Shakespeare Way…

Shakespeare Way…

4ffe6ca27772091d569b5b2ede81d201 Actually thats not a bad name for a horse, (Shakespeare Way) or maybe a street name. Today’s post as the blog title suggests is a sonnet, like all my posts its pure racing poetry. As we are heading into the weekend my mood lightens from deep in work/race mode to a more light hearted, thought provoking mindset.

I asked myself is it really possible to give people one bet, one selection per day. Recently i had a comment on the blog asking for my selections…!

” Nice try “, but not something im prepared to hand over, my selections are my business, and in racing we all tend to be a little tight lipped when it comes to listing our daily selections. I mean i do already provide my software for my members to use and i do have a few systems which i have released to a select few, for me its a much easier way to manage. Handing out selections in this way allows me to provide rules based on the selections giving, it just makes everything less complexed for all concerned.

Also if im dealing with racing for the day (a free day) i quite often make changes to certain bet types and many other things which would be all to complicated for the average punter to get his head around, no offence. For most betting pro’s its a bit like having a little black book and leaving it lying around not really minding that your mates take a quick peek while you stick the kettle on…, only to find them making phone calls.

I decided no one can truly give you the correct bet for the day. All they can do is guide and offer the best advice and knowledge.

Even with the best will in the world the best horse racing tools at your disposal the best in form Jockey riding and with a Trainer and yard in good form, in the end the decision to bet or not to bet (very Shakespeare like) starts and ends with you, the decision to bet does not end with me or Joe from the local bookies.

We have all lost money betting, lost races by a nose, won races we shouldn’t have, lost a few more while at the bar, it all forms part of racing poetry. I do try to hammer home the consistency and by that i don’t mean losing.

” To master any discipline, takes discipline”

If you never learn from your betting decisions wether they are good or bad decisions then you won’t learn from your mistakes, which means you lose the ability to spot solid opportunities when they arise and believe me they arrive most days. If you keep following tipsters who make their living by calling you or other punters on the phone asking you to put a few quid on for them as well, then you will never break the cycle.

So throughout racing we have plenty free tips, paid tips, ratings, software, betting bots, emailed selections, you name it racing is everywhere. No matter what you use, paid or free, that still doesn’t mean you have to totally agree with the information you are seeing, especially if its from a tipster who is sending you daily text messages.

QuoteYou will find lots of punters who go against such tipsters or ratings, they prefer to have someone pull up a number of selections for potential daily bets and from there they simply dissect the information and decide whether they agree before placing any bets.

The point is, its entirely up to you.

No one can force you to place bets or stick religiously to there selections, unless however its within automated software betting bots and if so then i would suggest you just leave such things running and ride out the highs and the lows. 

In betting it does always pay to have or use a number of methods. By that i mean always do your own thing, have a reliable source or software or something you can rely on, from there make even more astute decisions, as to what fits into your preferred betting profile, (Backing/Laying, etc)

” We all as individuals make the final call, & i do think its better that way “

Some people stick to horse racing others have a flutter or two on other sports, football, golf, whatever it is thats fine my advise though would be keep separate betting accounts for each sport. Or for each method you maybe using.

If your laying have a sole laying account, for the rest of your horse racing have another account and ideally have a sports account for all the other bets you might make. Doing so just help you to not only stay organised but also stops you placing crazy bets if you have a bad day on one particular sport.

End of the day its my decision to place my bets, its also yours.

 Talk soon & have a great weekend,




Betting Software Guy

Here at iRace Vision, you’ll find a recollection of the BSG as he’s known (Betting Software Guy) thoughts and opinions based on  professional experience regarding subjects and issues that are of interest to us all in the horse racing environment. Initially the blog was established as a means of bringing help and advice to people in a interesting way. BSG is passionate about horse racing, and has gone from novice punter to self taught pro, software developer and owner over the last 15 years. His main focus is to provide his members with the best quality horse racing software and racing advice, he has a tendency to make a lot of video tutorials and has developed a number of methods and free training over the years. If his head is not stuck in a book or reading horses form, or working on new ways to find more winning selections then he aint happy. You may find him at the race course from time to time or occasionally horse riding, however his days or ever hoping to become a jockey were delivered a cruel blow when he was introduced to the world of pastry at a young age. Feel free to take a look around and leave a comment, you can contact the BSG on the details below. 

3 thoughts on “Shakespeare Way…
Andy Waring

Thanks for that. I have seen most of your training stuff but my point is that most of the examples of selections produced are produced after the results. I would like to see your selection process put out before a race. As you have said ,patience is needed , but to find out after 3 months that a system is going 2 steps forward and 3 back is discouraging when certain key steps and points which you outline ,could be seen to be working and used by us learners.

Regards, Andy

Andy Waring

The biggest help you could give to us punters who are not as successful as yourself would be to pick one race a week as an example and to show why you have chosen a particular horse using the software with what points to look for and what to discount,, to guide us to the same end result. If we are not going to choose the same horse there is something wrong with our approach and thinking which is different to yours.
We are not asking for winners. We just need to know that we are going to end up making the same choice, which your software and your approach end up making.
With something like this I really would feel you are looking over my shoulder and guiding me to make the best possible choice for a successful outcome.
Never mind this ‘stick at it ‘approach. If we are not trained to think like yourself we are not going to have a method to ‘stick with’.


    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Andy, thanks for the comment, to answer your question, ive actually done this and shown other racing methods in many different forms over the years and given them alway as free training videos to all the folks on my subscribers lists. Not sure if you have seen them by the sound of your comment. Like ive said many times there is not one approach, this is one reason why i put together my Race Vision Training Room as in a nutshell it covers everything a punter needs to be super successful. Have a look at some of the comments from others who are using it some are posted on this blog. if you would like more information on Race Vision then just drop us an email at the support desk and we will sort it out for you. I think also you as missing the point a little, not in a bad way, but trying to follow the exact path when form reading and coming up with the same conclusion as myself or the bloke next door 100% of the time is unlikely as there as so many different bet types. Its not that black and white, however there is certainly a process for sure which i can help people with. I want all my members and subscribers to be successful in there betting so please don’t think im ignoring your request as over the years ive created so much free content and punter help videos that ive forgotten most of them. This was also one reason why i decided to set everything out within the Race vision training room. hope that helps have a good weekend and if you need more info on the training room drop us an email please and ill help you as much as possible. BSG

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