. Gordon says:

    Hi please could you help. I can log in to with your link but all I see is today’s selections and information.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Yes that is correct. I’m not sure what else you were expecting. The speed ratings are on the Selections tab.


  486. Ron says:

    How do i get thd free trial and whats thd cost of it cheers

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Ron I sent you details how to join yesterday so please check your spam folder if you don’t see that email. There is no cost.


  487. Kevin Garside says:

    Is there a way to back check previous days races?

  488. David Berry says:

    Hi BSG i use an ipad for both systems but i dont get the ATS OR ODDS on Speed Vision and some of the numbers are a little mixed on iracevision but still usable, not a complaint just a littls info thanks for everything had 3 winners of speed yesterday @ 5/1, 2 x 10/1 plus a double on the 10/1 shots, then today had a fine day with both systems getting over a 70% S/R by using the 2 systems and picking outstanding bets, by the way i had 15 best in all over the 4 meetings and prices ranged from 8/11 to 12/1.
    Unbelievable systems best money invested ever

  489. Jeff Yeomans says:

    Two days paper trading, 50% strike rate combining IRV ratings, looking very promising

  490. Matt :Little says:

    Looking forward to challenge.
    I think this could be what ive been waiting

  491. colin says:

    last bet of the evening goes in at 7/1 what a brilliant day cant thank u enough guys.

  492. Tony says:

    Brilliant analysis showing the importance of the ratings when looking for value odds. Makes it easy to narrow the field down to the main contenders then check for their suitability of ground/distance etc.

  493. colin says:

    i counted the pounds yesterday and i have counted the pounds today there is no doubt in my mind this works best sight i was ever invited to and is clearly better then 99% of the garbage out there

  494. Kenney says:

    He should have had a go at Perth there were some lovely winners

  495. Nev says:

    I had a look at paper trading today, looks good so far I just need to refine my selection process. Interesting days ahead.

  496. Lee says:


    First many thanks for offering these ratings at no cost and I just have two questions regarding the ratings as follows:-

    In the instructions you mention that the first rating is the lifetime average and the second is the average of the last 6 runs,

    What confuses me is for example in the 8.10 Kempton Flymetothestars has had 1 run but the first rating is 30 and the second is 70? Why would they be different?

    Second one is do the ratings for horses include speed figures for various codes. For example if I am looking at a hurdle race will the horses figures include ratings that have been calculated from the flat or chases etc?

    Any help on these two queries would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Lee,

      You’re welcome.

      The first set of ratings will take all time starts into account which is why they are lower than the second set of ratings which only look at the last few runs.

      A horse racing in a hurdle race will have all jumps races included but no flat races.

      Hope that helps,

  497. stephen says:

    brilliant video you are giving everybody plenty of help

  498. Mark says:

    Tried the link to the ratings doesnt work, are you over subscribed?

  499. James says:

    5.45 Perth
    No such number

  500. geoffrey says:

    hi some good results today especially on the jumps

  501. colin says:

    a massive thanks to james daz and bsg for there tips today 5 winners in all and a few £100 few up tonight with the patent and win bet to go at kempton good luck to you all

  502. colin says:

    cheers bsg for the mention in the video of claude carter goes in at 10/1

  503. colin says:

    bsg says in the first video look for the 3 speeds quite close together bronze beau goes in at 16/1 small bets i will be etiring soon what a sight to be on brilliant guys im addicted LOL

  504. Damien says:

    Wow. I began paper trading today (betfair firewalled 🙁 didn’t know what to expect from this, prefer tennis & regression analysis as horses have never been a strong point, just enjoyment. So far, this is pretty special. I’ll be keeping a log of daily selections and a p/l. Many thanks for the effort put into this. If I can be of any help, let me know.

  505. James says:

    4.05 Perth
    Horse number 1 & 2

  506. mynor says:

    great piece of software I been doing some testing and being
    able to find in a visual way
    more then one horse to bet on and make some profits is perfect
    you can use this in the place market also excellent way to go
    thanks a lot for this great tool

  507. Pab says:

    Thanks for explanation,best service in the net

  508. James says:

    3.55 Redcar
    London Grammer

  509. colin says:

    it was you james i took that from your write up cheers mate

  510. James says:

    Your welcome Colin

  511. Richard Bexton says:

    Haven’t received any log in details

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Richard the email was sent yesterday and I can see you’ve opened the email today so you now have your login details. Any other problems please contact Kevin on the help desk [email protected]


  512. James says:

    BSG it was me that mention sword of the Lord
    Which as won 13/2

  513. Steve says:

    Well will you look at that Claude Carter won at 10/1. So what do I know lol…

  514. shaun says:

    Congratulations guys, you have certainly put your money where your mouth is, early days yet as to wheather this works long term but the big plus from early on is how simple the idea is………many thanks and look forward to interacting with you with my thoughts and hopefully profits.

  515. colin says:

    guys same trainer/jockey combo tonight goldefield at kempton just won imari kid 20/1 goodwood

  516. Jayhu says:

    How do I make money on here

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Jayhu watch the videos and then have a go at making your selections until you are confident to actually bet on them.


  517. colin says:

    nice one james thanks for 13/2 winner thats two winners today no more till tonight at kempton thanks again

  518. Daz says:

    Great 3.10 Goodwood
    Imari Kid
    Kiss Me Hardy
    Great Stuff as alaways.

  519. Peter says:

    Hi BSG just working my way through last night managed two from three in trixie nice return,and had race 1at goodwood tonight thanks for ratings, lots more I’m sure,

  520. Peter Morris says:

    Liking the ratings. I take 2 other rating so today I have put them al together. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. Yours is the easiest to follow by the way.

  521. colin says:

    celestial spheres goes in 9/2 first winner today brilliant service guys

  522. Steve says:

    Excellent video and service as always . One thing though I wouldn’t even be looking at the races at Perth as there jumps as per your advice to stick to the flat. But hey I’m. Well pleased had one winner already today in Celestial Spheres at goodwood. So thanks again (BSG) and the team. 🙂

  523. Peter Q says:

    Finally got to see the video and understand the ratings

  524. colin says:

    brilliant video you are giving everybody plenty of help as well i had already looked at claude carter and you have mentioned it which is a great plus for me thanks again for all the help

  525. charlie says:

    Cannot wait to use it when I get back from holiday in 3 weeks time.Will keep you posted.

  526. Bhagubhai Mistry says:

    I was looking for something like this and although it is bit confusing at the moment and will take time to learn as it is new but looking forward to spend some time and will comment when confident.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Bhagubhai sorry if you think it’s a bit confusing. I’ve just sent out an email with another video so I hope that you will soon understand how to use the speed ratings.


  527. James says:

    Winner 2.00 Goodwood

  528. colin says:

    hi guys small e/w patent tonight
    noble ballad 6.10 kempton
    luxford 7.10 kempton
    goldenfield 8.10
    a win bet on flymeto the stars also 8.10 kempton g/luck

  529. stephen says:

    Patent (x7) 15:45 Goodwood, 16:55 Goodwood
    Betfair Bet ID O/0243975/0013220

    0.70 — Open

    15:45 Goodwood
    Epsom Icon – Win
    Best Odds Guaranteed —
    8 — — Open

    16:55 Goodwood
    Pettochside – Win
    Best Odds Guaranteed —
    4.5 — — Rule 4 15p
    Deduction Open

    17:05 Redcar
    Spryt – Win
    Best Odds Guaranteed

    i just done a small bet with them a Patent lets see how it works out

  530. Peter Q says:

    The comments sound encouraging.As yet still can’t watch the video

  531. Olando says:

    Great presentation!

  532. Stewartchong says:

    I would love to try

  533. James says:

    Juse like to point out an interesting race 2.55 Perth
    The one with best rating is sword if the Lord 8/1 in to 5/1 my money is on it what you rekon guys

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Sword Of The Lord is the only runner with chasing experience but his jumps record stands at 0-18 and preference is for his unexposed stablemate NORTHANDSOUTH, who looks open to further progress in handicap company and is bred to take well to this discipline. Orchard Road looks a likely player for the Elliott/Johnson combination, while the maiden hurdlers Crown Hill and Lake Chapala may improve for the switch to fences. Alizee De Janeiro is the only mare in the field and she´s conceding weight all round, but she cannot be dismissed back down in class.


  534. James says:

    Morning all, if anyone likes to share there way of using this please do as us members can work together to make money.
    Good luck all for today

  535. andy durham says:

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  536. colin says:

    morning 8 am just had half hour on speed vision i cannot believe some of the early prices i hope we all give those bookies a spanking today will be good to see updates later

  537. Stan Taylor says:

    Very much like the look of these ratings. I am looking at using these ratings to enhance iRace Vision even more. Is it possible to export the selections in CSV format or will this be something later
    Thanks for this

  538. Dariusz says:

    Allredy up after first day lets hope for even better tomorrow

  539. denis says:

    what are the system tabs at the top of the selection page, i can’t log in to any of them with my login details

  540. Nev says:

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  541. Rob says:

    Eeeek! I’d better get in quick! We’re up to 97 already! Glad so many people backed Wahash in the first at Lingfield today – I also availed myself of some 8/1 with Skybet and 11 on Betfair. Crazy prices for a standout bet!

  542. Alan says:

    Sounds vary complacated

  543. Kev says:

    I was mainly wondering how much weight we should put on each of the ratings. Is speed rating 1 more important than SR2 or vice versa. For instance are any of the ratings relevant to the start horses make or maybe their finishing speed. I find it a bit hard to use ratings when I have no idea what they actually stand for.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Kev I do cover that in one of the videos. You are really looking for horses where all the speed ratings give the same indicator. Out of the 3 I would says that class is the most important but that is just what I’ve found.


  544. Jens says:

    I would like to come in, could you please send me more information?


  545. Nick says:

    Gr8 first impression. Used the ratings to to lay the poor rated short prices ones. Eg; Artful Mind @15/8 finished 9th beaten 9 lengths.

  546. David says:

    Will give it a go

  547. colin says:

    bsg love the photo of you with the pint easy life man after my own heart

  548. colin says:

    speed vision is up at 7am if everyone does there homework this sight produces winner after winner i have ha 3 winners today 5/1 5/1 and 10/1 i have just looked at the results i picked out another 3 from this system did not back them and they all won guy. best sight ever never seen anything like it.

  549. Craig says:

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  550. Sean says:

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  551. Sean says:

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  552. Sean says:

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    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Everybody… If you hit this page I will have just sent your log in details to your email address…

      Make sure to check spam, junk and with gmail the promotions tab. Add my address to your contact list to get regular password updates.

      Talk soon

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  556. jack says:

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    • Betting Software Guy says:

      I have sent your log in details to your email Jack.

      It is web based nothing to install. The video above explains all everyone 🙂

      Talk soon

  557. Gary says:

    Would love to give this a go. If not too late!

  558. stephen says:

    what a cracking day i only be doing 20p
    but i up on the day .when i get someting new i only do small bets at fist to see how it gos for a few days.but i will do bigger stakes .thack you for leting me have this m8
    lets hope it can keep it up.may be a good xmas comeing lol any way m8 cheers

  559. Sandip says:


    Can I trial this please


    • Betting Software Guy says:

      As you’ve reached this page you have been added to the trial and you’ll receive your login details soon.


  560. John says:

    Hi I have never used speed ratings before being an old codger, watched your video and you guessed it I found two winners at Lingfield Wahash 6/1 and Edge 10/1, You explained it very well easy to follow thank you very much looking forward tomorrow.

  561. phil says:

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  562. Luis Domingos says:

    Nice tool. Could it be possible to add a button to export the data to a CSV file? Best regards

  563. Rob says:

    First look at the ratings just picked out 10/1 winner edge 17:20 ffos las had 2 pound stake well chuffed thanks 😀

  564. phil says:

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  565. colin says:

    what a cracking day just had my last bet edge at 10/1 3 winners today only sorry i did not have a patent or treble the softwear is brilliant guys cannot wait till tomorrow what time do they go up

  566. G-Man says:

    Would love to trial the software. Thanks

  567. Anatoly says:

    Hello! Where can I download this program? Anatoly.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Anatoly, there’s nothing to download. As you’ve ended up on this page you have signed up and you will receive your login details shortly.


  568. Pab says:

    I have my second 6/1 winner
    Kilfinichen Bay 4.30 Warwick
    he was in first tree in ratings +jockey/rainer combo and weight
    Rarings are superb,just look best rated horses,not always nr1 rated,and look racecards.Nice to dicover overpiced winners

  569. Paul says:

    In of possible got to try it

  570. Fred Bates says:

    love what I see cant wait to try it

  571. stephen says:

    Rose Berry – Each Way get in 20/1
    only had a smail bet on but won


  572. colin says:

    1st day on speed ratins got to easy winners at lingfield thanks for sending not paying for any more services cannot thank you enough it is so easey

  573. Pab says:

    super cool
    My first winner thanks your soft
    Wakame 14.30 Ling get 6/1 on him

    14.00 Ling Wahash was best in speed and won
    my next three bets to go
    I had very little time just 30 min
    didnt watch tutorials even

  574. john frisby says:

    very intrested many thanks john

  575. Maurizio Enne says:

    2 from 2 so far!

  576. Maurizio Enne says:

    Great start!
    First top rated won with Frankie by 8 lengths!

  577. James says:

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  578. Malcolm Henderson says:

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  579. Neil says:

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    Thanks for the chance

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    i be looking at my rating
    with the speed


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    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Mike your login details have been sent. I notice you have Gmail so check the Promotions tab or spam folder in case it is there.


  587. Pab says:

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  588. Tony says:

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    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Tony your login details have been sent and I can see you’ve now opened them so I hope you enjoy the speed ratings.


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    I’d be in!

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    Thanks for contacting me, much appreciated. I would like to give it a try.

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  605. Dariusz says:

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  606. Adrian says:


    I love the software it has made an amazing difference to my my profits during the last month, I am predominately using it to pick place bets using a minimum price of 1.8 SP but really look to taking above 2 and using The Staking Machine software to make 5% of my bank per day then stopping; I usually manage this in two or three races & achieving a 70 + strike rate it’s great I will always use Speed Vision software & can highly recommend it!

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Glad you are making good use of the software Adrian and making a good profit. Interesting that you are using it for place bets. It’s always good to think outside the box.
      All the best BSG

  607. Ken Harding says:

    As someone who has tried most of the software past and present for horse racing over the past 16 years,and have plenty of time to do it properly I feel I would be as good as anyone( as also have a good knowledge of Horse Racing ) to be of help.


    Ken Harding.

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    Keep up the good work and thanks.

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    I am retired but love my trading the football and horses.


  611. bernard says:

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    i have been betting for over 20 years and use speed ratings myself ie my own mixed with lawrence taylor / tps and have become addicted i wont bet without my numbers now, here if needed – Bernard

  612. Neville Parker says:

    Hi please count me in. I am 78 years old but I think I can follow it. Thank you.

  613. Gary says:

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    Yes Looks very good & easy to use, I think would like to be one of the testers.

  614. jeffrey bell says:

    I have watched your video and like your system , i have tried others but they are much more complicated than yours,
    regards jeff

  615. Tony says:

    Hi there, I have been using speed ratings for about 20 years now, I used to use Arian Massey ratings a few years back with great success and like the way your method has similarity’s when comparing the figures.

  616. Jean-Paul says:

    Instead my problem with the understanding of the English speaking in your video, like with all of your previous publications, sure ! I m very interested to be part of anything that will be great …

  617. Eddie says:

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  618. james says:

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  619. Betting Software Guy says:

    Hi John it will work in conjunction with iRace Vision.

    iRace Vision Support

  620. ian bowman says:

    looks very good and is cool

  621. Les A says:

    Well Guy, Not only have you put a lot of work into this before hand , but I hope people realise how much work you need to do every day to allow this data to be published everyday.
    This and all your past work shows your knowledge, understanding and commitment to getting this and all your projects viable.
    Keep up the great work, you are and inspiration to system builders and users who want to make a profit.
    Les A

  622. Gordon says:

    Video gives a good insight and with a bit of practice may well be a winner.

  623. Lew says:

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    Wish you all the best with this endeavour.


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  625. Joe Sirianni says:

    Joe from America here……very nice….

    Software looks awesome…

  626. Alan says:

    The speed ratings are they relevant to the days conditions In other words if it was soft on the day are the speed figures for soft or maybe on good ground hope that makes sense.
    Regards Alan

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Alan they are based on a number of factors but no they aren’t unique to todays ground conditions i.e. they will include some historical information that doesn’t relate to todays ground conditions. The class speed ratings however are based around factors relating just to todays class.
      All the best BSG

  627. ROBERT MCPHEE says:

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  628. ghan says:

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  629. stephen says:

    Looks very good & easy to use but dont them all ,time will tell
    confirm my selections with it

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  631. Graham Wilson says:

    Speed Vision looks very interesting indeed. Looks to be another top product where you’ve used your extensive experience to spot a trend that leads to good bet.

  632. keith miller says:

    Looks agreat piece of kit I am a layer so this would show me the horses that I need to avoid but are a good lay Very interesting please include me for the trial Regards Keith

  633. yster1 says:

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    Speed Vision is looking very interesting and I’m looking forward to give it a test run for you.
    Keep up the good work.


  634. Darren says:

    Be interesting how interface with your other rating software used together, but does Speed rating link work so much for Jumps on its own?
    70% races won by 1st 5 in betting, so any rating highlighting those will be successful high %.
    But if we concentrate on first 3 in betting on R/P see score and note the winners / losers identified for 100 races, Handicaps for Class 3-5 with >8 runners.
    then wed know how successful it is as stand alone.


  635. Stuart says:

    This looks really good, and would like to become a member but due to work commitments, I couldn’t put the time in during the day to report on my findings.
    All the best to the 100 chosen.

  636. shane says:

    Don’t really understand why you need the price column for the picks, because as we see in your video presentation a 25/1 shot won the race, so this had no significance on the actual horses speed ratings.
    Love the idea of the software and how it works.
    What would you say a fair percentage of the system picking winners thus far is, do you have any figures for winners from picks of the system and is it working well enough in your opinion.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Shane you don;t need to use price if you don’t want. You can sort by any of the columns. It is working well.
      All the best BSG

  637. Mike in Cardiff says:

    Looks ideal for dutching and big priced horses. Desperate to be one of the members and boost the pension fund.

  638. Alun Evans says:

    As I am interested in dutching, your software seems to be the very thing to confirm some selections for me. so I hope i get to try it.

  639. Denis Shadbolt says:

    Would be very happy to test with you and the others Guy but will be away from the computer around lunch time tomorrow. Is Irish racing included within the software ratings!!!!!

    Best wishes and looking forward to hearing from you.


  640. Greg says:

    Looks Good.
    Certain Races,Type of Ground etc Should Break it down.

  641. Betting Software Guy says:

    Hi Dean it won’t be until after your breakfast so you can enjoy that.
    All the best BSG

  642. john mulgrew says:

    Hi looks good from what you have shown but will probable take us a good few goes to get our heads around it.But as always it will make a profit so thanks for the chance

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