Raising The Betting Bar.

Raising The Betting Bar.


You know who you are.. and I know who you are.

Topics involved in this post – The Buzz, the Trolls, the retribution, the desire, and how positivity will stomp out the negativity, together we win.


dont-call-me-shirley We live in a world where technology makes it easy to reach out and contact people, Skype, mobile, text, good old email, faceTime, and yet the keyboard warriors never take my calls no matter how many times I offer to call them. I give them my number and not so much as a missed call or a voicemail no text message either.

I suspect it’s all a little too close for comfort for them to feel safe. They have no control they start to doubt themselves as they resemble lost kittens, well it’s certainly feline related, starting with a P and ending in Y.  I’ll let you fill in the blanks.Don’t think for any reason that these people get under my

Don’t think for any reason that these people get under my skin, to be honest I find it hilarious, today was just to let you know how much I do think about all the great people in our community and why I won’t let a few bad apples stop us from achieving our goals.

If you have a problem I’m more than happy to resolve it or at least try. Last thing I want is a punter buying something and having lost all hope and ending up with zero goodwill. I will do whatever I can for you within reason. I won’t pick you up from the pub at midnight and help you into bed though I have a line which I won’t cross.

Plenty people have lost money betting, myself for one, yes its true I’m not perfect (shame) but in the early days it was hard to learn the trade it certainly wasn’t all smooth sailing,  you know what it’s called testing and learning, did I blame anyone no, I just got on with it. If a betting challenge ain’t for you then try fishing or badminton, maybe throw some yoga into the mix.

Skeptics will always be just that, some people can’t make the step up or won’t take the risk. Well life is a risk sometimes you get burned but, on the other hand it only takes one hit to turn things around and for you to put your demons to bed once and for all. Especially when people in our community are actually busting their balls trying to really help. Like I say 99% of contact with people is positive these are the people I can help.

I’m first to admit some products don’t always work out the way they should and it hurts not only the punter. I don’t do what I do for money, I do it for a bigger picture my goal is to change the perception of betting and to help punters turn their betting around. Over the years I can honestly say I’ve done this on a number of occasions. I’ve met people telling me I turned their own betting around from always losing to winning consistently. How many people do you think in this market are prepared to say come and meet us? Not many that’s for sure, most you never even see their faces.Genuine-People

Thing is people, genuine people are great as they listen and are prepared to put in some effort. The moaners on the other hand only remember the products which didn’t work out for whatever reason, sometimes its not there fault, most the time..! It happens and it hurts.

You can see from the effort someone puts into getting their message and product across that it’s worth the time and your effort and money. Especially when they lay out all the cards for you with no false promises, just solid reliable dedication to helping you.

Yes they will ask for a fee in return and so they should. If you work you get paid, right? Besides, if it’s free it’s never going to attract the right people. If you want to make a change in your betting start by looking in the mirror. Ask yourself are you prepared to fight for what believe in? For me if I see a product is worth my time I’ll back it and help out especially if it can actually make a difference to punters lives, why? Here’s the deal your gonna bet regardless but if I or someone I know can help you to stop making silly mistake and stop the losing runs then the winning is easy.

You see most tipsters have it the wrong way round they shout about 20/1 bets winning yesterday or a good day here and there, so what. Anyone can do that, someone who has never bet can win at a trip to the races, but can they do it consistently, probably not, and that’s being kind.

I can go eye to eye toe to toe and tell you that I’m prepared to stand behind from what I promote. I will stand alongside other who are worth the time and if over that course of action I get a few complaints then I have no problem dealing with them. Ideally, I want everyone to be happy but we all know thats impossible. As for some abusive comments from losers which I really do find so funny, one the other day had me nearly fall off my office chair. Unfortunately, I can’t share the troll hate with you as the English was so poor it was child like.  

Troll = p***y

I thought my writing style needed the odd comma here, spell check there or speech mark, but these guys hurling abuse, dear me so funny. They won’t for one second put me off doing what I do in-fact they make me more determined to help the real punters like you out there.

My members and subscribers who appreciate the help. Yes I charge for some of what I do, my main product is software and ratings, you have to pay for that it cost a lot to maintain and I have staff to pay and overheads, however I’m not sure anyone in this market has given away as much free stuff as me and I’m more than happy to do so.

All I will say is I have some big plans for my software very soon, big plans means big costs ok huge costs, for me not you. I do find it strange how people wrongly assume I’m a tipster as I’m not. I develop ratings and form reading software, ratings which are developed in-house with a great team surrounding me, without them I could not do half of it they are the iRace Vision Team.

Although when asked for tips from friends or acquaintances only then I’m happy to help out. My record ain’t to bad last time I won every single race at Leicester or rather a friend’s girlfriend did, (not so much as a drink in it for the old BSG) I took half an hour on the race card and she took the money, which is great. The time before that if i remember correctly that blog post is still on this site somewhere was another similar feat at Hexham, 6 out of 7 race winners. I’m not bragging at all by the way as I believe anyone of you can do exactly the same as me.

‘God knows I’ve shown you enough over the years’

How many other so-called betting tipsters put their faces on camera and talk to you? hmm… Anyone can hide away and try to sell you something from the safety net of the internet. How many are willing to talk to you and meet you? None apart from well you know their names you’ve seen the recent videos, (more to come by the way so stay tuned).

Betting is difficult full stop, some people try to help you as best as they can, they bust a gut to provide you with the best tools for the job. Their intentions are real and their willingness is great. I know because I’ve been there myself, in fact, I’m still here 10 years going strong even after I retired for 6 months years ago, (those trolls certainly haven’t forgotten that one), you see they are so concerned with looking for negatives they miss all the good stuff as they are too dumb to actually listen and take notes on how to win races.

Unfortunately, we will always have the doubters and the haters and of course the negative people who just ooze rubbish and who just fail before they even begin. I leave those folks to themselves as they couldn’t win an egg and spoon race. They would still find some excuse to not get involved because they are scared. In racing as in life, the need to excel and succeed should be forefront in our minds when we set out on our daily selection quest. If racing is a bit of fun for you then great but you may as well have a helping hand. I won’t go on about the lack of time, skills or knowledge which stop’s punters dead in their tracks you have to take the leap of faith sometimes with betting.

Today’s ramble has enabled me to do two things.

1: Get a blog post out it’s been a while.

2: Send a message to the keyboard trolls who continue to not accept my offer of a telephone call.

trollToo busy hiding at home crying about life, probably still living with their parents. Please note I take my troll hunting very serious, I will find you I’m already closer than you think, the last guy I nailed for libel was a well respected dentist, he was so used to looking in people’s mouths all day his ended up with the biggest mouth and it had a tendency to run away with him, that ended up costing him £18 Grand which I was happy to accept from my solicitor. Yes, this stuff really does happen, happy days for me, and bad day for him not to mention lots of overtime fixing more teeth.


Talk Soon


Betting Software Guy

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Andrew Reynolds

Hi, I have been using your software for a few years now including your original, would just like to thank you for all your efforts.
Aw the best
Drew Reynolds
From Bonnie Scotland

Roy Clark

I watched all the video’s but didn’t receive the launch email so haven’t got a clue how much you are charging.Regards Roy Clark

    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Roy, hope you managed to get an email, the chaps had some issues with server problems on launch day. All the best BSG

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