The Problem with betting

The Problem with betting

photo-2The main problem i see with betting is that it involes money, and people like money, everyone i know likes money, well nearly everyone. Perhaps we put such an emphasis on money that it holds us back when it comes to realising our ideas, or potential. In fact a lot of the time money scares the hell out of us…

We are scared we don’t have enough, we are scared to lose it, we are scared when others have it and we don’t. Money as they say is a necessary evil, we can’t do much without it which is in a way very sad. We hold money in such high esteem that we often lose focus on what really matters in life, family, friends, or even something as simple as spending time on your favourite hobby.

Most people if you ask them…! “actually you don’t even need to bother asking them” you already know they want more money. Now for me i like nice things sure i do, but they don’t rule my life, i like a nice motor, a nice watch maybe and a good pair of shoes, im not all flash and fancy to be seen with the latest must haves but if i need something like a new computer then im lucky that i can afford to go out and buy one, “then spend the rest of the day worrying, did i really need to spend that on a computer?”

I think money works in two ways and it then effects our betting in a similar way, when we are winning we are happy, this can then make us more careless with the money, this then leads us on the inevitable losing run which means less money, this makes us less than happy, and again its effects our decision making process as all we can think of is getting back to the point when we had money and we were winning.

“It’s a vicious circle, and if you get to deep into these muddy waters its becomes very difficult to get out”

We all deep down want more for whatever reason, i don’t know what you want to achieve in terms of financial gain from your betting but i like to think im helping you to achieve your goals or at least get closer to those goals, especially over the last few years.  Maybe you think it will improve your lifestyle, your health, your wives mood, who knows.! You have your reasons and i suppose i have mine, to me though success is more important than money, im in this for the thrill i love the game and im passionate about what i do. I love horse racing and a day out at the races is simply one of the best days i can have, ive even managed to convert a few people along the way, and now i can’t stop them pestering me for a day out.

Personally speaking you should never follow the money but follow your passion or your dreams and then the money will follow without you really noticing, this maybe true to a certain degree and i like to think so at times. However i think its a more clear cut way to reflect as this then avoid the heavy load we have to carry around with us daily and thats the battle to win more money to make more money, which if you are in certain circles like keeping up with the Jones’s is to be seen to have money. Its all a facade really.

“Those with flash stuff usually just have a higher credit card bill at the end of the month that the rest of us”

Keeping things simple is often the best way. A clear mind especially when betting is probably one of the most important skills you can possess. A heap of money can’t help you achieve that but you can make your betting life easier by worrying less.

toffsIf you can remove this ever needy vendevour to constantly be winning money from your betting then you remove a huge amount of the chains which are actually holding you back and one of those is fear. Fear to fail and to lose or be without money. If you take for example Hedge fund managers, or any type of broker, then give them a large kick in the N*TS. Ok hold that thought for now, these people play with huge sums of money every day, they basically bet all day and hope they get it correct, its a game to them, that still doesn’t mean that they can be totally reckless because they still need a job at 5pm or at least bragging rights in the local wine bar with people named Tarquin, Hugo and Tristan, but because they have removed all personal connection to the money in which they invest they don’t think about it in the same way you and me might do.

Now we cannot all be fortunate to play with other peoples money, and actually you know what, this is actually a good thing. Let me explain,  you need to still stay in touch with reality here, you need to not think to much about the investment you made but rather the process you went through to get to the point where your decision was made to allow you the confidence to place those bets in a professional not worried type of way. Obviously the best scenario here is to get to the stage where you remove your original investment but i know lots of punters who have either never done this or who simply became reckless when they thought they had cracked the racing nut only to end up with empty bank accounts.

“Playing with bookies money is nice, but you still need to give it respect”

photo-11It maybe just numbers on a computer screen but we need to remember or at least imagine, that if your at the race track would you still feel happy handing over such betting amounts in person to a smiling bookmaker? Don’t be scared just be free, reserved but confident.

I don’t of course want you to be carefree with your betting bank, they are to be protected, all im saying is set yourself rules which you can stick to and make sure you do, make sure no crazy drunk bets make it in either that would be a great start, just stop the worry and get back to basics.

Win some or lose some does it really matter..? YES it does but in terms of causing yourself added stress and in relation to other more important things like your family, friends, health, mental or otherwise, then no its not a big deal. Unless you just put your entire savings on the 3:10 at Ripon and its at the starting gate looking like a holiday beach donkey (although ive seen them win). Sometimes its just worth taking that single step back to regroup, and free yourself from the pain of betting worry.

“Remember all it takes is to get it right some of the time”

As long as your not chasing money constantly and your placing bets on races with decent price value and you are following and researching selections then your already on the right track.

Clearing your focus will allow you to make better betting decisions, you will have a calmer demeanour you will look at race information and form reading in a more precise way, because you are not thinking about the end product in financial terms your actually thinking about it as a sport, and that sport is to be a clever clogs and pick some winners, sit back have a beer or a good old cup of English tea and think to yourself, why worry.


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