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“Are You Wondering If Any Of This Is True? Will This Work For Me? Check Out Below And Make Your Own Mind Up… DON’T Sit On The Fence To Long Though… My Members WIN Simple…”



  • People Ask Me All The Time If I Am A PRO And If I Make Money Myself Using The Exact Same Methods I Teach…

I am usually reluctant to show my results… For a couple reasons…

1) Bet365 and William Hill still take my bets. Even though I extract around 5k every 6 weeks from them.

2) If I show to much info I may get my accounts closed down. So I try to remain obscure! The below shots from my account have certain information blurred I hope you understand!


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“It’s Time You Became Utterly Self-Sufficient With The Bets You Place. It’s Time To KICK All Those CHANCER Tipsters To The Kerb & Take FULL Control  Of Your Betting Bank! & With My Help I’ll Have You Picking Winners By Tea Time!”


Ok So as you can see I am selective with my bets these days. Only because I have a business to run at the same time as my betting.

With the methods I teach in my package you will be able to make a lot more bets if thats what you prefer! This is all about how much time you want to put in. These results are achievable to me with 15 minutes research in the morning.

The Result?

6 weeks = £12,516.68 spent on bets

37.99% ROI

PROFIT = +£4,755.80

Just using the strategies I teach in easy bitesize chunks!

Nobody else is teaching this stuff. And nobody else can PROVE it neither…



  • REAL Results From BOB, CASE STUDY

Thanks To BOB who Joined On The 3rd May For Sending In His Results…


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Bob Spent 14 Hours Digesting my “How To” Training Modules and applied what he learned the very next day…

The Result?

5 Days = £155 spent on bets

108.4% ROI

New bank = +£323.04

+168.04 Profit Just using the strategies I teach in easy bitesize chunks!

Nobody else is teaching this stuff. And nobody else can PROVE it neither…



INCLUDED TODAY – To Transform You From Punter => To PRO


  • 6 Months Access To iRace Vision Ultimate Form Reading Software Worth £249

  • iRace Vision PRO Form Reading Software

    iRace Vision Horse Racing Software has been designed as a Form Reading Tool. The concept behind the software is to provide a set of ratings for every horse running in every UK race. The ratings have been designed to look at a number of key aspects within a horse’’s history and performance.

    Form readers will be able to spot betting opportunities within the ratings in seconds and the tools within the software allow further investigation into the runners and highlight any strengths or weaknesses over the competition.

  • 6 Months Access To iRace Vision On The Go Ratings & Mobile APP Worth £249

  • iRace Vision PRO Form Reading Software

    You Get My PRO Horse Racing Ratings Software Accessible 24/7 On Any Device Or Browser With My 2 Minute To Profits User Guide… This is a cut down version of the main Desktop software above. You can take it anywhere with you on Mobile, Tablet, PC, MACs, Windows and nothing to install!


  • The iRV PRO Punter Training Room From ZERO To PRO In 5 Weeks Worth £2,497

The iRV PRO Punter Training Room

The last time I sold this training package I sold out the 10 spaces at £2,497 a pop within 7 minutes… YUP… 7 MINUTES!!

9 out of the 10 who took the training 2 years ago are now PROFITABLE Professional punters in their own right. I keep up to date with them all regularly.

Nigel is one of those original members.


This Training Is Advanced & Designed So That After Week 5 You’ll Know 

Everything I Know about Betting… I am Literally Your Mentor For 5 Weeks!

  • Week 1: Racing Mindset – 45 Minute Training & Transcript PDF

    This covers Additional skills, Adding to your existing knowledge, profiting from applied techniques using an easy workable format. Neglect mindset and your taking a huge risk and I guarantee you are setting yourself up for a fall.

  • Training Components

    Objective, Materials, Methods, Real Life Racing, Picking Winners, Working Formula, Transparency, Racing Instinct, Ratings, Zoning In – Grouping & Stacking Of The Races, Setting Up, Pattern Matching, Specialising

  • Week 2: Four Factors Formula – 56 Minute Training & Transcript PDF.

    This week I go into more detail than ever before with the Four Factors Formula. Success in racing is a direct result of a sound method or formula, competent money management, proper capitalisation, and a sound mindset.

  • Training Components

    Objective, Materials, Handicap Races, Methods, Positive vs Negatives, Racing Post Race Analysis, 17 Race Examples, Conclusion

  • Week 3: Minefield Races – 36 Minute Training & Transcript PDF

    In this the third week of the Training Room we will be covering Minefield race examples. Minefield races – are races showing top rated selections in races with strong competition. These are known as minefield races as any one of a number of horses has the potential to win the race.

  • Training Components

    Objective, Materials, Methods, Form Figures, Betfair Market Guide, Racing Post Comments, Racing Post Verdict, 4 Race Examples, Conclusion

  • Week 4: Exposed vs Unexposed Horses – 26 Minute Training & Transcript PDF

    In this the forth week of the Training Room we will be covering exposed and unexposed race examples. Looking at horses who can either win races due to past ability, horses who have shown ability in similar conditions and who still have enough in hand to compete.

  • Training Components

    Objective, Materials, Methods, Software Overview Menu, 5 Race Examples, Conclusion

  • Week 5 – Training Room Conclusion – 6 Minutes Recap & Resources

    In this the fifth week we draw to an end with the training and recap with the conclusion video. You will also find a whole host of System PDF’s, System Videos & handy Racing notes with a Dutching Calculator.

     Resources System Videos & System PDF’s Download

    Bonus Lay RPR System – PDF Download
    Racing Articles – PDF Download
    Racing Glossary – PDF Download
    Racing Tracks – PDF Download
    Dark Horse Method – PDF Download
    Dutching Calculator

  • iRace Vision Foundation Training

    We also have the iRV Foundation section where you will find a number of videos which I recorded to help you further in the day to day development process. iRV Foundation

    Class Value Method – 15 Min Training
    Cover To Win System – 5 Min Training
    Create You Own Ratings – 9 Min Training
    Create You Own Ratings Adv – 29 Min Training
    Recorded Event Racing Methods – 1 Hour Training
    Make More Money Right Now – 29 Min Training
    Pick Consistent Winners – 14 Min Training
    Project Re-Build – 18 Min Training
    Saints & Sinners Form Reading – 8 Min Training
    Top 2 Or 3 Back Or Dutch – 30 Min Training


  • The ULTIMATE 4 Factors Formula Form Reading PDF – Worth £97


  • The iRV EXTRA “Getting You Over The Line Modules” Worth £197


  • Module 1 – Lazy Sundays – 14 Minute Training

    In this video we look at the iRV ratings using the selection picker and i run through todays suitable races.

  • Module 2 – Typical Race Day – 14 Minute Training

    In this bonus section you will witness a typical days racing running through iRace Vision ratings placing bets watching the race and getting the desired result.

  • Module 3 – Four Factors Formula Extra’s – 80 Minutes!

    In this section I have over an hour and 20 minutes of in depth EXTRA’s in regards to using and applying the Four Factors Formula.


As You Can Plainly See This Is My Life’s Work In One ULTIMATE

Package Which Has a Student Success Rate Of Over 95%…

This Whole Package Has Been Sold Separately In The Past For;



You Get Access To EVERYTHING In Mine & Nigels Betting Arsenal.

Including The Training Modules and ALL Software For 6 Months.


As A Special Offer For A LIMITED Time & A Small NEW Group.


You Can Get The Last Ever Memberships Of The Training Room Ultimate Betting Package For 12 Months & 2 Years!


  • All Comments On This Page Are LIVE & Real Including Current Customers, You Can Join In With Questions & Comments Below. Please post your bets for the day and bet alongside us.

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What Some Of My Former Trainees Have to Say…

  • Michael Evans
    Michael Evans

    Enrolling in your training module’s has truly altered the way I approach horse racing, this is very professional in all aspects, I would never invest in horse racing without your iRace Vision horse racing software and the training manuals, I now make notes and refer to them as needed. I now place bets, whether backing or laying with a far more professional approach, all down to the hard work that must of gone into putting all this together. I am an apprentice again, being taught by a true Professional, sincerely, Michael.

  • Jamie

    Hi Turner

    The information in this module is truly worth its weight in gold and saves so much time when going through the whole selection process.
    Yesterday, I managed to whittle down 35 races to just 3 that I wanted to look at more closely.
    This resulted in one 1st and one 2nd place, with no bet in the third race.
    Again today, just the one race to look at from five meetings with two bets in the same race finishing 1st and 2nd.
    I didn’t think I would ever go back to form study, but I think you might have won me over – thanks for making the whole process so logical and straight forward.


  • Mike

    Hi Turner, listened to your 3rd module. Impressed. It really does highlight races to avoid & or dig deeper into the form.The first two modules have set me up to pay much more attention to selections ,however I still have a long way to go. My mindset was a big problem,.but now I have become more selective and focused. These modules are real gems. Be Happy

    Kind regards

  • David Seymour
    David Seymour

    Hi Turner,

    I enrolled in the Race Vision Training last week. I have to say it has certainly changed the way I approach racing. The modules are excellent value and I’m able to evaluate the information a lot better than I used to. The bonus modules are brilliant. Today I managed to sort out the 3.10 at Kempton and dutched Athletic and Mac’s Superstar. It was a great race to watch with both horses flying at the finish and getting 1st and 3rd. Thanks Ross for sharing your knowledge with us, it’s certainly changed my game plan.

    Best Regards
    David Seymour

  • Derek Gill
    Derek Gill

    Hi Turner. I’ve been quite busy trundling my way through all your material from Mindset, Four Factors Formula and the other modules, along with all videos including the bonus material, and I have to mention that I think you have done a first class job in putting all of this together. Your series is an absolute Godsend. It really takes one into another dimension and once the true basics are firmly implanted into the basic brain, then a whole new racing world opens up before your very eyes. Obviously I could rant all day about the brilliance yet simplicity of this method, but in closing I would like to thank you personally for your help and yell out aloud to the world that you are one of the genuine guys who is always prepared to go that extra mile in providing help and understanding to all of us minnows trying to earn a crust hopefully from small wins involving our four legged friends. Keep up the good work my friend. Regards. Derek.

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