You deserve the best, here’s Why..

You deserve the best, here’s Why..

Road-TripYou deserve the best and I’m damn sure I’m gonna try my very best to make sure you get it..!

I do see our journey together through horse racing as one we need to complete in the very best way possible. As a team behind the scenes i can tell you that we really do have a great set up, we are always working on new fresh ideas and ways to make things even better for you our members, as well as potential new members or followers.

As you may have noticed we are in the process of a full software re-brand, its more or less complete although im still finding the odd reminder or two of the old version.

There are a number of reasons why all this re-brand has happened, but mainly i decided we needed to have a change, and change is always good, unless your missus moves in with the bloke from work, thats not the kind of change im looking for nor should you be, that is unless you really don’t like your missus, which in that case its all good.

I digress; 

With so many people trying to take take take from this market and with a great deal of shady characters still on the loose you do need to stay vigilant to all the rubbish out there. I figure that after all the years we have been in this market together (almost 10) and you have either followed me on my journey, or maybe ive helped you on yours that together we make a pretty good team.

I know from feedback, and really thats the main point of contact from regular punters like you. I have met a number of people or spoken to some on the phone but i always get a kick from receiving positive emails, or comments posted either on the blog or within the members area. its this feedback that keeps me focused and driven to provide you with the best racing information and guidance i can.

 As some of you maybe aware i have released my Race Vision training room, which is much more than a coaching program, mainly because it actually works. When i came up with the Race Vision name, after many hours of wrangling, it struck me that the software and everything else i do should tie into this product because its the foundation of the racing knowledge which im trying to get across to all my members.

It works so fast in fact that people have literally spend a day going through some of the content and from that they are already making winning bets, which is just fantastic. The reason why the platinum training room is different is because i literally show you what you need to do to make money and lets face it thats all you really want to do, make more money from your betting, so with the training you use the re branded software, and hey presto. Just to be extra special the team decided that we should also provide you with Race Apps, four systems which gives you daily selections so if you follow them daily you will make money, or you can use the selections for additional references when making picks or use a combination of both.

VisionMy goal here was to just provide you with not only value for money but to give you a number of products which straight out work for you as well as along side any betting methods you may already be using. 

We drive forward together and myself and the rest of the team intend to do so for many years to come. The re brand just helps to point us all in the right direction and for me its a breath of fresh air. So i hope you like it we have changed the software look and we will continue to make some new feature changes over the next few months. 

I do have some other exciting news for the future but i will leave that for another days post.

Here’s to your racing success, I’ve got your back.



Betting Software Guy

Here at iRace Vision, you’ll find a recollection of the BSG as he’s known (Betting Software Guy) thoughts and opinions based on  professional experience regarding subjects and issues that are of interest to us all in the horse racing environment. Initially the blog was established as a means of bringing help and advice to people in a interesting way. BSG is passionate about horse racing, and has gone from novice punter to self taught pro, software developer and owner over the last 15 years. His main focus is to provide his members with the best quality horse racing software and racing advice, he has a tendency to make a lot of video tutorials and has developed a number of methods and free training over the years. If his head is not stuck in a book or reading horses form, or working on new ways to find more winning selections then he aint happy. You may find him at the race course from time to time or occasionally horse riding, however his days or ever hoping to become a jockey were delivered a cruel blow when he was introduced to the world of pastry at a young age. Feel free to take a look around and leave a comment, you can contact the BSG on the details below. 

6 thoughts on “You deserve the best, here’s Why..

Need information on when software is available, I’m a full time trader/punter and I need all the help I can get, who doesn’t !! Keep up the good work.

regards — Chris


Would you give me picks for tomorrow make me a beleaver

    Betting Software Guy

    Hi John, there are no one set of picks or selections. It’s down to the users preferences as my software is an electronic form book, I do provide selections in the form of betting apps but those are paid services. I do offer as much free help and training videos as possible. 10 years in this business now so we must be doing something right. Have a read of other comments on here from members, they tell it how it is. Have a good weekend. BSG


I find the site very interesting. I am looking forward to hearing about your new software.

    Betting Software Guy

    Hi Keith, thanks for the comment. Just starting to get my teeth into the new blog. More information about software development will be given when i have more for everyone. Cheers BSG

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