Clients & Their Tinkering

Clients & Their Tinkering

Scooby-dooby-dooI had an email from a client the other day, actually tell a lie it was a text message, or rather several messages, i hadn’t replied to any of them as i was busy, by the evening i had forgot all about them.

You know that time of night when you are just starting to wind down, maybe thinking about a late night snack (diet snack) as im cutting down, then the phone rings, i admit i ignored the first call as i was actually on Skype talking to a developer.

The next my other phone rings, same person, so i take the call, wishing immediately that i had just left things alone or turned the phones off.

 Straight away the barrage of questions, x,y,z, a little bit more of x, then a,b,c, straight to z, it was manic. “Hold on hold on i said” “you want to do what exactly.?

“Make more money… its not betting enough” …. “Right ok i said”

Let me give you some background, i recently set up a good friend who was one of my very first members way back, he is always on my case for tips and bets, over the years ive helped him and pointed him in the right direction, spent some of my personal time with him and guess what… still not a Scooby dolby doo, when it comes to betting, i will say one thing he is very keen but lacks any motivation to do anything for himself. This is one of the main reasons why i don’t provide a typical tipster service, i don’t need people like this, as keen as they maybe then are typically lazy and no matter how hard you try to educate these people unfortunately they will never change. 

So i put him in touch with a friend who works in the betting industry for a bookmakers and on the side he dabbles with his own betting, as im sure you would working in a bookmaker environment, he is also a bit of a tech nut and he is always trying to show me something race related. Anyway he decided to help my old member out.. “that sounds so very wrong..!”

bookies-workingA couple days passed by and then, bookie man is on the phone to me saying the client is driving him nuts… i had to put the phone on mute while he was talking as it was very funny… he then asks me what should he do…

After i stopped laughing, I said well i did warn you (told you so), i even told the client to take it easy don’t hassle him as he’s busy but he is a good guy and will look after you, i told him you are only in this privileged position because of me please don’t abuse it, or thats it no more bets or cake for you…! he loves cake almost as much as he loves betting so that should have scared him into behaving.

Unfortuanelty like many punters with the need to feed their greed, its in one ear out the other and before you know it, it’s long forgotten.

So the client was not happy with the service the bookie was giving him, not due to the fact of losing bets, as when i enquired he was doing really well, almost doubled his bank, most people would be over the moon. Sadly not, this was not good enough because he wanted to win more, he wanted more bets he wanted larger stakes and better odds.

Who doesn’t i told him, but it does not work like that especially if you are onto a good think why tinker with something which is winning and potentially ruin it… 

“Anyway he would not listen to reason and eventually he went away”

I asked myself was it madness, greed, a bit of both? and i figured…  Yes all of those, but it was mainly all down to one thing he didn’t possess, and that was patients, that was it, he wasn’t really bothered about the money he just wanted to win all the time, he couldn’t accept the losses.

If he lost a bet he was onto the bookie wanting to double up on the next bet immediately. He also complained that although he didn’t have time to bet because of his nightshift work but was not happy with automation as he liked collecting money direct from his local bookmakers. 









What can you say?

“honestly its like trying to put out a fire with a water pistol”

I don’t have a moral to todays post, i just needed to get it down on paper as i needed to remove his madness from my head.

It was funny at the time though 😉

Anyway here’s to a great weekend, and avoid such crazy betting punters, you will be surprised how many hang around your local betting shop. 

 Talk soon





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Hope like most men that no exaggeration took place during the course of this blog. Plus it just shows how good your products are that the gentleman expects winners all the time and is shocked and disappointed when the odd times it fails. The punter obviously thinks you can never have too many winners

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