Brand New Ratings APP Which Destroys The Racing Post

Brand New Ratings APP Which Destroys The Racing Post

RatingsFirstly let me give you the background into how this post has all come to be.

I can’t really remember the exact day when I sat down to compile my first set of ratings. I’m guessing my life was a lot less hectic than it is now.

Looking to those early days i still remember my racing struggle. Yes thats right, ive been through it all before as well. Success comes at a price or at the very least anything worth while should be slightly challenging or whats the point in starting something in the first place.

“There would be no satisfaction if things were too easy”

Right at the beginning I decided on one thing, one day i said ‘enough is enough” i need to dedicate time and effort into getting the job done in the most effective way. The way i wanted my racing to flow on a daily basis, needed to be more organised, simplified, and yet flexible, but most of all it had to be reliable.

When i look back i honestly don’t know how the hell i managed a full days racing without all the computers and software which i have today. The shear volume of man hours i used to put into compiling ratings, looking for selections the hard way through research and form studying was crazy looking back.

17302“At the time i knew no different so i got on with the task at hand”

I knew i needed to change my approach, i needed a solid reliable starting point which could quickly lead me in the right direction. This direction had to simply produce my selections for the day and then allow me to move on without really having to be constantly checking and double checking all the data involved.

When i think how many websites i used to use, all the excel sheets, all the notes on scraps of paper scattered around my desk. The racing TV channels on in the background., not to mention the electric bill.

Was it worth it, of course. It may have taken me a lot longer to get to the stage where i was happy with the outcome, but i got there in the end.

I would say persistence with the initial development of the ratings took over and it actually became a much bigger better project than i had ever first envisioned. I had technical help along the way, and the iRace Vision team is stronger today than ever before.

One of the best things about it is that my original software designer who has worked along side me tirelessly is still with me today. He was in fact one of my very first buyers of my initial system. I am actually off to Switzerland tomorrow to meet him for the very first time in almost 10 years. See my ticket information below…


Our database and App developer (Chris) has also been with us for the last 7 years and is still running his side of the software and bringing new dimensions.

Creating my ratings was a way to jump start my selection making process, i realised very early on that without a starting point other than just form reading straight from the racing post or a few websites, that i needed more, much more in fact.

To have data and software combined at your fingertips which points you in the correct racing directions in seconds is great, but having ratings you can rely on to win is far better. Ratings are the heart of my racing core, they are the breakdown of any race, without them all the features and racing potential would be lost. They give us the insight into how we evaluate a horse race in detail. 

I did not set out to become the (BSG) Betting Software Guy, i didn’t set out to help others. As self indulgent as that sounds this was long before i had any idea that people out there might actually want my help.

As i demanded quite a lot from my own racing and the tools i use to get the job done, i figure it’s only fair that by combining the software and racing knowledge this allows us to be at the forefront of racing. By that i really mean as a team we are all actually helping you with your racing just as much as we are helping ourselves. I feel its only right that we keep producing the very best for you.

“Special days are always a good thing, today is the start of one of those very days”

I like to keep busy, i also love moving forward in terms of technology or development. Especially when it concerns horse racing. Even more so i love when im able to bring something else to the table which allows my betting and selection making life all that little bit easier.

Our software is a great tool for helping the average or professional punters find more winners. All our members can’t be wrong, that’s the whole basis around what we do. Software allows us to find many different betting opportunities in a whole host of different ways. Those who have the iRace Vison software and use it daily already know this.

Anyone who has used it knows the power and potential in terms of racing flexibility. But you know what?

“For me something major was missing…! Shock, horror! i know;”

I like to go to the races, i also like the chance to put some bets on if the mood takes me. One problem i’ve always had with the software is that i needed to be at home or at least have my laptop at hand to be able to log in and see what racing action might be available today.

As good as a desktop piece of racing kit is, and it really is good. Be that as it may, this is 2014 and the whole team felt the time was right to move forward. We wanted to reach out into other tech areas. Some people are scared of change, lots of people prefer a life away from technology. However you can never really escape it in a general day to day basis as its all around us.

If thats the case well why not move with the times and embrace it. Why not allow you our members or even potential new members the chance to take the racing tool we use on a daily basis with you where ever we go..!

Thats right take it with you… Confused..?

“Well we decided we would allow you to now do so” 

We have made a fully working iRace Vision APP, (see below) for you to have access to on your mobile phones or tablets, to use in the office, over the internet. If your on a tablet or desktop computer it will appear as it does in the image just below. I’ll show you a preview of a mobile device at the end of this email.

All you need to do is sign up and log in to get the main ratings everyday.

Now its slightly different to the current iRace Vision software which you have on your home computer, in a good way though. Especially when it comes to data delivery and ease of use. These are key aspects and considerations when dealing with a large amount of data like the daily race card and rating selections.

You still get the very same daily ratings you are used to, but you do receive a few extra features. I’ve added in some additional calculations which as of yet are not available in the main software. In fact they probably won’t be available full stop.


I want you to have the benefit of having ratings in your pocket, or as the team have called them;

“iRace Vision On The Go – Kind of says everything you need to know really.”

So what does all this mean..?

Well it means next time you are passing a bookmakers or even better when you are actually away from the computer, at the race course maybe, you can still gain access to the ratings over wifi or 3G and check todays best rated and most likely to win horses running.

On a personal level and i know from the many emails ive received over the years from members, we all want more flexibility and freedom when betting.

When i’m at the race course if i want to double check any selections or take a second look at a race i not only had to get up earlier and make my selections in a hurry before getting all suited and booted, but just incase i had to take screenshots of the days ratings and then email them to myself so i had them on my phone, which to be honest was just a damn pain, trying to zoom in on the photo.

Now though we don’t have to worry about such things anymore. It’s all taken care of for you, best of all it’s really great and i cannot wait to share it with you.

Here’s some screenshots of how the iRace Vision Ratings On The Go App looks on your phone and on your desktop computer, maybe its even on your mates computer or the computer at work. If you can get access to the internet via 3g, 4g or wifi, then your in business.


Talk Soon 

P.S: Look out for an email from me tomorrow where i am going to send you a money off voucher for being my software member. (As someone who has purchased my iRace Vision Software “formerly known as the FL Horse Racing Software”) When the voucher email arrives keep it safe because on Monday you will have a chance to grab your heavily discounted Ratings On The Go! 
P.p.s. Also in tomorrows Voucher email I will be giving you the stats PDF for the ratings and the top 2 and top 3 percentages for all qualifying race types since March 2012. We are talking results records of OVER 25,000 (twenty five thousand) races. The strike rates absolutely obliterate all top ratings providers and destroy the Racing Post’s “Raceform Interactive”.

Betting Software Guy

Here at iRace Vision, you’ll find a recollection of the BSG as he’s known (Betting Software Guy) thoughts and opinions based on  professional experience regarding subjects and issues that are of interest to us all in the horse racing environment. Initially the blog was established as a means of bringing help and advice to people in a interesting way. BSG is passionate about horse racing, and has gone from novice punter to self taught pro, software developer and owner over the last 15 years. His main focus is to provide his members with the best quality horse racing software and racing advice, he has a tendency to make a lot of video tutorials and has developed a number of methods and free training over the years. If his head is not stuck in a book or reading horses form, or working on new ways to find more winning selections then he aint happy. You may find him at the race course from time to time or occasionally horse riding, however his days or ever hoping to become a jockey were delivered a cruel blow when he was introduced to the world of pastry at a young age. Feel free to take a look around and leave a comment, you can contact the BSG on the details below. 

17 thoughts on “Brand New Ratings APP Which Destroys The Racing Post
David M

where’s the desk top software please?

    Betting Software Guy

    I will be sending out an email very shortly this morning. It allows you to have the desktop version of the App stings and also the mobile version. The App works on any internet operating service as well as iPhone and Android.


So would the app work on windows vista?

    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Darryl, the App works on any internet operating service, as long as you can get online you can use it, windows, apple, Vista, Windows 7 or 8, it also works on iPhone and Android devices.


Hi, Is the app going to be for both iphone and android or just iphone

    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Paul, please see above comments, basically it works for all devices, hope that helps :), its a fantastic bit of racing kit to own.


How do you sign up?


If I would like a modification in the iRV Software, paying for this small personalization, to give me my selections more accurate, would it be possible?
With those selections I could export then to the Bot.
Best regards


    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Luis, sorry missed your comment for some reason. it would depend what it was? as we cannot simply change or adapt on your copy as its the same for all members. if you can tell me what you are wishing to do i can go from there. This page is for the On the Go Ratings APP, which is different from the full software.


Looks good! Will it work with iOS ?

    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Chris thanks. Yes it will work with any smart phone browser. Any Tablet browser.

    All that is required is minimal 3g or wifi access wherever you are on the go.


    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Chris, yes of course.


Wee bit disappointed to see having purchased a life membership of pc based application to find out these improvements to ratings are only going to be available re the mobile app which again has to be purchased…re your comment these aren’t available in pc based app just now and probably never will be 🙁

    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Ian. Don’t worry its all OK.

    All the data you need from the pc based program is still available within the overview menu.

    On the app it’s different as it’s not possible to fit everything in.

    The APP is just an extension of the desktop software so it can be accessed anywhere in the world off any computer, tablet or smart phone.



3 william kirby close looks realy good hope i can afford it this is something we all need when we are away from the pc.

Betting Software Guy

You can ask me any questions and ill happily get back to you. Thanks for reading!

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