"Are You Wondering If Any Of This Is True? Will This Work For Me? Check Out Below And Make Your Own Mind Up... DON'T Sit On The Fence To Long Though... My Members WIN Simple..."

  • People Ask Me All The Time If I Am A PRO And If I Make Money Myself Using The Exact Same Methods I Teach...

I am usually reluctant to show my results... For a couple reasons...

1) Bet365 and William Hill still take my bets. Even though I extract around 5k every 6 weeks from them.

2) If I show to much info I may get my accounts closed down. So I try to remain obscure! The below shots from my account have certain information blurred I hope you understand!

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"It's Time You Became Utterly Self-Sufficient With The Bets You Place. It's Time To KICK All Those CHANCER Tipsters To The Kerb & Take FULL Control  Of Your Betting Bank! & With My Help I'll Have You Picking Winners By Tea Time!"

Ok So as you can see I am selective with my bets these days. Only because I have a business to run at the same time as my betting.

With the methods I teach in my package you will be able to make a lot more bets if thats what you prefer! This is all about how much time you want to put in. These results are achievable to me with 15 minutes research in the morning.

The Result?

6 weeks = £12,516.68 spent on bets

37.99% ROI

PROFIT = +£4,755.80

Just using the strategies I teach in easy bitesize chunks!

Nobody else is teaching this stuff. And nobody else can PROVE it neither...

  • REAL Results From BOB, CASE STUDY

Thanks To BOB who Joined On The 3rd May For Sending In His Results...

Bob Spent 14 Hours Digesting my "How To" Training Modules and applied what he learned the very next day...

The Result?

5 Days = £155 spent on bets

108.4% ROI

New bank = +£323.04

+168.04 Profit Just using the strategies I teach in easy bitesize chunks!

Nobody else is teaching this stuff. And nobody else can PROVE it neither...

INCLUDED TODAY - To Transform You From Punter => To PRO

  • 6 Months Access To iRace Vision Ultimate Form Reading Software Worth £249
  • iRace Vision PRO Form Reading Software

    iRace Vision Horse Racing Software has been designed as a Form Reading Tool. The concept behind the software is to provide a set of ratings for every horse running in every UK race. The ratings have been designed to look at a number of key aspects within a horse’’s history and performance. Form readers will be able to spot betting opportunities within the ratings in seconds and the tools within the software allow further investigation into the runners and highlight any strengths or weaknesses over the competition.
  • 6 Months Access To iRace Vision On The Go Ratings & Mobile APP Worth £249
  • iRace Vision PRO Form Reading Software

    You Get My PRO Horse Racing Ratings Software Accessible 24/7 On Any Device Or Browser With My 2 Minute To Profits User Guide... This is a cut down version of the main Desktop software above. You can take it anywhere with you on Mobile, Tablet, PC, MACs, Windows and nothing to install!
  • The iRV PRO Punter Training Room From ZERO To PRO In 5 Weeks Worth £2,497

The iRV PRO Punter Training Room

The last time I sold this training package I sold out the 10 spaces at £2,497 a pop within 7 minutes... YUP... 7 MINUTES!!

9 out of the 10 who took the training 2 years ago are now PROFITABLE Professional punters in their own right. I keep up to date with them all regularly.

Nigel is one of those original members.

This Training Is Advanced & Designed So That After Week 5 You'll Know 

Everything I Know about Betting... I am Literally Your Mentor For 5 Weeks!

  • Week 1: Racing Mindset - 45 Minute Training & Transcript PDF

    This covers Additional skills, Adding to your existing knowledge, profiting from applied techniques using an easy workable format. Neglect mindset and your taking a huge risk and I guarantee you are setting yourself up for a fall.

  • Training Components

    Objective, Materials, Methods, Real Life Racing, Picking Winners, Working Formula, Transparency, Racing Instinct, Ratings, Zoning In – Grouping & Stacking Of The Races, Setting Up, Pattern Matching, Specialising

  • Week 2: Four Factors Formula - 56 Minute Training & Transcript PDF.

    This week I go into more detail than ever before with the Four Factors Formula. Success in racing is a direct result of a sound method or formula, competent money management, proper capitalisation, and a sound mindset.

  • Training Components

    Objective, Materials, Handicap Races, Methods, Positive vs Negatives, Racing Post Race Analysis, 17 Race Examples, Conclusion

  • Week 3: Minefield Races - 36 Minute Training & Transcript PDF

    In this the third week of the Training Room we will be covering Minefield race examples. Minefield races – are races showing top rated selections in races with strong competition. These are known as minefield races as any one of a number of horses has the potential to win the race.

  • Training Components

    Objective, Materials, Methods, Form Figures, Betfair Market Guide, Racing Post Comments, Racing Post Verdict, 4 Race Examples, Conclusion

  • Week 4: Exposed vs Unexposed Horses - 26 Minute Training & Transcript PDF

    In this the forth week of the Training Room we will be covering exposed and unexposed race examples. Looking at horses who can either win races due to past ability, horses who have shown ability in similar conditions and who still have enough in hand to compete.

  • Training Components

    Objective, Materials, Methods, Software Overview Menu, 5 Race Examples, Conclusion

  • Week 5 - Training Room Conclusion - 6 Minutes Recap & Resources

    In this the fifth week we draw to an end with the training and recap with the conclusion video. You will also find a whole host of System PDF’s, System Videos & handy Racing notes with a Dutching Calculator.

     Resources System Videos & System PDF’s Download

    Bonus Lay RPR System – PDF Download
    Racing Articles – PDF Download
    Racing Glossary – PDF Download
    Racing Tracks – PDF Download
    Dark Horse Method – PDF Download
    Dutching Calculator

  • iRace Vision Foundation Training

    We also have the iRV Foundation section where you will find a number of videos which I recorded to help you further in the day to day development process. iRV Foundation

    Class Value Method – 15 Min Training
    Cover To Win System – 5 Min Training
    Create You Own Ratings – 9 Min Training
    Create You Own Ratings Adv – 29 Min Training
    Recorded Event Racing Methods – 1 Hour Training
    Make More Money Right Now – 29 Min Training
    Pick Consistent Winners – 14 Min Training
    Project Re-Build – 18 Min Training
    Saints & Sinners Form Reading – 8 Min Training
    Top 2 Or 3 Back Or Dutch – 30 Min Training

  • The ULTIMATE 4 Factors Formula Form Reading PDF - Worth £97
  • The iRV EXTRA "Getting You Over The Line Modules" Worth £197
  • Module 1 - Lazy Sundays - 14 Minute Training

    In this video we look at the iRV ratings using the selection picker and i run through todays suitable races.

  • Module 2 - Typical Race Day - 14 Minute Training

    In this bonus section you will witness a typical days racing running through iRace Vision ratings placing bets watching the race and getting the desired result.

  • Module 3 - Four Factors Formula Extra’s - 80 Minutes!

    In this section I have over an hour and 20 minutes of in depth EXTRA’s in regards to using and applying the Four Factors Formula.

As You Can Plainly See This Is My Life's Work In One ULTIMATE

Package Which Has a Student Success Rate Of Over 95%...

This Whole Package Has Been Sold Separately In The Past For;


You Get Access To EVERYTHING In Mine & Nigels Betting Arsenal.

Including The Training Modules and ALL Software For 6 Months.


As A Special Offer For A LIMITED Time & A Small NEW Group.

You Can Get The Last Ever Memberships Of The Training Room Ultimate Betting Package For 12 Months & 2 Years!

  • All Comments On This Page Are LIVE & Real Including Current Customers, You Can Join In With Questions & Comments Below. Please post your bets for the day and bet alongside us.

139 responses to “Ultimate Betting Package”

  1. neil says:

    tough saturday NOPE stake increase next week bank increased by 70% 13 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 6.00 – Returns: 6.00
    4:45 Ayr – Win
    Court Dreaming @ Guaranteed Price (9/2) 3@1/5
    13 Apr 19
    Stake: 5.00 – Returns: 9.55
    4:25 Newbury – Win
    Raise You @ Guaranteed Price (10/11)
    13 Apr 19
    Stake: 0.50
    3:20 Bangor-on-Dee – Win
    Exotic Friend @ Guaranteed Price (12/1)
    13 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 2.00 – Returns: 8.60
    3:20 Bangor-on-Dee – Win
    Wazowski @ Guaranteed Price (7/2) 3@1/5
    13 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 2.00
    3:20 Bangor-on-Dee – Win
    No Alarm @ Guaranteed Price (3/1) 3@1/5
    13 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 2.00 – Returns: 3.40
    2:10 Newbury – Win
    Iconic Choice @ Guaranteed Price (12/1) 3@1/5
    13 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 4.00 – Returns: 3.80
    2:10 Newbury – Win
    So Perfect @ Guaranteed Price (4/1) 3@1/5
    13 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 6.00 – Returns: 20.40
    1:45 Bangor-on-Dee – Win
    Gone Platinum @ Guaranteed Price (4/1) 3@1/5 carefully selected using irv

  2. neil says:

    still learning so small stakes but 4th day of live profit 12 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 3.00 – Returns: 17.40
    6:45 Kempton – Win
    Probability @ Guaranteed Price (8/1) 3@1/5
    12 Apr 19
    Stake: 5.00 – Returns: 16.25
    6:15 Kempton – Win
    Intuitive @ Guaranteed Price (9/4)
    12 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 5.00 – Returns: 4.00
    5:10 Kempton – Win
    Capofaro @ Guaranteed Price (3/1) 3@1/5
    12 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 3.00
    4:20 Fontwell – Win
    Jimmy @ Guaranteed Price (5/1) 4@1/4
    12 Apr 19
    Single – Each Way:
    Stake: 2.00
    4:20 Fontwell – Win
    Sisania @ Guaranteed Price (15/2) 4@1/4
    12 Apr 19
    Reverse Forecast – Single:
    Stake: 2.00 – Returns: 4.05
    3:50 Fontwell – Win
    Not Another Muddle @ Div

  3. PAULINE says:

    cannot stop winning after 1 week of testing and correcting mistakes takes a while to get disciplined ie don’t try every race bet small but bet BIG !!

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Neil, This is exact feedback I receive from many of my users that take the time to watch and consume my full training series.

      Well done to you!


  4. ed ward says:

    hi i got your speed ratings is the training package still for sale ie all the videos etc as stated above as i know this is a old advert

  5. Hi says:

    Hi, I really like your speed ratings. I’m very interested in your iracevision vision “products”
    Is it best to get the iracevision software or the platinum techniques package? If I understand it right, the software is a tool for us to try and pick the winners. And the platinum package is where you do the research and pick the winners for us. Am I right?

  6. Vlad says:

    Hello. I was wondering if the service is still open and if the offers on this page are still valid as I have not found on the main page anything newer than 2015.

    Thank you

  7. JD says:

    Looks interesting.
    Always believed in ratings.

    One thing: why do you use external dutching calculator when you have it already built into BF’s betslip?
    Just click that blue word “stake”…

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve been using it for ages and not everyone has access to Betfair, but useful info if you Dutch on Betfair.

  8. john may says:

    I’ve read most of the comments and replies
    I need a new direction after 15 years of tipsters..and my own hunches will give it a try

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi John, well you certainly came to the right place. Nothing better than having the skill to pick out your own winning selections. When you join i’ll show you how. Most punters are sick of tipsters they promise the world and deliver very little. All the best

  9. Russ KNILL says:

    Couple of things, –
    1) In your betting account snapshot, it’s mostly E/W.
    Is this all covered in the training?
    2)- How soon after ordering the package can I start actually betting? Will I crash and burn if I haven’t read it all, or is there a quick start shortcut to get things going whilst one digests the details?



    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Russ, It’s not just about joining and thinking you must bet right away, however, I do provide my For factors formulas and other methods which will allow you to do just that. But ideally, I would prefer you digest some of the material first to get an overall better understanding without rushing in. I bet win, and each way if and when I see fit. I prefer win bets but sometimes an each way is the way to go. I will also dutch two selections if and when its a two horse race. I don’t know how much or how little you know about racing in general but you certainly seem keen but my advice don’t rush, set sometime, aside to take a good look at all the material. I did have one new member who spent 22hours over the weekend going through most of the material.

  10. Steve says:

    Somehow joined your mailing list !
    Was living in thailand at the time : used a free ratings service you gave,was profitable sadly after couple weeks lost my iPad.
    Couldn’t bet afterwards,as Internet shops wouldn’t allow myself to bet As thailand illegal to bet.. been home few months now and will be looking to join on Friday payday will I be able access everything through my iPad – great price,and can’t wait to join and learn where I’m going wrong ? Many thanks Steve

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Steve, thanks for the comment and have used the free tool at the time. You will be able to access everything on ipad. The main software ratings though can be used on Apple (I currently use it on my laptop) however I have a Parallels windows set up). You will still be able to log into the desktop version of the On The Go ratings as per the video you would have viewed. My Main Software Ratings just has more features and is an exe file hence the windows. On The Go web version will work right from the off. Hope that helps and look forward to you joining in. Any questions let me know.

  11. Darren says:

    What time will the information be available on in & are the ratings easily available by iphone.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Darren, Usually everything is available at 7:30am. The ratings will then be available on your iPhone as well. It’s just a case of visiting the app website saving to your iPhone and logging in.

  12. Trevor says:

    Why not Give a a free trial

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Trevor, If you want a free trial try a tipster. I’m providing more value than, you will see anywhere else. My methods are proven my software performs to make my members money and I’ll even show you how to find winners yourself for life. Would you give a free trial for all that 😉 Besides I have already said I’m looking for Core Members ones who want to help themselves and learn. The last thing I can be bothered with is all the tyre kickers who would pour in from a free trial. I’ll leave those types for the tipsters. All the best.

  13. Darren says:

    Morning BSG
    Intriguing, always been a rating person. Are the ratings on the night before just haven’t got the time in the day.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Darren, thanks for the comment and I agree with you Ratings are the way forward to finding winners or losers depending on your betting preference. Unfortunately no as we need to finalise a number of calculations and run additional algorithms first thing in a morning. All I would say is there’s plenty evening and weekend meeting on. I do have a lot of members who only bet weekends. One thing for sure is you won’t be disappointed joining in.

  14. Dave says:

    After the first year what is the cost going forward?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Dave, I’ve not thought that far ahead, however, this might be the very last time I allow new members to join. Anyone who joins at this price will be looked after in the future.

  15. Russ KNILL says:


    Can I use this the night before racing?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Russ, sorry no we make further calculations and run additional algorithms in the early morning. Lots of racing on an evening now especially in the summer months.

  16. Tommy says:

    Maybe MR
    Nigel is interested to open up for a profitable service? Why not, best regards Tommy

  17. robert tunstill says:

    all this is good but you have to agree that it is SUBJECT TO INTERPRETATION , i may choose a horse any day any time that is an obvious selection to me but you may know some fact that i dont , for instance the selection may be to back william buick’s ride but you may go with ryan moore , or left handed track, or its raining,or its soft ground ect ect , you see my point ? also why show old recordings? why not a up to date recording , and whats wrong with you being a tipster ? if your ratings are so good you cannot fail.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Robert, hence my videos where I show you and break it all down for you. I can’t place the bets for you but I will show you how to find winners. Its as simple as this, my methods WORK and are PROVEN, my members are reaping the benefits. You have to put in some time and effort as it won’t be handed to you on a silver plate anymore so than it already is. This old recording is one of the best videos I’ve made and at the time it was made fresh for the latest and new software to show punters who kept losing from tipsters that there is a better way. Hence why the content remains as strong today as it was when I recorded it LIVE. I didn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel when I already had a video ready to go. It’s one of many videos I’ve made over the years. I’m not a tipster as I don’t need to be selling tips it’s that simple. I provide software and help punters rather than just throw a few tips around, I give them something they can use long term. I’ve not seen any tipsters proving what I do on video have you?

  18. sonasi samita says:

    Hi Please send me your system when its ready. Send to the address below xxxxxxxxx This is going to be the last racing system Im going to buy. I have bough more than 10 horse racing systems just in the last 3 months. Most O refunded within the first week. When they guaranteed 90%plus strike rate and only 0-1 horse win out of 4 horse selections 5 times a week. And when asked to explain they said, theree highs and lows in the racing industry. They are out. Hope yours wont be like that Sonasi Samita

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Sonasi, I’m not selling a horse racing system. To be honest, you seem to give up very quickly..! Now I’m not saying these tipsters you bought from were any good, they probably weren’t, however, you gave up after a week. Horse racing doesn’t work like this as even the very best people in this market will lose bets. I provide Ratings Software and Methods, I show people how to Form Read using my ratings. My Training Room is advanced and will take a losing punter to winner, if they follow along and put in some effort. I had one new member this weekend put in a staggering 22 hours in the members area consuming information, videos, reading pdf’s which I have in there, he is so sick of tipsters he wanted to get stuck in. Now you don’t have to do this you can take your time and learn as you go but you will have to put in some effort and time. Hope that helps.

  19. Tommy says:

    Hi again ? how many points during a year with this software? Best regards Tommy

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      H Tommy as many as you can get. We have over a 50% strike rate with top rated selections and high +40 with second & third rated. But really its all about using the ratings quickly and easily to find winners in minutes, just like in the videos I’ve shown you. My current members swear by the ratings and the training and they are picking their own horses daily with great success. Hope that helps, plus you will gain access to my complete member’s area including all my training material showing you how’s to win. Hope that helps, you certainly will never look back once you join and wish you had done so years ago.

  20. dave says:

    I have been using your software for years now, all to good effect. I do notice though that my version is not the same as on your video. Mine is 5.3.2.Do I need an upgrade in order to match yours? i am using the same software as the above could you tell me if it is the same as you are advertising and is there any changes in the new version than the old version thanks

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Dave, you should be ok we made a few background behind the scenes updates. this whole package though is providing you with all my Training Room video series as well as the On the go App and additional pdf’s and videos. It’s the complete package everything you would ever need.

  21. Pete says:

    Hi Turner been using the Irv speed ratings since last year did ok, but once I found my specific races Aw sprints it took of with a strick rate of 22% and triple my bank in 4 months , so had no choice but to sign up. I don’t have a pc so will just use the on the go software

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Pete excellent great to hear and a real inspiration to other struggling frustrated punters out there, keep up the good work.

  22. Andy says:

    My interpretration of your system is that yes it looks good but everyone who uses it on a daily basis probably wouldnt pick and bet the same horses. If i’m wrong then everyone would be as successful as Nigel but I doubt they are. To me the proof in the pudding as you state would be to send your daily selections to everyone for say 7 days then that is the ultimate proof of how good or bad your system is. Living in hope i guess!!!

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Andy it’s not a system. I show you methods to form ready any race. I show you which races to concentrate on. Honestly you can do this and you will understand fully if and when you join. The reason i do things the way I do is because it suits the backers and the layers, people who dutch. Flexibility in your betting is key. Hope that helps. Positive mindset makes a world of difference. You won’t win every race you participate in but you will win races and you will profit. All the best.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Just to follow up Andy you are still looking at this from a tipster/ punter aspect. Tipsters give out free trials and follow their bets. The information I provide is priceless in this market as no one else shows or helps punters. They maybe run through their software or pretend to form read but you have to remember I see all the same crap as you and it’s rubbish. I know my members have changed the way they bet forever. Nigel is a Prime example he is making great selections daily through a little effort, not magic or me sending Nigel tips he now knows what to look for. Easy 🙂

  23. Tommy says:

    Evening, nice to read about The results ? my first question is: is this your first income, from this bets? Do u make a living from them, in that case how long? Sincerly yours Tommy

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Tommy well you have seen the proof what do you think ? In minutes I’ve shown you over 300 quid .. how many tipsters or other betting gurus, betting platforms etc have ever shown you their bets live..! None.. I’m certainly no tipster but I can show you a better winning way. I want my members to choose their own winning bets as once they see my methods they don’t need me to make decisions for them they are fully trained and prepared. Hope that helps.

  24. Brian Langley says:

    Hi, I’ve only watched the one video that’s on your first introductory email, you sent a second email which was a link, but it didn’t work.
    Regards Brian

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Brian have you seen this email some emails do not contain links.The proof is definitely in the pudding as I’m about to show you right now.

      => VIDEO -> You Can Do This Easy As 1,2,3 => GO..

      Well, my email about Nigel yesterday has created almost fever like behaviour.

      Punters have gone nuts, begging to know more.

      I hope you enjoyed and managed to gain something from it;

      A winning Mindset, Realising Its Time To Change, A Positive CAN Do Attitude..!

      => VIDEO -> You Can Do This Easy As 1,2,3 => GO..

      Today I want to help you change, for the better.

      If You;

      * Want To WIN For A Change? IMPORTANT

      * Want To Stop making excuses? IMPORTANT

      * Want To Stop Tipsters In Their Tracks? IMPORTANT

      This video tells you everything you need to know, SUPER IMPORTANT.

      I’m serious this is the most important video you might ever watch in betting.

      => VIDEO -> You Can Do This Easy As 1,2,3 => GO..

      Zero bull, everything you see in this video you can do, and I’ll show you how.

      My email yesterday was all about my top star member Nigel. Now my focus is on you.

      It’s all about how, I Can HELP YOU.

      Here’s Where To Start;

      => VIDEO -> You Can Do This Easy As 1,2,3 => GO..

      This video changed everything for Nigel in his betting, and it WILL change everything for you.

      You Won’t Want To Miss This.

  25. Brian Langley says:

    Ok, got your email, all looks very good, where do we go from here?

  26. Nigel says:

    I know how everyone feels. proof is certainly in the pudding, or the odds I suppose.
    Cheers Nigel

  27. Dale Fuller says:

    I was wonder whatever software you are coming out with will it work on USA racing. I have access to all GBR racing through TVG which is owned by Betfair. It would be a bonus for me to wager here. Thank you

  28. Nigel says:

    Hi guys listen I’m Nigel just a regular punter like you lot trying to improve my betting and find regular winners get this straight I ain’t getting nothing out of this I was just like all the rest reading blogs like this thinking oh it’s just bolox but it’s not these are my true words and results I became a member 5 yrs ago I bought the software and not paid for a tipster since . You’ll not need them once you see how it works and you csn break a race down yourself it even makes you question the so called experts RP and TF .. I took over £1300 off the enemy since Monday that’s ace I dont achieve that every week but I try .. there’s nothing better than being able to read a race see through the hype and pick the winners yourself . Like I say I’m not getting anything out of this but I’m real and I’m using the software daily to choose my selections . It WILL improve your betting and change the way you look at a race it’s priceless . I’m on it full time and if I can go from losing money every week to earning £1300 plus so can any of you .. hope this helps . Good luck
    Nigel ??

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Great comment Nigel thanks for that, it really helps other punters to know they can actually achieve this and win races themselves fro a change.

  29. Danny M says:

    Not gonna lie, I’m getting a little excited about this! Just hope it’s not priced too outrageously as not everybody can afford to place 50 quid bets at a time, some people’s bank don’t allow that from the start unfortunately! Most start off 5 quid bets until the bank starts growing! So yeah hopefully the price will be spot on and everyone will turn away from tipsters that are a waste of time and start earning some real profits for themselves!

    Im excited man! 🙂

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Danny, good to hear and no the Price isn’t outrageous, it should be lol but it’s not I want this as affordable for the punters as possible but not too cheap that we attract the get rich quick types who want everything done for them. These people will be the ones following tipsters forever.

  30. Brian says:

    I have tried more trials than I can remember and to be honest most were full off Bull ****
    I have been looking for something real for over 4 years
    Not get rich quick just something that returns on the investment most do not and there always seems to be a catch you have to pay more or its to complicated
    So I hope this is the real deal
    Best Regards

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Brain, you certainly seem to be in te same boat as many other punters out there. This is one reason why I want to help. Look if I can do this and Nigel can do this and other members can then why can’t you. Exactly you can. All you need is a little bit of time and effort. Nigel has just sent across today’s screenshots for everyone to see and they are, again bang on. I will get them uploaded to the page here for all to see. He doesn’t have to do this but like me, he is wanting to help and inspire punters.

  31. Nigel says:

    Hi Just sent you sum more results from today not sure how to upload them on here but great week even by my standards I’ve took over £1300 off bookies with 3 days to go
    Ps one small double still live I’ll send it on if it comes in

    Here’s Nigels Screenshots

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi mate, I will have to upload them for you. I’ve already seen them and they are fantastic, proof from punter to punter. You are setting the standard which all other punters can now aim for. keep up the great work 🙂

  32. Ronald Hampson says:

    Very interesting but is it all genuine have lost a lot of money in past all with same patter just want a honest service then I will commit %100 please be genuine. Ronnie x

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Ronald, it is all genuine. Unlike tipsters I show you this works, you have seen it with your own eyes. You can find winning selections for yourself using my tools and my methods. It will change the way you bet forever, just ask Nigel.

  33. John Black says:

    Hi im fed up with all the so called tipsters and wild claims of all the winners you would get if you sign up with them i have done in the past might aswell have just thrown my hard earned cash in the fire so i would like some help in finding my own bets mysef with your help thanks.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi John, yep again the same old story about tipsters, hence my emails to you all, which were inspired by Nigel who loves the software and methods. I was also sick to death of seeing crap from tipsters in my INBOX. There is a better way and you are a step closer to finding out for yourself.

  34. liam toland says:

    hi john sounds very impressive can you give me a price for software and as much info as possible i am fed up with rubbish tipsters regards liam

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Liam I will be sending an email to you Tomorrow. Lets just say you will be shocked at the price, in a good way. Stay tuned.

  35. Ian The Chelsea Fan says:

    I am like a few peopleon here pretty fed up of Email after Email with the big i am so i will need some turning Mr Turner but who knows?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Ian, we both agree then to many crap emails from people who talk the talk and can’t deliver. Good tipsters are very few and far between. What I want is for you to be able to make your own selection like I have shown you in the videos, daily or whenever you wish, I’m giving you the skills to win more races. My methods are proven and with a little time and effort, you will never look back.

  36. Joe says:

    Do you have anything on Soccer?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Joe, sorry no Horse racing only. Take a look over at betting system truths.com if you want any soccer they should have something there for you.

  37. Jonas says:

    Video is 2014 December it’s so old can you show 2017 proofs?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Jonas, the video is probably one of the best examples I’ve ever done. I do say the content is still relevant and it is, it’s still the same process too finding winners. If I made a video yesterday it would be the very same.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Jonas don’t forget also the Betfair screenshots you are seeing on these pages are from my top core member who has access to my whole betting package and this proof is from February to April 2017. My methods and software will not go out of date. I show and teach SIMPLE, FAST racing fundamentals. Nobody else teaches this stuff! I guarantee it!


  38. Ken Anstiss says:

    I have been using your software for years now, all to good effect. I do notice though that my version is not the same as on your video. Mine is 5.3.2.Do I need an upgrade in order to match yours?

  39. Brian says:

    Same as everyone else fed up with so called tipsters,Just be nice to get something genuine to help with my measly state penison

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Brian, yeh they talk a good game at times but they never seem to be able to do the business when you need them too. Im sure we can have you picking up winners nicely in no time at all 🙂 keep an eye on your emails from me.

  40. Mark says:

    will this finally be the holy grail i`v been looking for hope so as i`ve not found it yet

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Mark, it’s as close as you will find. I will show you the correct way in which to find winners daily. You will be totally self-reliant. It’s far easier than you might think. look out for the next video, have a look through the comments to see what Nigel has written. He’s my top core member and he started out just like you. From today you are a step closer to that holy grail you are seeking.

  41. Alice Allen says:

    Hi when does this begin

  42. Kevin Pascoe says:

    Can’t wait to start winning

  43. geoff says:

    Why are you different, do you send out selections, or do you send out info . I don’t have much time at the moment for work to review the race or the horse. I need help and info.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Geoff, well first I’m not a tipster, so I’m certainly different. I will show you how to find winners yourself for life. Work time I understand, however with so many Evening Meetings and Weekends you can find something to focus on I’m sure. It takes less time and effort than you might think, look out for the next video. I can definitely help you.

  44. William Chalmers says:

    Turner,had so many di

    YOU CAN SHOW ME EVEN A spark of knowledge bout horses ,you will have gained a client,I’ve been in the world time a long ,i don’t expect all advices to win***But***. . I’m in with you for short time .if as I suspect your rubbish, i will bigger you with blunt end of a Rahman trumpet…BILL.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Bill, well there are certainly more duff tipsters than good ones that’s for sure. Good tipsters are like hen’s teeth, few and far between. I’m not a tipster but I can certainly show you Proof on winning races the easy way. Nigel leads by example and he is the reason I have decided that I want more people like him winning like he is by using my methods. If you scroll through these comments you can read what Nigel himself says about all this. He’s a top bloke and a normal punter just like us all.

  45. nitzan leon says:

    hi way 1 need all this software just give a list daily with grade a info grade b info act…so mach more simple

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Nitzan, sorry it doesn’t work like that. Software gives you the user the flexibility to stick to races you prefer to bet in and you decided how many you wish to bet in also. I’ll show you the way, but this is not for lazy people and I’m sure you are not one either. keep watching.

  46. mick says:

    hi, 3 emails with the same video. maybe a different video would help. when i join any tipster/system, they all stop winning. thanks

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Mick, no idea why you got the video three times 🙂 Could be worse. I will be following up with more video for you very soon. Take the time to watch them they are only short but they pack an almighty racing punch. This will get you to the same level and stage as my top member Nigel. You will find what he has to say within these comments, direct from the horse’s mouth as it were.

  47. Will says:

    I never received a further email.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Will, search/check your spam folder just in case it went in there… Email Subject: Fed Up Of The So Called Betting Experts? (Read More Now) if you don’t have it ill send you it again.

  48. Bill says:

    It all sounds great but whats it going to Cost?

  49. terry says:

    HAS the PROOF OF THE PUDDING VIDEO already been sent?
    I’vereceived no further emails from you after the first wake up call. Looking forward to learning more.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Terry, I sent you an email with subject line: Fed Up Of The So Called Betting Experts? (Read This NOW)

      Can you check your spam/junk folder as email providers like to paint us all with the same brush!


  50. mike cox says:

    All help would be appreciated

  51. Harold says:

    Unfortunately for me – everything you say seems to be true ! Help turn me into a winner — please.

  52. paul says:

    Tired of tipsters

  53. bill lamb says:

    sick of loosing to so called tippsters

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Bill, were all in the same boat mate. Luckily I do not pay for tipsters information, and nor do a lot of my members. There is another way.
      Stay in touch to find out int he next day or so.


  54. John says:

    When and where do a sign up as it all looks
    very interesting

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi John, you are on the notification list… Keep an eye out for my emails. I have just sent you one just now actually entitled:

      Fed Up Of The So Called Betting Experts? (Read This NOW)

      Have a read and let me know what you think.


  55. Betting Software Guy says:

    Hi Steve, I’m by no means saying you can own a lambo betting. I’ll show you in the next video that you can actually win races easily, proof is in the pudding :). the whole video above is very tongue in cheek. Pay no attention to the flash car we all know this is FAKE FAKE FAKE! I simply showed you a mixture of fake betting news and some real stuff sent in from Nigel who has also posted here in the comments. Cheers BSG!

  56. John Hanley says:

    sounds really good, very interested as I need to make some extra money

  57. NIGEL says:

    Hi Turner, read the email this morning and saw the name ( NIGEL ) and thought, hang on a bit that’s me lol.. but yeah any you guys reading this it’s simple the software will pick you regular winners consistently they are my results. I’m no expert just a regular punter and would not put a bet on without checking my software first. simply a form reading tool that helps you break a race down and choose your own selections without paying silly money for tipsters. even when I check software against racing post or timeform selections I sometimes think WTF how can TimeForm & The Racing Post possibly win .. been using software over 5 yrs now it’s the bollox like I say I’m no expert and my betting is sometimes sporadic. I make silly acca bets etc but this will find you winners .. sorry for waffling ill try n upload a double I put on bank holiday Monday . 2 easy selections that jumped off page. cheers BSG hope this helps!

    Thursday 4th May – Nigel has kindly sent in a screenshot of the double that he did on Bank Holiday Monday

    Nigel's Bank Holiday Double

    and also a screenshot from a bet he did today with this comment “One from today easy pick .. top rated unexposed 3 AW wins fit same distance same class took to turf nicely 

    It really can be this easy

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Nigel, thanks for heading over to the page and sorry I didn’t give you a heads up about this today, things have been a bit mental trying to sort everything for everyone who wants to follow in your footsteps. Thanks again for providing all your Betfair screenshots etc. It has been highly motivating for people. Talk soon BSG.

  58. keith bridgeman says:

    Sounds great, very interested every confidence in you.Thanks kb

  59. Ed says:

    What is the cost of the softare


  60. alan says:

    Every thing I sign up for or buy paid tips and systems there all duff. I have had enouth

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Yes it does happen unfortunately Alan, I do think there are some tipsters who do really try, they are few and far between. If you can rely on your own selections this is a far greater way to succeed than following a tipster, once I show you the way you will agree with me. Keep watching and thanks for the comment.

  61. Don Ross says:

    Hi I’d be interested to hear more on your service

  62. greg lawson says:

    very true, every tipster i have tried have been rubbish , the latest guaranteed winners should be re named GUARANTEED LOSERS WOULD BE NICE TO RECEIVE SOME HALF DECENT INFO!

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Greg, yes its a sad story that so many people lose out to so called tipsters 🙁 There is such a more effective and better way. one which I’m going to show you all over the next few emails. Stick by your inbox I will show you the light.

  63. Arthur Judge says:

    At 61 its time to start making money, been following your emails for a while, what you say is so true, they (Tipsters) never show you any proof, time to grab the bull by the horns.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Arthur, well its certainly never to late 🙂 I have some members in their 80’s who are cracking on with form reading and loving it. Im here to show you a far better way. Anyone can pick winners with a little patience and effort. I’ve made everything so easy for people to follow. Keep an eye on your INBOX over the next few days, all the best.

  64. Arthur Davies says:

    Yes I am fed up with failure,

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Arthur, yes I agree with you its not nice to fail in anything especially where money is concerned.I can show you the best way to do things for yourself far better than any tipster.

  65. robert summers says:

    all the time i get these

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Robert, yes me as well. Sick of them, I wouldn’t mind if they actually put in some effort when trying to get me to sign up.. You can see it’s pure rubbish. You don’t need tipsters all you need is what I’m going to show you and a little time and effort, which let’s face it, if a little time & effort saves your a lot of money then surely it’s time and effort well invested..

  66. Vickie Boone says:

    How do I sign up with you?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Vickie, before we even get to any of that. I want you to see how easy this can be and how other punters are making money following my methods. I’ll be in-touch soon with more information for you I know you will like what you see. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  67. Niel Randrup says:

    “Yes” to those answers.


  68. TERRENCE Allan says:

    Agree 100percen even signed up with some of these joker’s and after a couple of weeks no emails and you can’t get any response from them

  69. TERRENCE Allan says:

    Agree with you 100 per cent I’ve signed up to so called tipsters and after a week email’s stop and you get no response from them

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Morning Terrence, I know a lot of punters are hurting an I’m sick to death of seeing crap from spammers. They give the good folks who are trying to help punters a bad name. Keep an eye on your INBOX I will be showing you all there is a far better way which you can achieve success.

  70. V Murthy says:

    I do not live in UK and do not follow racing there

  71. Alberto says:

    Hello I don t understand but you are a tipsters ?’,your past result ? You send mails with tips ?

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Alberto,I’m not a tipster, have never have been one. I provide software and form reading training and methods. I show people how to win themselves. I don’t sent out tips. Once my members see how easy it is the last thing they need is for me to be sending my selections to them.. They have their own. Hope that helps and please follow along and see for yourself. 🙂

  72. Graeme says:

    I signed up for a service lately called pony profits, i get three tips per day supposedly well researched but they are performing really bad. Theres just no honest ones around im afraid not unless your willing to pay serious cash. I love my horse racing but with a family at home studying form can be quite difficult especially when you have to work during the day as well.

    • Betting Software Guy says:

      Hi Graeme, I totally understand where you are coming from. Work gets in the way for sure, you could always just keep to weekend bets or with summer now we have a lot of summer races on the cards to enjoy. This might actually be better because you have a window of races you can dedicate to rather than looking at the whole day, evening and weekend. See what I mean, better to focus in on a few rather than take on the entire card. If you continue to follow along, you will see you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time finding winners. I can show you to find your own horses quickly and easily. Who knows you might be able to set up your own tipping platform once you get the hang of it. I guarantee after this you will be 100 times better than the one’s we already have out in the market place. All the best Graeme

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What Some Of My Former Trainees Have to Say...

  • Michael Evans Michael Evans
    Enrolling in your training module’s has truly altered the way I approach horse racing, this is very professional in all aspects, I would never invest in horse racing without your iRace Vision horse racing software and the training manuals, I now make notes and refer to them as needed. I now place bets, whether backing or laying with a far more professional approach, all down to the hard work that must of gone into putting all this together. I am an apprentice again, being taught by a true Professional, sincerely, Michael.
  • Jamie Jamie
    Hi Turner The information in this module is truly worth its weight in gold and saves so much time when going through the whole selection process. Yesterday, I managed to whittle down 35 races to just 3 that I wanted to look at more closely. This resulted in one 1st and one 2nd place, with no bet in the third race. Again today, just the one race to look at from five meetings with two bets in the same race finishing 1st and 2nd. I didn’t think I would ever go back to form study, but I think you might have won me over – thanks for making the whole process so logical and straight forward. Regards Jamie
  • Mike Mike
    Hi Turner, listened to your 3rd module. Impressed. It really does highlight races to avoid & or dig deeper into the form.The first two modules have set me up to pay much more attention to selections ,however I still have a long way to go. My mindset was a big problem,.but now I have become more selective and focused. These modules are real gems. Be Happy Kind regards Mike
  • David Seymour David Seymour
    Hi Turner, I enrolled in the Race Vision Training last week. I have to say it has certainly changed the way I approach racing. The modules are excellent value and I’m able to evaluate the information a lot better than I used to. The bonus modules are brilliant. Today I managed to sort out the 3.10 at Kempton and dutched Athletic and Mac’s Superstar. It was a great race to watch with both horses flying at the finish and getting 1st and 3rd. Thanks Ross for sharing your knowledge with us, it’s certainly changed my game plan. Best Regards David Seymour
  • Derek Gill Derek Gill
    Hi Turner. I’ve been quite busy trundling my way through all your material from Mindset, Four Factors Formula and the other modules, along with all videos including the bonus material, and I have to mention that I think you have done a first class job in putting all of this together. Your series is an absolute Godsend. It really takes one into another dimension and once the true basics are firmly implanted into the basic brain, then a whole new racing world opens up before your very eyes. Obviously I could rant all day about the brilliance yet simplicity of this method, but in closing I would like to thank you personally for your help and yell out aloud to the world that you are one of the genuine guys who is always prepared to go that extra mile in providing help and understanding to all of us minnows trying to earn a crust hopefully from small wins involving our four legged friends. Keep up the good work my friend. Regards. Derek.